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hi everybody my name is Leda sloth I'm a professional engineer in Vancouver Canada and I'll be your instructor for the upcoming wireless for Internet of Things course being offered by I Triple E communication Society I wrote the course to teach you the things you need to know in order to select and implement a wireless solution for your Internet of Things application the course will cover wireless behavior line of sight and on line-of-sight indoor/outdoor will cover RF and antenna everybody has issues with RF and antenna when they implement an integrated product radio specifications I'll describe the major specifications how to interpret them so that you can compare one module or one chipset against another module or another chipset so you get the solution that works for you licensed and unlicensed spectrum free sounds good but sometimes it doesn't get you to where you need to go we'll talk about the main wireless standards cellular Wi-Fi ZigBee bluetooth also talked about the new low-power wide area network standards sig fox Laura our PMA and the LTE M which is just coming out networking the normal HTTP over TCP / IP protocol stack is very wasteful and in battery-powered applications like most IOT solutions you can't afford all that excess so we'll talk about the better solutions and newer ones that are targeted specifically at IOT you need to make your product legal and we'll talk about the things you need to do to make that happen if you have a transmitter there's certain government regulations you need to meet if you're going to connect to a cellular network there's certain carrier requirements you have the need both of those can be difficult at times and then once you've made your product legal you actually like to make it good and so we'll talk about performance numbers and issues and how you get to those performance numbers there's probably a few things about Wireless that you don't know that you don't know if you take the course hopefully when it's done you'll now know the you

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