Introduction to Windows Server IoT 2019

in certain IOT scenarios you will need to have very beefy machines on premise at the edge to do compute you will want to manage a lot of data as well Windows Server IOT is here for you and re from the Windows IOT team is on the IT sure to tell us everything you need to know this is the IOT show I'm Olivia host thanks for watching addy thanks for coming again on the IOT show today Olivier is great be back on the show so for those who missed the first episode where you were in they will just like go there and watch it but can you introduce yourself for a quick yeah I manage marketing for Windows IOT and the last time when we came and we talked we talked about Windows IOT being the foundation for the intelligent edge yeah and we discussed two members of the family so we talked about IOT core and Windows IOT Enterprise and today I want to talk about the new member of the family Windows Server IIT 2019 Windows Server IT 2019 so what is that where do you see dad's Windows server being used in ninety scenarios yeah so we introduced Windows Server RT in embedded world yeah and it generally available with partners today so where we see Windows Server RT being used is when you think about an IT solution where you have a lot of devices connected to the server that's generating massive amounts of data and when you capture that data in in huge data sets and when you want to analyze those data sets using cloud models that's when you start thinking about using Windows Server IOT at the at the edge edge edge to implement that analytics to to prevent these we having to send the data back to the cloud to be in compliance with was privacy policies and things like that right so can you can you actually dive a bit more like tell us about an example of this kind of scenario yeah absolutely again with a Windows Server IOT its massive compute yeah and massive data yep now when you think about an example of a city wanting to use cloud models to train their traffic cameras to spot traffic violations as you can as you can imagine all these traffic cameras at intersections would be generating a lot of data thousands of images per minute now you have a choice you can analyze that data in the cloud or you can analyze it on Prem when you analyze it on Prem you you manage to service circumnavigate a few of the issues when it comes to latency when it comes to privacy and and with server with Windows Server ID you have the ability to run really powerful devices think devices up to seas with with 64 CPUs 4 terabytes of RAM and 400 terabytes of storage yeah these are beefy machines yeah and so when you run your analysis locally you're able to get quick real-time insights that'll allow you to take real-time action that's awesome so that's all great and sir but there are other operating systems out there some of them are free like Linux that allow you to control this kind of to run and this kind of hardware to implement this kind of inference and machine learning algorithms so why would I choose when the server IOT versus Linux that's a great question look Olivier so Microsoft has been in the embedded space for a really long time we've been in the space for about 25 decades so we understand the needs of our device builders so you think about extending some of the knowledge and some of the expertise that we built in the embedded space and extending that over to Windows Server IRT you start seeing benefits one of the benefits is security we're able to bring in things like secure boot device guard and Windows Defender into the operating system so off the shelf you get an extremely secure operating system second one we offer you know world-class ten years of support just like we do for IT enterprise and Windows IOT core and we extend that to Windows Server IOT as well ok so basically we're saying that our expertise in the IOT space 25 years even more in the enterprise space right delivering servers for enterprise mix that and this is what we're delivering was Windows Server ilt 2019 yes we believe where we're giving our customers a great solution with Windows Server RIT 2019 ok what a little bit more information what is the difference between you know Windows Server and Windows Server IOT already alluded to some of the differences but what makes when you serve IOT better fit it for these scenarios than just plain Windows Server yeah so at a product level Windows Server and Windows Server I or D are the same for Windows Server I Oh tea we've changed the licensing terms to adapt it for IOT scenarios so what that means is that back to the example that I talked about for the city that is using the server for one single application we suggest our customers use Windows Server I or D mm-hmm pricing you know is actually the pricing is going to be better on Windows Server ID because because of the restrictions once more in our user and with server you also have three editions you have the data center Edition you are the standard edition as well as the essentials Edition so our customers have a lot of options in terms of the the solution that the building and the editions that they want to choose so basically the enterprise expertise I to expertise will bring a Windows Server manageable secured lock down and they can run on very beefy computers to do all you need to do in these hybrid IT scenarios that's right good summary thanks a lot Eddie for joining us on the i-80 show if people want to learn more were sure to go they should go and take a look at the online resources that are available here ok I urge them to go take a look at it get familiar with Windows Server RT and then go talk to the partners they should go have the conversation with the partners today well you folks know what you have to do is thanks addy for joining us on the show and people don't forget to subscribe for the next episodes

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    I hope more, about OS of Azure IoT, what products are there? what good for what purpose?,
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