Introduction to the Salesforce IoT | Where we need this?

hi in this we are going to talk about sales for Salesforce platform of IOT and it is based on IOT technology and this platform we are using for storing and processing the IOT data with the Salesforce IOT cloud up so what we are going to discuss in this is about this Salesforce it is already I have said about why we are using the 6 felides act as a platform for storing and processing the eye vertically data with the Salesforce cloud and it is using a Thunder engine for the real-time even processing and its applications or powered by the lightening actions of the Thunder engine and how he talks means get the data from the devices websites applications and customers and data the user in the partners also it is a introduction of Salesforce and we're being need this is it supports a various kind of departments for their apps billing us very faster and for example we are using it's in hatch our department and then finance department and then I would be sorry IT departments and then operations and then marketing so these are the applications use cases we are using in the Salesforce for example I can say another one use case for this it's also used in our all the small devices and for example we are booking your train tickets and then bus tickets and are so automatically if the rebooking get cancelled or delayed with the buses or trains wings it will automatically trigger to our passengers through our Mobile's or mobile communications right our email communications it's all it's an example for the say it's Musa one of the example for this Sun and applications where we are using this is the user and customer is a vision and object prediction we are using and then and machine learning we are using the same platform and then variables location direction and then small devices so these are the applications are using in the Salesforce up thank you you

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