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the internet of things is changing the world around us we are constantly moving towards a society that is better connected and better equipped to build an efficient and sustainable future market research estimates that 6.4 billion connected things will be in use by the end of 2016 with close to 5 point 5 million new devices getting connected every single day by 2020 we might have close to 25 billion devices providing data and control in all aspects of our lives be it our homes healthcare manufacturing retail transport energy buildings and more everything will get smarter and more efficient so what is your organization building for this new world we are sure your dreams will be bigger and exciting hmm how do I realize the ideas developing an Internet of Things solutions is now more complex than ever with tons of hardware options and protocols to choose from developers need to be extremely cautious while architecting their solutions to ensure security flexibility and scalability equally important is choosing the right cloud platform for storing and analyzing data from the edge our research shows that development teams working on Internet of Things solutions spend more than 40% of their effort in connecting the edge devices to the cloud in a reliable and secure manner that leaves only 60 percent time to focus on the unique values that the business is being built to deliver ian's fo chips intelligent gateway offering helps you accelerate your time to market by providing a ready-to-use edge device or gateway software stack that is not only intelligent but can also be deployed on any hardware it can be controlled from the cloud and is incredibly easy to integrate with your existing framework with smart gate you can connect securely with a wide variety of sensors or actuators communicating over Bluetooth Wi-Fi ZigBee z-wave and thread enable computing on the edge by defining data processing rules through the cloud control panel utilize local storage to provide backup in case of network failure integrate edge data with your existing enterprise systems or Internet of Things platforms using our API console manage your entire device infrastructure from a single interface perform firmware updates get device health and diagnostics information to enable predictive maintenance secure the entire communication pipeline by managing encryption certifications role authorizations and authentication deploy on any hardware with complete confidence our micro services architecture ensures elastic performance across your choice of hardware built by Ian foe chips a product engineering specialist with over 20 years of experience in building connected solutions for Fortune 500 companies you get the added advantage of utilizing our expertise in delivering services for end-to-end connected solutions whatever you need be it Internet of Things integration services where we help you connect data from things to your business or enterprise apps through our reusable or custom developed connectors rapid prototyping application development through which you can rapidly realize an end-to-end web and mobile pilot solutions to help you evaluate the benefits of Internet of Things for your specific needs our device certification access framework and ready to use verification library for all popular protocols reduces the effort involved in communication protocol and interoperability certification for your hardware our expertise in edge computing enables you to optimize your computing infrastructure by distributing load between the cloud and edge devices in an intelligent way through our ready to use dynamic rule engine or custom solutions our strong device management skill sets and cloud management solutions will manage your entire device infrastructure while providing best-in-class scalability for when your business grows from thousands to millions of devices Ian's foe chips can be a trusted partner to you in your exciting journey and help you transition to an Internet of Things enabled future in a rapid efficient and cost-effective way for more information visit

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