Introducing iQ

say hello to Sally you may not recognize her but she knows you she regularly visits your website using her laptop smartphone and tablet she also participates in your polls searches your business directory listings and subscribes to your email blasts and breaking news alerts when you think about it you know Sally pretty well in addition to the basics like her name birthday and contact info here are some of the details she's also given you she regularly checks your site's sports page she loves cycling and the outdoors she intends to vote in the next local election she's shopping for a new car she's a homeowner she's a pediatrician Wow your data is making Sally look a lot more three-dimensional having the data is one thing but how can you use it to grow your business IQ can help IQ gives your block CMS site powerful data management capabilities so you can create audience segments for use in advertising editorial circulation and marketing advertisers will love you since you can offer pinpoint targeting and real ROI your programmatic and local ad rates will skyrocket and IQ opens up new possibilities for content recommendations and personalization helping you keep Sally engaged with your brand and we make cutting edge data management affordable media sites of all sizes can take advantage of the same revenue and audience building technologies that were once reserved for the 800-pound gorillas stalag is happy advertisers are happy your staff is happy and you're thrilled ready to start turning your data into dollars contact today

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