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[Applause] how's everybody doing you're keeping up I know it's the afternoon ship and some of you have traveled in we really appreciate it I just want to continue from where were Rina laptop anybody from South Korea South Korea anybody inácio Thailand Thailand Sarika sadhika so welcome really good afternoon so trying to keep you up now did we have some snacks that are coming through I was just looking at weather is it supposed to be under the chairs or just looking at the queue all right this is gonna be the tricky part oh they did under your chairs but it looks like it's only for the lucky ones so you may want to just reach out there and just grab hold and see whether they're lucky one and then a little bit more coming through so it's your afternoon we want to keep you awake so grab hold of some popcorns did you get something here maybe she's coming around fantastic so great they are not props they are edible so enjoy them you may be wondering why are we having popcorn while you're grabbing the popcorn we're going to explain why are we having popcorn let's go welcome to the eco structure world premiere so today we're going to have an exclusive look at three brand-new eco structure offers it will be amazing that's why to watch any good amazing show you need to have some popcorns there you go I'm glad you're enjoying how's that going sir it's good it's good so before before you go into the show I'm gonna make you do a little bit of work without this amazing thing that John Pascale talked about that you can't live without whip out your mobile phone everybody's got one you got to take a break from the popcorn get your mobile phones out okay and then you should have an app that's called HK events 17 that we have in store for you while you're registering thank you you found it great now in there there should be a wood cloud application within the app you got that fantastic now what you need to do because you're also digital we like you to key in one word that comes to mind when we talk about digital economy okay it's just one word just one word that comes to mind and can we put out the word cloud as we're collecting your thoughts revenue yep we want some revenue when we talk about digital economy security future growth sounds good John Pascal is that from you yeah thank you thank you for the warm up thank you for helping us to kick off the session today so when I look at the word cloud three themes come to mind the first urbanization we know two point five billion more people are moving to cities in the next thirty years that is about ten Hong Kong's to be built every year for the next 30 years imagine that Romina can you imagine that Tenma hong kong's every year for the next 30 years so that's a pretty daunting task when you have all these people coming to the cities now which means we need more infrastructure we need more schools we need more airports we need more hospital and guess what the people need food they need popcorn so we're going to need manufacturing so this is indeed the era of industrialization and we're going to do all this in the most amazing time of our lives which is digitization and your Moscow spoke about we can't imagine you know well I have I have two kids as well and the first thing that wherever we go it doesn't matter which holiday the first thing they want to know is what's the Wi-Fi password and I guess that's not only to the kids it's probably applicable to everybody in this room yes yes we're honest with ourselves so that seems like a lifetime ago before the internet but what appears to be pervasive today has been mainly on the beaches we b2c space with consumer connectivity what's super exciting is that we in this room is in the business of b2b and digitization in b2b is going to grow significantly more so imagine connectivity between product to product products systems machine to machine machine to cloud where big data combined with machine learning artificial intelligence pixels to a completely new level of enterprise and operational efficiency each Neider we are pumped up with this opportunity we have a bowl idea where we will use digitization to serve our needs for better better efficiency better safety better connectivity by the sustainability all right and better efficiency what we want is to turn this bow idea into bowl actions that deliver tangible results to you that you can measure so today we are going to do a world premiere of three eco structure stories Eco structure building Eco structure IT and eco structure industrial software platform so to join me on the stage to talk a little bit more about this please join me to welcome Manish Kumar senior vice-president of buildings and Kevin Brown are you doing Kevin IT business and dr. Ravi governor our executive vice president for coffee industry software engineer Mike so welcome gentlemen please so isn't this amazing look at everybody here today how's the popcorn going good we need more servings so before we go into all the amazing stories on eco structure and the Bo actions you're gonna share let's talk a little bit about you saw the word cloud and what's on the audience mind so Manish you are in charge of eco structured solutions for buildings and one of the things that is affecting the speed of adoption right because John Pascale talked about a lot of efficiency opportunities that is still there for us to realize in buildings but one of the challenges is about speed so what comes to mind in terms of challenges and opportunities that customers are facing in buildings thanks Chris so we talked about 2.5 billion people moving into cities and we said 10 Hong Kong's every year for 30 years that's a pretty daunting task if we have to get through that transformation we definitely need to be more efficient and we