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my name is Linda felt across all types of industries the proliferation of data continues at breakneck speed and the need to turn information into insight has never been greater I'd like to share some interesting findings from a 2013 survey of your peers that asked two questions what is your understanding big data and how are you approaching your big data projects as an update to our 2012 survey this report shows year-over-year evolution the understanding big data analytics and demonstrates the progress made in implementing big data projects in the enterprise we hope you can use this insight to move your own projects forward we surveyed 200 IT managers in medium and large US companies represent a mix of vertical industries and here are five highlights from our research similar Chinese last year our current survey identifies big data as a top strategic focus in the enterprise in our survey big data and data center infrastructure updates have emerged as the leading priorities through 2016 in fact 70% of respondents already have a formal strategy in place to address big data we found that companies are rounding the learning curve and also understand big data's value potential our research shows that IT managers feel like they know what Big Data is all about and that their stakeholders do too many one percent of respondents said that they have a strong understanding big data and what it takes to support it compared to 80 percent just a year ago and 75 percent now feel that their stakeholders also understand Big Data we were pleased to find that our survey group is already using big data to gather multiple types of insight clean the list our evaluating staffing levels and productivity and generating competitive intelligence as well as looking at ways to improve pricing and lower IT costs as the understanding of Big Data grows the challenges are evolving too as might be expected now that Big Data is maturing analyzing the data sets has emerged as a top challenge this is followed by a big data expertise and data growth this concern over Big Data expertise is mirrored in relation to the obstacles that get in the way of Big Data adoption when considering what obstacles may hinder progress a shortage of skilled data science professional emerged as a top barrier to adopting Big Data followed closely by security challenges and unmanageable data rates compared to toy 12 no two attributes have seen this much movement as the shortage of skilled professionals and security while security concerns was by far the top mention in 2012 with 32 percent of respondents listing as the greatest obstacle in 27 listing as a second or third a shortage of skilled workers was only a middling concern but this year concern around these two potential obstacles has inverted the need to find qualified professionals is now even greater than concern over potential security risks when it comes to delivering big data analytics both the use of traditional data center based installations and the use of internal private clouds are popular however the predominance of data center based platforms may be changing with an increasing number of respondents planning to use some form of cloud-based support in the future additionally deployment of commercial distributions of the Apache Hadoop framework is increasing while a large number of those who have already implemented Big Data project are using open source versions more of those in the process of implementing Hadoop are looking to commercial distributions I hope that you found this insight from 200 IT managers valuable now that Big Data has moved to real-world implementation I'd like to leave you with three key takeaways companies are starting to gain big data insight in a variety of ways they have a clear vision of how to move forward and they are increasingly concerned the cloud as well as commercial versions of Apache Hadoop to tackle their big data project so what does this mean for you if your organization has a plan in place for big data this survey of your peers can provide a benchmark of your own progress and if you're just beginning to think about Big Data our survey can help you determine the best approach from moving forward one thing is for sure companies that seek to stay competitive in the future will need a plan for addressing big data in their enterprise there's even more insight in the full report check it out at Intel comm forward slash Big Data

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