Introducing the Faculty of Science and Informatics, University of Szeged

welcome my name is Jorge baretsky I'm an assistant professor at the Faculty of science and informatics the University of Sagat that means we use our faculty and our English programs our faculty is the biggest Faculty of the University of saheb with the almost 500 lectures more than 5000 students including 150 participating in English programs we have 47 full professors 11 of which are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as well as I told we are the biggest faculty of the University of circuit we have 7 institutes Institute's a biology Institute chemistry Institute environmental sciences and Technology the Institute of geography Institute of Informatics Institute of mathematics Institute of Physics all of these Institute's have their own doctoral schools and doctoral programs we have English programs in four fields on the master's level and also seven doctoral programs the master's programs include biology chemistry geology and Computer Sciences our faculty has achieved 10th place overall among 153 faculties in the country to facilitate your choice we offer extensive scientific and industrial partnerships in international projects including the biological research center of the Hungarian academic science and the European Laser Research Center we have over 1,000 scientific papers coming out every year we use more than 7 million euros per year in research grants and also about 3 million euros per year and industrial innovations many research groups how's that our faculty actually funded by the European research council our students can participate in many activities including national scientific Student Association which provides scientific programs and competitions for our Hungarian and foreign students as well the day of the university is a very popular program among our students with cultural events and parties of course there are a lot of other opportunities to have fun at the university there are Institute themed student parties throughout the semester organized in our city occasions the faculty sports day is also a very important highlight of our student life our annual meetings and programs include the freshman's war organized every autumn to celebrate the newcomers of the university and also the scientists ball which involves the whole of the faculty staff and student membership the Hungarian state offers scholarships to foreign students the most important variety is depending hungaricum project and we also have the young Christian people's scholarship available for foreign students our students can participate in several mobility programs including the erasmus+ programme and also the sea peace program our faculty website contains all necessary information important for our newcomers our applicants and also our current students and staff members the website is available under WWE tik au the banerjee master's program offers extensive applied science oriented education with a rigorous and challenging curriculum after specialized rector's tailored to individual interest provides access to PhD programs it also facilitates a lucrative future for our earlier students future career is in many fields and life sciences the chemistry master's program provides extended knowledge of the most important experimental and theoretical principles in chemistry it is aimed at updating and renewing chemistry knowledge in general the basic theoretical education contains courses in mathematics and physics and informatics as well and it also provides access to PhD programs the computer science master's same the training independent IT professionals provides cooperative modeling skills problem-solving methods and utilizes state-of-the-art modeling techniques provide solid theoretical background for further PhD studies as well our graduates pursue careers in IT an advanced level geography master's provides expertise in the field of landscape and Environmental Management regional and urban planning it promotes the understanding of spatial aspects of environmental natural social and economic processes helps to develop research based solutions for the practice and it also develop skills demonstrate and communicate research results the program prepares the students planning and managing the sustainable development of natural and human environment and of course there's also possibility to continue on a PhD level with this program our doctoral programs are all for year-long programs the first four semesters of studies include classroom courses a lot of practical training and research after two years all participants have to participate in a complex exam after which they can continue their research period the second two years of their studies is actually purely research-based after a successful program and writing up a thesis they will defend their work in front of a committee the most popular figure in our faculty is definitely theology the Institute of biology has wide variety of programs available for Hungarian students but it also has two English programs our doctoral school offers different kind of projects mainly in the field of biology but also in environmental sciences corporations with other faculties and fields of science is also possible the Institute of biology has a very close connection to the Hungarian Academy of Science and especially the second based biology Research Center now we have about 1,000 students studying you know different programs the biology Research Center is located in the very close proximity of the Institute of biology which also facilitates corporations our biology PhD programs in English have been available for quite some time now actually since the introduction of the PhD system in the early 90s the biology masters program has been launched in 2015 actually we run a specialized program which focuses on molecular biology immunology and microbiology mainly we have scholarship students and also fee-based students the current total of our participants is 40 20 of which have already graduated our program facilitates successful entries to doctoral schools all over the world actually currently our students some of our students are doing PhDs now in Germany and France some of them went back to their countries we've just heard the news that a former student of ours has become a teacher in his home in their home country in Eastern Africa others work for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest and second as well our ph.d program requires an entry evaluation from each applicant usually negotiations with possible supervisors are required for this step we recommend each participant each applicant to actually look for connections with possible supervisors and make negotiations and arrangements before applying to the program our biology program includes a lot of cooperation with the Hungarian Academy of Science and also other faculties of the University of second international partners and industrial companies as well a program is also for years long the first two years are dedicated to research and after the complex exam the participants can continue with their research before defending their thesis all students must publish peer-reviewed articles in internationally acclaimed journals actually our program provides the highest number of graduates in the University of stagette our program enhances and involves on the participation in ongoing research projects this provides real experience in research environments and a lot of one-on-one tutoring we try to train our students to become independent researchers and also pursue careers and international settings thank you again for inquiring about our programs and we are looking forward to your application good bye


  1. اسلام أحمد said:

    Great presentation.. I have finished my oral interview and I got accepted.. I am waiting the result from the Stipendium Hungaricum program.. Greetings

    June 26, 2019
  2. DanieL said:

    Ez mi a szar? Ez az új videósorozat már az új fideszes gyökerek által elkezdett toborzó "kampány"?
    Értem én, hogy kapja az a Kobza gyökér a fizetését a semmire, azt meg el kell lopni na de azért ez a színvonal elég nagy visszalépés az eddigiekhez képest
    Esetleg szándékos rombolás bosszúból, vagy szakmai inkompetencia? Ezt nem hiszem el, a fideszes férgek mindent lezüllesztenek…
    Komolyra fordítva a szót: ezen videósorozatot megnézve a külföldiek mit szólnak majd? Szerintem nem népszerűsítik, hanem népszerűtlenítik az egyébként legjobb magyar egyetemet 🙁

    June 26, 2019

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