International Girls in ICT Day 2016

over the past thirty years the proportion of women choosing computer science and technology studies has been steadily dropping which is a little odd because technology now pervades just about every aspect of modern life in many schools school-age girls are now outperforming boys in science subjects given a chance girls are really strong at science and math so why are more of them taking up the great opportunities a job in ICT can offer we have to start from the early school years when there is a window it's decisive for girls and boys to understand that there's no difference perhaps what can be done to encourage women to progress a lot further I think we need to bring more of a cool factor into technology when it comes to girls it's time to change our attitudes meet meh wish a 25 year old computer science engineer from Srinagar in India Ganga suite is a small initiative for the people of Kashmir do you recommend for me that time when they happen to live and the people who started appreciating my application and started congratulating me and hugging many people suggested that I should take some other subjects other than the computer science girls should study technology and computer science because it's more feasible and it's good for girls it's not just a boy subject you can develop new things with computer science you just have to learn the language and then you can't do anything with the or you can't make anything I want to start a software companies we never so that I can get jobs two girls in Kashmir and as well as voice not just girls and for those who make the right choice there's some very positive news it ties into every industry and it really really is a fun exciting career to build us International girls in ICT day is a global celebration that invites girls around the world to explore the many exciting opportunities offered by a career as an ICT professional girls in ICT days are very important because otherwise we just wouldn't know about different it learns about the different types of careers that we can get in ICT it was an eye-opener because some of us weren't even thinking of careers and technology you can organize your own international here's how technology is transforming our world make yourself parts of that change don't just consume place create things take an hour to learn more about the technology that touches every part of our lives that's how you can prepare yourself for the skills you need for your future so if you want to make a real difference and have a great career start with ICT because technology is the future

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