IoT Applications: Water Management

Let's build a smarter water management system.
I'll navigate to the water management IoT application where I can find this video, along
with resources on materials, and a guide to generate code. First, I'll obtain my API credentials.
I already have a Nexmo account, and I've collected my API key and secret with help from this
gif. Next, I'll save these API credentials so that I can use them with any of Temboo's
Nexmo Choreos. Now it's time to set our inputs. The CaptureTextToSpeechPrompt allows us to
set a phone call alert containing the message that we'd like our receiver to hear. When
the receiver of the call presses 1 on their keypad, we'll have our board turn on the pump,
and respond that the water tank is now being filled. I'll go ahead and save these inputs
into a profile, which saves RAM, and allows our inputs to be remotely reprogrammed later.
We'll also be using the Yahoo Weather GetWeatherByAddress Choreo to append the forecast to our phone
call alert message. Now I'll specify my hardware. Today, I'm choosing the Samsung ARTIK 10,
but you can choose the board that best suits your needs. Here I can find diagrams that
show me how to connect my sensor, pump, and the 12 volt power supply required by the pump.
And that's all there is to it! We're ready to download the code. Let's take a look at
how things are set up, in case you need to modify the code later. At the bottom, we have
our main loop. We're averaging the last ten values of the water level sensor to get a
smoother reading. If the water level is greater than our threshold, we'll trigger a phone
call alert. Then, we'll make sure we don't fill up the tank too much. Let's see it in
action. Our Samsung ARTIK is connected to this water tank with a liquid level sensor
to determine when the water level is too low. I'll go ahead and get started by triggering
that sensor. [water flowing] And we should receive that Nexmo phone call alert. [phone ringing] [Phone:] The water level is low. Press 1 to refill the tank. [Beeping] [Claire:]
So I'll press 1 to refill the tank. [Phone:] Goodbye [water moving through tubes]
[Claire:] And there you have it. A smarter water management system in minutes. Go to the link on your screen
to learn how to build this IoT application and many more.

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