definitely need to make people more productive in building and definitely we need to be more sustainable in the process now digitization is definitely I would say the biggest lever to get that efficiency what we're gonna see is explosion of connectivity and connected devices in the buildings who would have imagined their deaths trash bins and so and so forth these things are gonna be kind of connected but the reality is all of these things are getting connected so when they're going to be connected we're going to get more insights about all these assets to be managed now as your Pascal said there are a lot of systems already connected but the data is trapped in those systems and that data is going to be available in the open manner and it's going to be available for collaboration for a wider ecosystem outside the people in the building there's going to be another layer of I would say unlocking the efficiency so putting these two together I would say there is a huge potential to unlock efficiency in the building but more importantly making people productive and giving them awesome experience in buildings we personally believe we can actually make buildings 30% more efficient today as well as I would say the cost of deployment of technology we can actually reduce it by three so all of this is possible if we think about a platform approach a platform that allows you to scale when it's a scale the scale in terms of number of devices capacity to get the data out of devices and really deploy inside and that's our promise of eco structure building unlocking this value should be as easy as ABC and making this efficiency happen thank you I love that so 30% more efficiency as easy as ABC so that sounds that sounds fantastic isn't it so Kevin shifting gears a little bit to you you are responsible for our data center solutions Moberly and we've got that everywhere let's talk about the word insight so what's happening with the data center ecosystem and what challenges does that present to our customers well it's interesting that we just had Manish talking about the connectivity that's happening in buildings because what we know is every device that's getting connected ends up in some sort of a data center somewhere and what's fascinating is there's estimates of 8 million new IOT devices coming on every day and what's fascinating this is there's estimates out there now saying that 40% of that data's going to get processed at the edge of the network edge computing now I find that fascinating in a couple ways 10 years ago there was only 10 years ago that the term cloud computing was invented now it's readily accepted that we run things in the cloud and in 10 years we've gone from inventing cloud computing to now talking about it's not good enough now we need edge computing on top of that and when you combine that you know we took a look at you know what happened in the last 10 years of data centers 10 compared to 10 years ago we've made data centers a physical infrastructure 80 percent more efficient and we've also taken the cost down by about 50 percent so there's really a challenge with what's gonna what's gonna next 10 years gonna bring where's the next 80 percent going to come from is what we're really starting to focus on giving this amount of data that's coming on and and it's even more fascinating learning well not only specifically about you John Pascal your kids and yours where apparently there's riots if your children don't have internet access you know I think that's actually true for all of us you don't mean just John Pascal and my kids is occupying I was trying to clarify but it's a you know there's a change happening with the Millennials with all these systems coming on where the IT network now is as critical to what we do is the utility network is today and therefore we need to be able to respond to that so it's really about how do we meet this challenge of where's the next 80 percent going to come from given the challenge of edge computing and the amount of data that's coming on so it's a very complex ecosystem as a result to achieve that you know what we've considered a data center in the past I think is going to change little data closets inside of Manisha's buildings and the closets inside of the industrial place all of them now are going to need to be start being treated as data center class implementations and that's really the challenge I think that the industry is facing thank you Kevin so Ravi I'm going to shift gears to you you are responsible for eco structure industrial software towards that get true around a lot platform open so what does platform what defines a platform in your view and what does open mean and more importantly how does Schneider different shades in this space to serve our customers your I Chris there is certainly been a lot of hype in the recent past around platforms and a lot of that has been driven by the trend in the industrial environment of of connectivity and driving greater efficiencies but it's important to understand that in the industrial world connecting some devices running a few analytics is not enough in the context of very complex mission-critical applications and systems that have to run reliably 24/7 we've have to remember that in the industrial world connectivity between systems has been in place for a hundred years advanced digital technologies have been in place for 50 years and Schneider actually has been at the forefront of that entire journey okay so from my perspective a platform really means harnessing core technology but using that to enable the development of applications and services that drive measurable business value and more importantly enable people and that is really the heart of our industrial software platform strategy and so there are three things that really differentiate us