Innovative Technology & Engineering Literacy (TEL) Program

There’s a new type
of literacy coming. It’s technology. And being able to function
in this technological world, it’s gonna be as important
as knowing how to write your name. With the way that technology
is growing and it’s like becoming more relevant
in our everyday lives, I feel like the more
important that it is, the more that we’re gonna
need people who can fix it. I can’t think of a job nowadays that the technology is not a
part of it. So in middle school, I think
it’s important for them to have exposure, even if
it’s just during electives, just different types of
technology so they can kind of get used to using it,
to do things. Ten80 is basically a class
about NASCARs and how they perform. And it’s like
we’re using RC cars, and we’re working on them,
how to make them better, like adding a fin to the
back of it to make it more aerodynamic. Technology literacy for me
is knowing what’s out there, knowing how to manipulate
whatever program it might be, and then also
how to troubleshoot. Lots of engineering literacy
has to do with like, understanding
how things work. What’s the problem? How can I fix it? That could be a
human problem, that could be a
technology problem, it could be your
car, anything. We originally wanted our app
to do something different, but we didn’t know how
to do the code for it. We were like, “Okay, since
we haven’t worked on the code yet, is there a way
that we could change our app and make it do
something different?” I thought Ten80 was just
a whole bunch of driving, it’s taught me
new math formulas, it also taught me how to
speak in front of people, it taught me how
to market myself, it taught me how to be
more efficient, and, work as a team. Because that’s one thing that
we say here, is it’s not really what you do
for a living, it’s what kind of
problems do you wanna solve. Because If we
train kids like that, wherever they go, they’re
gonna have that skill set of problem solving,
which is gonna really essential for the future. You hear all
kinds of things, that we’re behind
in Science and Math, and just different types
of literacy, math literacy,
problem-solving literacy. So how do we know? Where’s the
measurement of that? You have to assess
that to find out.

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