Installing Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi

in installing Windows 10 IOT core the hardware needed first here I'm using raspberry Basri model B SD card of at least 16 gigabyte and this is very important to choose a high-speed SD card I prefer you choose one from the hardware compatibility list third a device running Windows 10 to download the system on the SD card here from the WT section of understand RT core website then we'll load the Windows 10 IOT core dashboard test set and then run the downloaded set up to take seen from the confirmation dialog go ahead and click on install the application now we'll continue downloading the necessary files to install the dashboard after the installation is finished the window this window will appear and then click on run to run the dashboard here is the dashboard and simply you can click on setup a new device now you can sign in to your Microsoft account to download the latest well which contains the late the latest features and you can discover and participate of testing them or you can skip and download the latest stable release here I'll sign in with my account by entering my credentials my email and password and then we'll offer all the application to access my info next let's get Windows 10 IOT on the device insert the SD card into your computer for the device type here I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 B if you have another device you can choose it from this drop-down list if you also have Raspberry Pi 3 model P plus you may face a technical issue and that will be discussed in the comments below or in the troubleshooting section for now let's proceed with the bar 3b from the waist belt you can choose the latest windows insider preview if you prefer to play around the latest features or assembly can install the Windows 10 IOT core this is the stable virtual drive this is your SD card make sure that you are using the right SD card and not to format another SD card with data on a device name to be recognized on the network and then you can choose administrative password and confirm the chosen password by toilet again then accept the software license terms and click on download and install pattern the final confirmation your SD card data will be erased if you have any on this SD card to proceed click on continue the dashboard now will download the system and it will take time depending on your internet connection speed later after that the dashboard will flash your SD card basically it will copy all the operating system data to your SD card when this process is finished the windows will display a dialog to format the SD card simply don't click on format just to click on cancel and eject the SD card and insert it into the raspberry boy

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