Innovation in the Classroom – Rockingham School District

Elizabeth Joyce: I think kids are innovators.
I think by working together, letting go of the reins and understanding that kids can
teach you as well is a powerful story of the classroom. That's where you get innovation
and creativity. That's where I get the rush every day. I see what kids can do. They can
grow, adapt and go out to change the world. That's what inspires me. Canvas helps me to be an innovator. It helps
students to be innovators because it lets you create. Cheryl and I started collaborating.
I said, "What's something we could do to tie into bullying with tolerance and hatred and
humanity and love and acceptance?" We thought to do the civil rights. Cheryl Yeatts: I wanted to start a conversation.
The best way to do that is through images. They had to write about it, narrate it, and
speak about it. Then, we critiqued and discussed. It was a wonderful way to open up the conversation. Elizabeth Joyce: The project blossomed. We
got the school's English Department at McMichael, where I used to teach, on board. The next
thing you know the students were creating their own website and sharing what they were
learning with the world. Sarah Gillie: It was a good eye-opener. It
made me think about the underdogs and try to be nice to people. Haley Shelton: It made us realize what our
words can do to people. Cheryl Yeatts: I love using the discussion
feature of Canvas because there are a lot of students that aren't comfortable talking
out loud. Sarah Gillie: Canvas allows people to come
together and people who don't normally talk in class were able to form their opinions.
Eventually, those people did start talking out in class because it helped everyone see
that you're not really alone. Just say your thoughts. They're not going to be wrong. Cheryl Yeatts: Canvas allowed me to put information,
images and videos that I knew were educational and appropriate for my content into their
hands for them to use outside of class. They've been "inside places and seen things that would
never have been open to them before." Elizabeth Joyce: It really gave ownership
and power to them. It really made them excited to come to class because they were in control
of their learning.


  1. North Carolina Department of Public Instruction said:

    Great! Thank you!

    June 29, 2019
  2. John Schmidt said:

    This video is very well done. Inspiring.

    June 29, 2019

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