INNOVATION NATION: How to avoid paying unnecessary power bills

a unit of electricity here in Uganda cost about seven hundred and twenty shillings on domestic tariff but have you forgotten to switch off power especially the lights in the house and then you return in the evening undefined you have a bigger bill to pay at the end of the day well a student of Meharry University Avenue megumi has a solution to that it looks like a long lamp holder with two colors black in white but it is an automatic energy-saving bulb the gadget has a sensor that will automatically switch off power when exposed to daylight it's a adapter it is to automate no more lights in the targa can switch on or off without without without a password to switch them basing on whether it's daylight or duck and in order to install the technology one does not have to hire engineers to do the wiring in the house but when he buys across unit and installs it normally into the bulb holder inside there are parts like the transistors and relay so that relay switches the high voltage and the transistor deals you the LDR uses LDR is a light dependent resistor there is also a transformer inside boy that comes from the bulb holder is 240 volts and the electronic circuits that are used to sense light don't work on 240 volts they work on 5 volts so that transformer is to step down this voltage to 5 volts such that the transistor for example and the rest of the circuitry can operate on the 5 volts then like I said I really will bridge between the low 5 volts and their 240 volts because the bulbs use 240 volts whereas the secretaries as five volts but how does the 15,000 energy saving gadget work a low current a low current signal from the LDR when they is light and in so doing it sends a signal to the relay which switches a high voltage to switch on/off the bulb i trade my Venus innovation to find out if it works as he explained it is fixed in another lamp hole in house and when the power is switched on it will not light up especially when there is light coming from outside until it gets stuck there light then this is the switch although so far the energy saver works well Megumi wants to improve it it's good to recycle but if I'm to look at the commercial bit of it I would have to design my own body such that I can benefit from economies of scale and produce one on a light scale boom is trying to design a gadget which will be programmed to interact with the phone so Delia Rangga NTV innovation nation

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