one is scale scale is important because the more information you manage the more information you're controlling the more systems you're overseeing and supervising your platform gets much richer in terms of capability and when you are running mission-critical applications you want to make sure that it's a proven scalable platform our platform today is deployed in over a hundred thousand sites we monitor over 20 billion industrial parameters we process over 10 trillion industrial transactions per day all of this scale means that there is inherent power and proven s in our platform but the journey doesn't stop there next step is a business value and the business value comes to the richness of the functionality that is there in all of the applications that exist in the industrial software platform and this has enabled us to drive measurable value in multiple industry domains we are present in over 200 refineries worldwide over 600 food processing plants a thousand power generation units we manage 210 thousand miles of oil and gas pipeline all of this is measurable value which is not an experiment this is proven business results that that have come out of the industrial software platform and finally your question on openness for me openness means three things its openness in terms of the ability of this platform to work across multiple devices and systems we are agnostic to devices and systems which means customers can protect their existing investments and this is a very very critical thing the second piece which is very important is that in today's world as Kevin said of cloud computing there is a lot of ability to heart to harness greater efficiencies across the enterprise by leveraging cloud computing but you also have to recognize that there is a mission-critical aspect of these applications that need to reside on premise so our platform allows a flexible mode of deployment and that is another aspect of hominis and the third probably the most important part is what I call the power of many the ecosystem that we have around the world who have full access to a platform to develop a lot more of those value-adding business applications across those vertical domains so these are the three things scale domain expertise and openness that really set us apart Robby you talk about so scale domain expertise and open and the power of the ecosystem so can you illustrate how does this come together in a real live case yes absolutely so when we talk about the industrial software platform there are really five key pillars that we refer to in describing the functionality at the heart of what we do is really the core time visualization control information management capability that we have in our platform that allows our customers really to manage their mission critical application minute by minute second by second that's really the heart of the functionality that we have but around this our four key application areas that completely map the value chain of almost every industry we sell and this really spans the asset lifecycle and the operating lifecycle of our customers industries at one end we have technologies and most sophisticated in the world that allow customers to really design and engineer these complex capital assets at the other end of the asset lifecycle ensuring that these assets perform reliably minute by minute 24/7 reliably and safely and that is really a critical thing on the operational side our technologies allow customers to make the right long-range planning decisions so that they can aim for higher profitability and on an ongoing basis to make sure they're continually optimizing to make sure they're extracting the most out of their operations but the best way to illustrate all of this is how it comes together in a real life example we've talked a lot about the electric world but there is a reality of our life today for most of us who are in the room we came here and are sitting in this room leveraging gasoline diesel aviation fuel those modes of transport are very real today all of those come out of the many hundreds of refineries that operate around the world so I'm going to use a refinery example as I said earlier we are present with our technologies and over 200 refineries around the world driving real value our technologies combined in most instances which Snider's market leading automation systems really power the central control room so that is if you think of the nerve center of a refinery that's really where the the mission-critical operations are visualized and real-time control is done but the journey starts along before journey starts when the refinery is figuratively a blank sheet of paper when the owner of the refinery or the engineering contractor is really conceptualizing how do I design this most efficiently so that we can achieve our business goals through this operation that we are setting up so engineering efficiencies and all of those sophisticated tools then get used as for example operator training simulators much like flight simulators are used to train pilots our engineering technologies are used to train the operators of today and very importantly the next generation of operators with cutting edge technology so that they can operate those plants safely and reliably asset management with predictive technologies ensure a high degree of reliability and availability in those mission-critical operations then on an operation side we have to remember that refineries as an example make most of their money not just through operations but through buying and selling our technologies enable refineries today to make the right decisions of what crude to buy where to buy it from how to process it in their network of refineries those long range decisions enable the enterprise to really maximize their profitability and efficiency and