Interactive Video in Elearning

in this video I'm gonna be showing you how to use the interactive video component and evolve on the right here we have a live preview open it has our internet interactive video component here we have the title the body and the instruction text and then we have our video if we press play you can see the video plays through free go to the end we have our options here we can click an option we have a question above to base our answers off then we have our timer at the corner here when our timer runs out we get a timeout then if we go back to the question and we click the wrong answer the wrong answer video will play money gets the end it will tell you that was incorrect if we click the correct answer the correct one will play and we skipped it and the next question will show so to do this going to evolve and find where you've got the editor go into it and at the top you have your general settings and then we'll have the settings for the interactive video so here we have our builder we have multiple items we can add items by clicking add item and once you've clicked it you'll have blank item here we can either add a video by clicking add video and it allows you to use an asset you've uploaded and then we can edit the item and if we click this here we see we have the item question text here we have our question as this is the first item we don't have any more options so make sure you have a question in there once you're done you need to click Submit changes for that to save and then we can move on to our child components so we can do the same as the top item we add a video from our assets we can also preview the video we've just uploaded by clicking this play button here that gives you a preview you can pause it at any time click Edit item and here we have some more settings so this will be the incorrect item as you can see it has the option to make it the correct item by just toggling it so if we do that now you'll see that this is now the correct item and we have the extra question text the only the correct item will have the question text available for you to input we'll put the question in so we have so now this question will ask be asked once this video has been completed below is the item option text this option text is used as an answer for the previous video so at the top here we have our first video both of these items will have the option text and that's what will show up when the top video has ended so here we have our option text click Submit changes and then that will save once you have that you have your item setup and you can add as many as you'd like here we've left the last one blank this symbolizes that there are no more items to play below that we have the timer the time is used for the time out on the question so at the moment we have 10 seconds you can increase this and decrease this then we have the poster graphic and as you can see on the right here that's the graphics that you is used before the interactive video has begun now that we have the settings for the two different screens we have the time out screen and the incorrect screen the time out screen we have the title text which will be shown as the title the body which will be shown just underneath the title and what it should say on the button and by default that's retry here we have the incorrect we have the title and body as well we also have button set but this is slightly different because we just want to continue with the course and not retry here we have completion once the interactive video is complete it will show this completed text and then you can also add your own customer feedback for when it's completed once you've set all of that up you'll have a working interactive video component

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  1. Melissa - said:

    hi, can I know what is the development tool you use to create the interactive videos?

    June 28, 2019

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