Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed Overview – Technology Vision 2018

I think the difference with the vision this year and a key takeaway is that this isn't about a destination it's about a journey from regulations to the ecosystems to the partnerships to ethics and privacy when we're developing products and services we need to think with trust and the in the first mindset if you want to raise your AI system properly you need to think about how the data you're gonna use basically it's not gonna be biased there's no overlap between them there is no universal AI that's gonna be a virtual reality mixed reality augmented reality gesture based computing that yet to actually create an entire environment you know and I get to do things that you couldn't do before it's not a gadget it's really something that can save a lot of money but you need to articulate the right business case behind that the hot data comes in a million different forms how good is the data you have how well does it represent your business how clean is the data and the quality of that data that coming in is just important as finding that correlation that's going to tell them something new there's a real demand in business today to respond to innovation in for businesses to to move at the pace of innovation the reality is is that partnering today means a merger of your technology the real challenge I think when you put it in real business terms of what friction happens in the enterprise happens in the innovation space I think they need to adopt new ways of doing flexible aperture companies ambitions are moving beyond what they're going to be able to do with the cloud platform by itself how do you tie all these different intelligent components together with innovation comes obligation how do I do the same things that I do today differently you

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