Innovative technology at Cambridge University Hospitals

I think it was the day after I was diagnosed that I was introduced to the artificial pancreas system They were talking to me about the research What it's for and that I could be part of it I said "I wanna do it, I really wanna do it" Hi, Katie do you understand why children's research is different from adult's research? I don't actually The reason that it's very different is because glucose is very variable in children much more probably than adults We have to really protect children much more so than we do with adults What do you think is the most exciting development in children's research? Well, the artificial pancreas has definitely got to be right at the top We have an algorithm on a mobile phone that talks to the devices This technology is innovative It's new, it's exciting It's progressive It makes the management of your glucose much easier hour by hour and day by day Why is this research so important? We know that this will reduce the complications of type one diabetes in later life Because of the research that we've been doing here in Cambridge over the past 10 years, now we're at a stage where the technology has transformed the management of children with type one diabetes They can use this technology at home, at school So these benefits from he research in the past are now safely being used around the world It makes me feel really nice It makes me feel like I'm helping towards something that's really quite important and can really make difference in lots of other children's lives

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