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I'm extremely honored to be with you here today on April 22nd a very important day happen for me at Google it's called bring your child to work day on that day every parent is allowed to bring their children to the work place across the globe why is this important for me because on that day we can learn from our children what inspires tell them what is inspirational to them what they're dreaming about and they can teach us adults what it's possible on that day I was showing my child Jonathan the team who's working on self-driving cars cars which will drive by themselves and hopefully we will have not any accidents anymore in the future and when I showed him the car he said to me daddy why is the car not flying my cars at home they can fly and they can also swim so that showed me that kids really can dream the impossible I also want to show you a distinction between why adults and children are so different for us as adults over the years we basically lose that spark of imagination we lose our ability to think about the impossible because our education systems our processes and regulations are burying literally our creative spark so let's do a comparison let's look at a five-year-old like my son Jonathan and let's look at a 44 year old adult the five year old is engaged in about ninety-eight creative tasks per day a 44 year old only in to a 5 year old asks about 65 questions per day an adult asks six a five year old laughs about a hundred sixteen times a day an adult laughs only about eleven times so you can see that there is a difference between what children are possible in terms of creative tasks they're doing each day in terms of questioning the status quo each day and in terms of laughing and playing and trying out new things which i think is related to innovation in itself because in innovation we're trying to push the boundaries of what's possible and we should do that by challenging the status quo asking a lot of questions engaging us in creative tasks and also laugh a lot so today I want to introduce you to a couple of cornerstones about our culture at Google about our people and what we believe is driving innovation in an organization but to do that I want to invite you into a short exercise to bring you back where you actually were a child because I believe at beginner's mind sees a lot of opportunities an expert only few so let's take a beginner's mind I want you to all stand up for a moment please all stand up thank you very much now I want you to take out your phone which you do by the way 150 times per day so now it's 151 take out your phones yes and now I want you to open your photos application where you store all you photos and I want you to choose one photo which you are very proud of as soon as you have that photo I want you to hand over your phone to the person next to you yes take that risk give the phone to the person next to you you will get it back I promise you and now I want you to ask the person next to you why this photo is a photo they are most proud of so ask that question to the person next to you while you're handing over that piece and I can see many smiling faces when they are sharing their moments of pride with each other but also when they discover their curiosity about somebody else's picture so now I want to engage you in a creative task again open your photos application this time that you'll be able to take a photo and I want you with your partner to take a creative composition so take a photo with your partner including both of you fantastic thank you very much so you can put back your phones into your pockets and have a seat so how did it feel like to be childlike again for some it was very easy to do to take a leap of faith showing what they're proud of asking each other questions being curious and also laughs for some it might be more difficult so I want to share with you a couple of insights what we learned over the last 16 years at Google what helps us to build an environment where a childlike behaviors are encouraged where playfulness is fostered and when we actually can live out our creativity to really develop new products and new services for the world these four cornerstones are things which you also can take to build organizations which really foster innovation and which hopefully shape the future for all of us the first one is mission we deeply believe that having a mission really matters our mission at Google is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful and we think that's more than a mission it is actually a moral in all revolutions started with those morals if it's fighting for equality or independence our mission statement doesn't include any users clients market share or revenue we want to generate so think about your own mission statement it could be a personal one or it could be a mission you as an organization have and how that mission serves the society the mission statement is also so big that we will never actually achieve it we will never be able to organize all in from in this world because there's always going to be more information and also there's going to be better ways all the time to make it more accessible and more useful but working on projects like search where we literally give people the opportunity to find all information and access that information projects like books where we scan literally every book in this world to give everybody an equal chance to read that book no matter where they are no matter when they want to read it projects like maps where we literally map the world seemed impossible in the first place but now we can actually show the world that you can on a street you level visit every place on this planet and in the future also you can go under the oceans or even in the sky to literally fly to other stars I think having such a mission is really inspirational because people want to feel challenged and people want to really have a meaning when they go to work and feel motivated so again try to think about your mission statement what you want to achieve in the world and translate that into something which serves our society for the better the second cornerstone I want to share with you is about transparency in our organization all information is accessible by every employee on their first day when they start in the company that means you can access roadmaps product launches confidential information but also access each other's calendars or goals what they're working on that level of transparency also enables us to have trust trust in each other and trusting that everybody is working on the right thing with that trust also comes responsibility so the third corner store and I want to share with you is that we give people a voice everybody in the organization has specific voice that they can raise to really provide their feedback and their input on how to shape this culture of innovation in the future and giving everybody a voice through technology and different challenge is I think something very important to do as well the last cornerstone I want to share with you is about space the physical environment shapes how we think and feel it really influences us how we think about current projects but also how we think about the future just look around yourself how inspiring this space is today for you so how can your values in your organization be represented in your space how can your mission be represented in your physical environment how can openness and transparency be represented in your physical environment in how can collaboration also be enabled through your physical environment so space really matters and it helps us to think in ways which sometimes seem beyond possible so with those four cornerstones you can really shape a culture which enables innovation everyday which also allows people to think about the impossible think like children think about when cars are flying or they are floating like a boat when they drive themselves when balloons are powering internet for five billion people in the future those are things which really children can imagine so we can learn from these children so I want to encourage you that you try for yourself be more childlike on a daily basis trust your creative abilities have that creative confidence to really imagine the impossible then in your organization try to set a mission that really matters be transparent with the information you have available give everybody a voice invest in your space and I can promise you that everybody in this room is going to be able to shape the future for the better thank you very much

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