Institute For Design Innovation- Loughborough University London

I'm really passionate about design and passionate battle management and bringing the two together was very important to me the best part about my program is the amount of tools and skills they teach us so I've been able to enhance my design thinking skills learn different design tools to enhance and improve my creativity life as a love Spri University London student is really interesting there are so many opportunities available for students I am currently a program representative for my course as well as a student ambassador throughout the year there are several events that the committee host it's a really good way to socialise with other students the London campus is located in here East which is on the Olympic Park the entire area is really pretty the Olympic Park is great in summer I'm currently living at unite Stratford the view is amazing I find the entire area very space and there's a lot to do in London especially socially and also culturally I'm studying my master's design innovation management because I want to be able to be involved in the actual design process not necessarily creating the final product and this is derived from actually being able to gain a great appreciation for design and I get this inspiration from actually visiting museums and galleries such as the Tate Modern I love looking at the art and the architecture around there it really inspires me and enhances my creativity which I can then implement into my design projects a part of a module we studied the collaborative project and that involves working with external partners my group decided to choose the marketing strategy for great breweries specifically working on their drivers into a brand we got really good feedback and we were able to get a really good mark overall and it just goes to show that if you're able to collaborate really well with a team and work really hard you can then achieve something really great that even looks good on your CV after my degree I see myself progressing as a product manager in a tech company I'll be starting this job in September and that's really going to enable me to use the skills that I've learned on my Master's using my innovation skills my design skills and management skills Oh

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