then on an ongoing basis minute by minute second by second we enable them through our optimization technologies at the other end of the operation cycle to continuously extract value how do I operate this refinery while making sure I'm meeting emission norms while making sure I'm ensuring the safety of the equipment and of the people this all coming together can be consumed as individual applications as a seamless integrated suite all of it is enabled by the Eco structure architecture that is the power of domain expertise coming together that sounds awesome and I realize some of you were taking photos of the slide I wanted to make sure that you know we have a live control room for you right outside the hall after this plenary so that you can play with the applications and we can show you how it works and realize so Rob we will be sharing more in details so talking about domain of expertise Manish we each neither serve so many buildings around the world from where we live residential to offices airports hotels to critical buildings really like hospitals where it is really a matter of live in there so I would like to share one boh action customer story with numerous hospital for for us to take a look you my name is Nelson trochee and I'm director of facilities and operations here at Nemours Children's Hospital we see many patients from all over the world here you're in you're out we designed a hospital with the help of the families some of our kids that come here unfortunately are here for many weeks or months at a time we have a number of partners that we've had for many many years I can't brag enough about the quality work that they've done for us TLC is a mechanical electrical plumbing fire protection and energy service company that was involved with the project from the very beginning one of the things the owner charted us to do was provide redundancy resiliency and safety in our designs we typically come across nighter and use them for most of our projects they're known throughout the healthcare industry as the I can unparalleled piece of the equipment for gear morale was chosen as the electrical contractor and they worked with us throughout the process the job was pretty much specified through the engineering side of it and we were brought in to assist in the how do we install that process what keeps us all going is the relationships that we build and the people that we build them with so we have a local Schneider rep and we normally get a price direct for him for our larger projects Graybar was our squirty partner they've done our pricing and helped us get the job within budget when we work with design-build projects which borough has gotten us involved with before and since we are a premier Schneider house then we get squarely involved and we work with them on the technical aspects of laying out the job there's a personal touch there's a personal relationship but the amount of hard work that's put into each and every job in the detail is unmatched we had regular design review meetings with the team and had MC square come in and give us their suggestions we bring design solutions where we were able to bring systems together MC squared has been a Schneider Electric authorized partner for many years we work directly with a lot of their different divisions whether repair management the building automation or the building's division we were able to help them out in their time of need I think the teamwork and integrated product delivery from the very beginning with all the team players involved made it a very very successful project there's nothing more important than our value chain nothing I mean all of the players are doing what they're supposed to do they have the expertise skill and capability in the in the industry to make it all happen for the end-user so that kids are able to receive their treatment doctors are able to deliver their skill to have partners that continue to perform for you every time every job is wonderful so what do you think so my first and foremost job is a mom and every time I look at that it reminds me of my greater purpose working in Schneider so and I hope you share that as well so Manish in this video our customers talk to us about the full value chain of the partner ecosystem working together from consulting engineers to contractors to system integrators all the way to our distributors and serving with our customers to children to make them feel better and recover better can you talk to us about how partner ecosystem works in buildings business definitely it's a great story and it's a kind of testimony of what partners can do to our technology and bring bold ideas of customer to life so definitely partner ecosystem is core to our strategy we have over 3,000 system integrator what we call eco experts and they have more than 5000 developers engineer with them those I would say individuals or those eco experts are really bringing domain expertise closer to our customers and bringing those innovative solutions to light we together are investing together defining what should be the new technology but also how the technology needs to be deployed to bring those personalized customized needs of our customer and bringing those buildings to life not only I would say system integrators we are also partnering with leading technology firms to bring the solid foundation behind the platform but also innovative startups so that we can bring the best of digital to the building for our customers fantastic and Ravi shifting here to you I know ecosystem is very central to your strategy can you share what does ecosystem me in the world of eco structure industrial software absolutely Chris like I said earlier for me the eco system really means the power of many today we have one of the largest industrial software ecosystems anywhere we