Introducing the ICT Essentials Suite for Individuals

today's students are digital natives they use computers smartphones tablets and video game consoles on a daily basis but the ability to use these technologies does not require any understanding of how they work nor does it provide the skills necessary to perform related jobs in the technology industry according to the US Department of Labor from 2010 to 2020 the technology industry will grow at twice the speed of all other industries based on a national average therefore a large percentage of future job opportunities will be in a technology industry a recent workforce summit attended by Fortune 100 IT corporations and leading state universities concluded that we must begin investing in students at an earlier age group to create a workforce ready pipeline of graduates will become the future information technology workforce certification Partners is committed to that vision of preparing students at earlier ages for the careers they will encounter in the future we've educated more than 1 million high school and adult students in computer technologies and we have awarded more than 160,000 professional job rule certifications and IT skills now we have applied our years of IT training and certification experience to create a new technology education series to provide them with the technology skills necessary for success in their academic and career endeavors this new series is called information and communication technology essentials or the ICT essentials suite what topics are taught in the ICT essentials suite the ICT essential suite consists of 10 courses and digital technologies ICT computing essentials fundamentals of computing including computer system components their functions and interactions basic network concepts connectivity methods storage memory and input and output devices ICT web design essentials design and creation of basic websites including web page elements page layout use of color graphical user interface or GUI tools integration of multimedia HTML coding navigation and site publisher ICT Cyber Security Essentials challenges and solutions of cyber security including internet and social media safety cyber ethics and network vulnerabilities and threats also includes topics especially relevant such as cyber bullying best practices and risk mitigation for young or new users of communications media ICT word processing essentials word processing and document manipulation including document creation and design layout and formatting fonts styles images tables numbered and bulleted lists pagination and document publishing ICT database essentials fundamentals of using relational databases including row and field structure data types tables data import and export mechanisms and basic structured query language for sequel statements for managing and manipulating data and creating reports ICT communication essentials fundamentals of effective communications in a technological society including information search methodologies email clients SMS text messaging Skype wiki's and social media ICT programming and logic essentials basics of programming languages including boolean concepts truth tables logic program structure pseudocode unit of statements and syntax rules ICT multimedia essentials design and creation of digital slide presentations including formatting basics slide transitions animation timing an integration of images graphics audio video and other compatible files ICT spreadsheet essentials fundamentals of spreadsheet applications including layout text entry and formatting numerix currency and percentage values cell value editing and manipulation common spreadsheet functions arithmetic formulas conditional formatting chart creation and data protection and lastly ICT gaming essentials fundamentals of interactive computer game creation including design process criteria and constraint identification content research storyboard creation program flow modeling program code creation and result evaluation and modification practices certification partners the global industry standard for IT and web technologies education

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