International Girls in ICT Day 2014 Video

in 2013 girls and ICT day organizers from around the world found new and innovative ways to raise awareness about the exciting opportunities of the ICT sector and empower girls and young women with the knowledge the careers and ICT really can be for them organizers tap their own expertise to create a variety of fabulous events most involving from 20 to 500 girls in total more than 1,500 activities in 121 countries were organized empowering more than 40,000 girls worldwide let's try to reach even more girls and young women on international girls in ICT day 2014 the itu secretary-general encourages all stakeholders to organise girls in ICT day events attracting as many girls and young women as possible on and Iran 24th of april 2014 some of you may wish to organise nationwide events others may wish to hold a series of regional events while some may organize their country's first-ever girls in ICT day event the goal is to invite teenage girls and university students to fun and instructive open days at ICT related companies ICT training and research facilities universities and government bodies where young women and girls can see for themselves what a career in the field offers freely ask questions and meet female role models see our girls in ICT portal at www garls in ICT org for more information about international girls in ICT day and don't forget to inform us about your 2014 girls in ICT activities also check out our tech needs girls communications campaign international girls in ICT day is an initiative backed by ITU member states in planner potentially resolution 70 international girls in ICT day is celebrated on the fourth thursday in april every year

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