have 4,200 system integrator partners worldwide with over 5700 certified developers on our technology this is really power that is available to our customers to harness into so that they can build more and more successful applications that drive real business value in addition to this we work very closely with over 160 core technology partners that really bring their expertise into our product portfolio but probably a best-kept secret Chris is also this within our own organization we have close to thousand solution architects and application specialists and it is this team that increasingly is working very closely with our with our system integrator ecosystem to do a couple of things one is enable them with the best of read technology enable them with the best practices so that our system integrators capability continually improves and also to drive standards of excellence what this means is when our customers are implementing a project or a solution from us whether it's in China whether it's in India whether it's in the US whether it is with us in collaboration with an SI partner with just with an SI partner they're assured of the same standards of excellence consistency and this is a key element of what allows us to drive scale and business excellence and I think Chris if I may interject here what's interesting is many things that Ravi is talking about it it reminds me in some ways of what happened in the IT industry in the 90s and everybody came in and said you know what you need a new platform and going to take up forget what you had before install a new platform it will solve every problem you have and the data came back five six years later 85% of those installations failed and so the learning that I think we need to take from that as an industry is it's really about how do you take this expertise that our partners have your team has and the installations that we've got and unlock that value in a more open way in a more cloud connected way so we can apply some of the big data and machine learning against that and I think it's interesting to see that the IT industry is different than industrial but in many ways there's a lot of synergies alike there you go so interesting Kevin Schneider Electric has been recognized as a leader in Gartner's data center infrastructure management Magic Quadrant for three years in a row congratulation so we've done that for the last four years so you are not taking a holiday anytime soon so therefore today we are launching in our premier eco structure IT tell us what is this all about well it's it's interesting I mean obviously we're very proud that Gartner recognized the work that we've done but the challenge we've been putting to the team is don't become complacent because our industry is moving and our customers have new challenges and as we're looking at those new challenges you know it very clearly started becoming areas that we needed to do better was giving our customers more visibility be able to give them insights on when failures would occur and as we started working on this we had a customer come to us and said in his words if I had a dream it would be that you would predict my failures before they occur and we really harness that in rallied our teams against that so we've really been evolving our decent platform to something much different than what won us the Gartner over the last three years we are developing it to what we think will win us our customers loyalty and and benefit our customers over the next five to ten years and so it's been an interesting challenge for us and I think we're starting to see some of that pay off we've been piloting this product over the last year we have about 500 data centers installed we have over 60,000 devices already online and I think we have a video that can maybe tell the story better than I can Bainbridge Island just a beautiful place I think it's unique because it's so close to Seattle but yet at the same time you're just away from it all as well the Bainbridge Island School District has about 4,000 students it's a great learning environment only takes a lot of pride in education it's more of a shared learning environment with the families my name is Owen sillcock I'm the network supervisor for the Bainbridge Island School District we have 11 buildings nine different schools a central data center 35 different data closets technology is in every aspect of the schools if our network we're to go down for a day it could cause serious disruption to our learning we get wind storms and the winds can reach you know 4050 plus miles an hour and when that happens it's we're almost guaranteed a power outage if we get even just a power flicker all of our ups is throughout the district will send me a notification email it's kind of hard to sort through all those and make sure that everything came back online safely we use eco structure IT remote service and their mobile insights app mobile insights allows me to check the status of all my data closets from my phone at any time in any location it does help to know exactly where the problem is as opposed to trying to decipher it from a flood of emails we have remote service it's nice to know that if there is an issue that they have our backs and that they're contacting us immediately it's more about peace of mind education is vital that this community the Schneider Electric products give me that peace of mind to know that if there is an incident kids can continue to learn and the classrooms can continue to operate until the school day is through so it's uh you know it I think a key message in that video that I think is the challenge for all of us is how do you how do we give customers more information less data they want the data but they really want the information behind that so give them the visibility and insights to