Investigations: Data Analytics

data analytics at its simplest form is simply the transformation of data into knowledge actionable you know knowledge that can drive decision-making you have to have the technical skills and the understanding of how to deal with mass amounts of disparate data you have to have a strategic approach to actually look at it and figure out what you need to do in order to get it to that point of actually being able to deliver knowledge and I think the last piece which is really the the art is you need to translate that into something that is consumable by people that don't have that expertise I think the value that we provide as a firm is you're pairing subject matter experts in specific areas fields with great deep experience and the power of that data analytics to you know strategically address the issue or the challenge that the clients facing which it's very different than slapping a tool or some software and say okay this is going to give you all your data analytics needs so it's leveraging the experience that we have across the firm with the power of the data analytics and that approach is really foundationally based on working together bringing the best skills and experience to the situation data analytics it has direct applicability in any type of investigations any money laundering cases FCPA cases focusing I mean dealing with massive amounts of financial and transactional data so we regularly work with subject matter experts on the forensic accounting team on investigations where the leveraging or working with them to define what do we want to look at what might be interesting or what might be suspicious what types of things do we want to identify in that data and then we build the the process or the scripts or the queries to actually identify those situations data analytics is in my mind the foundation or can be the foundation or at least consideration in everything we do for our clients

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