Innovation Cup 2018

we at Mack KGaA Darmstadt Germany are committed to science technology and innovation in 2011 we rolled out the annual biopharma innovation cup for young talent where the brightest students from all over the world come together in Darmstadt to develop new ideas covering unmet medical need in 2018 math KGaA Darmstadt Germany the world's oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company will celebrate its three hundred and fiftieth anniversary on this occasion we will conduct a much larger anniversary edition of the innovation cup covering the fields of healthcare synthetic biology material solutions digitalization and new ways of collaboration you are invited to be a part of it have fun and learn about the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and get coaching from professionals in developing your innovative idea into a reality win the innovation Cup and get twenty thousand euros with your team I've been having a lot of fun at the innovation Cup meeting other students from all around the world we can work together on solving problems people here are great the coaches are great the innovation Cup is very special by that that it gives you the chance to transform and bring to life your ideas so we're all speaking a common language which is science and science for healthcare innovation it's a new way of thinking putting the quality and experience of all the speakers that we've had exposure to has just been phenomenal incredible unforgettable and amazing wow that was spring I want to repeat it again all innovation cut participants will also be invited to the anniversary conference curious 2018 where some of the wounds brightest scientists and most accomplished entrepreneurs meet to present their work apply now

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