Introduction MOOC Blended Learning: Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma

understanding how to interpret and use data is an important skill a skill that is becoming more and more useful these days as the amount of available data is increasing Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for process improvement and it makes use of data and data analysis questions that can be analyzed within early Six Sigma projects are what is the most important issue that an organization should focus on how to quantify a certain phenomenon are the employees of influence on the time it takes to handle a job which Department shows the best performance such as the fastest the most consistent or the highest quality how to decrease the number of defects is there a real difference in quality before and after my project have you ever asked these kinds of questions well then this is the course for you in the upcoming videos you will learn to answer these types of questions using data analytics for Lean Six Sigma in this course we will explore how we can use data to analyze and solve problems I will have a strong focus on practice and application so you will not be learning any formulas and I will not teach you any abstract math what you will be learning is how to analyze data how to interpret data and how to use data for solving problems my name is eNOS wit slit I teach Lean Six Sigma and data analysis at the University of Amsterdam furthermore I advise many Lean Six Sigma project leaders to effectively run their improvement projects in which data analytics is very important in the first module entitled data and Lean Six Sigma we will talk about why we use data and Lean Six Sigma projects and how to organize data and I will introduce you to min it up the statistical software package that we will be using next in the module on understanding and visualizing data I will show you how to visualize data using graphs how to interpret these graphs and furthermore you will need to be able to summarize your data in the module on using probability distributions I will teach you how to quantify uncertainty and you will learn to answer a very important business question what percentage of products or cases meets our specifications in the introduction module on testing you will learn to formulate statements that can be verified using data after that you are ready for three modules on statistical testing in which you will learn how to establish relationships between two variables this series of videos is about how to use data analysis for practical problems throughout the videos I will have a strong focus on the application of data within the Lean Six Sigma framework it is however not limited to that the use of data analysis tools has infect a much broader application area data analysis can be useful in other areas where you encounter data and I hope at least that this course is a useful first step for you into the world of data analytics I am definitely looking forward to working on data analytics for Lean Six Sigma with you

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