that and in order to do that we've also recognized we've got to be much more open than we were in the past so we're already experimenting with companies that are more specialized in higher in the stack and the IT management and of course you know any of the third-party equipment that that exists inside of the physical infrastructure as well so we we think we're on the right track and we're excited to of course get more feedback as we go on this journey together with all of you you all right Kevin you know the digital future as was shown in that in that lovely video is really so central to what the whole future and the transformation is about it is one of the reasons that I'm so passionate about the transformation that we are driving here at Schneider Electric because at the heart of all of these stories what we see is the power of technology in terms of enabling people and and that's what makes it real and that what enabled us to drive value every day that sounds like what Eco structure is all about really connecting everything from your shop floor to your top floor in collecting critical data from sensors to the cloud analyzing discovering meaningful insights enabling you to take action to close the loop and to real-time information and business logic so Manish how does this tie into the development of new services that we are offering in Billings so Kevin said very important thing it's not the data it's the inside that matters and how does people act on that insight so what we are very excited about is you know launching two insights in buildings one is called eco structure building advisor now building advisor really allows empowers actually facility managers to have understanding of the system and actually what's happening behind the system that is not visible with naked eye and not only that it allows you to give all the see all the insight but it also helps you prioritize which one you should act first watch the second because it's a cost of acting on this insights as well now we believe using eco structure building advisor you can actually have 33% fewer complaints and you can have 29 percent less unscheduled maintenance what are our customers Boston Scientific they recently implemented eco structure building advisor and actually they are seeing significant gains in first year they are saying $40,000 worth of saving every year because of unused or I would say energy based rate but the best part or the most exciting part for them is less number of complaints from the occupant or their employees and their employees are more productive they are excited because I think it's a possibility for many bold ideas that it can bring to Boston Scientific now the second insight we are really excited also is about offices and which is called eco structure workplace advisor now eco structure workplace adviser Chris allows you to have insight into how your space is utilized we talked about all this efficiency opportunities with the connectivity workplace advisor helps you understand how your office space is utilized not only that it also gives a mobile app to employees so they can be far more productive and they can have immersive engaging experience with buildings and when employees are more productive there is a possibility of more bold ideas and I would say let me talk to you regarding a customer in show a video where they had a bold idea of creating world's most sustainable office building let's have a look it is called the ads because we're on the edge of technology the building is the most sustainable office building in the world Schneider is a single backbone to connect everything that's not just sustainable but it's also extremely comfortable to be the best workplace for our people my Schneider Electric being a single integrator for us it worked extremely well because it was so fast early on during when John Pascal was presenting we want to make sure you catch it so we're running it again for you so thank you for that and of course we are super proud of it that's why we want to show it off that's our job so time flies when we're having so much fun so gentlemen we are almost at the end of a session so Robbie I'm going to start with you what would you like our audience today to retain from eco structure industrial software platform sure three things openness it the power of many how the platform enables greater value through an ecosystem the second one is scale and when I say scale I don't just mean big it's about the ability of the platform to manage the smallest operations to the largest enterprise so its scale and scalability but probably the most important thing is the ability of the platform to really drive business value and enable people by making technology easy to use it's about simplicity so open scale simplicity is what I'd like everyone to take away Thank You Ravi Kevin how about eco structure IT so I you know I think I'd characterize it is that what we're really trying to do is give our customers more visibility into what's going on right now give them insights into what's going to happen in the future and provide enough openness so that they can solve the big problems that maybe we can't do on our own and manage equal structure building so I would say eco structure building first of all is collaborative smart building IOT platform that is open secure scalable but the three thing is delivered to our customer is what we talked about earlier is efficiency it's making people productive and more importantly sustainability and eco structure building is as easy as a baby you go you're still with me I'm glad with that so this reps are our sentiment thank you very much it's been a pleasure it's been a pleasure and thank you having an awesome audience thank you very much [Applause] [Applause]

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