Introduction to PhD Study at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh

well informatics covers abroad objects I guess all the way from the har and that we're all familiar with but all the way through to try to understanding how essentially computation and thinking is done in the brains in between we have artificial intelligence natural language understanding compilers data types data structures all the kind of traditional sorts of topics that you cover you even a little bit of hardware the PhD here is can be quite varied depending on which degree program you're in they they sort of range from a straight three year degree to a full four year degree and some students will do a first year of coursework in the beginning and other students will just go straight into their research project usually leading up to some kind of a proposal in the first year once this proposal is accepted then you go on to really working on your project so for the next year and a half to two years your head down doing your experiments collecting your data to developing your theory proving that it's correct in some sort of way or other and then finally we start to work on writing up your dissertation we have six main research institutes and they they roughly line up with theoretical computer science robotics natural language understanding artificial intelligence machine learning and data science and hardware and parallelization and studies so this gives you a kind of a home that the that you will be in as a as a student each of these Institute's has a weekly research seminar arm they have occasional social events it gives you a kind of family play so you're not just isolated is you know part of you know a cloud of students I would say about half of them go on to some further academic type activity mostly to a post doctoral type position where they carry on with research building on their PhD thesis or something closely related on the other hand the other 50% go out and do all sorts of other things they work as researchers in companies they work as government consultants they work in various government laboratories or agencies but there doesn't seem to be any shortage of opportunities for our students interestingly we also have a fair number of our PhD students who start their own business Edinburgh University is the leading universe city in the UK for startups and spinouts and informatics is the leading School inside the University of Edinburgh and so we have quite a lot of interest on our students to go off and you know start something of their own

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