Innovation Convention 2014 – day 1

a robot capable of interacting with a human a system which refrigerates liquids in less than 50 seconds microalgae which purify air just some of the scientific projects co-financed by the european union we are the biggest powerhouse in terms of innovation and science in the world that is why I'm delighted to see the breadth of sectors represented at this convention I believe we need to identify the long-term science technology innovation breakthroughs as you provide opportunities for Europe to remain a global leader we're in Brussels for the second innovation convention this international event is a major showcase intended to steer current European policy in the field of research and innovation what it's about bringing researchers and innovators together bringing industry and academia together also giving an opportunity to those who have benefited from framework program funding to come and show what they have developed and what's now being commercialized there's an international panel of guests prestigious names in the world of science take to the stage arash arash received the nobel prize for physics in 2012 now he's sharing his passion for science with young researchers at least in the kind of research that I am doing Europe is at the edge of what can be done among the topics discussed interstellar travel a possibility which may be closer than it seems you know so often people think of technologies are sort of sitting up there in the sky waiting for someone to discover them that's not really it it's really how we decide to take advantage of our resources our knowledge that's a point many women also work in the field of research and innovation in Europe the European Commission honored three in particular these women received the women innovators prize worth a total of 175,000 yer in reality innovation affects every type of activity certainly medical and paramedical but also for example the luxury business recharge f1 is cellar master at Dom Perignon for him heritage creativity and innovation are all closely linked to the success of his business innovation in the vineyards at the one way not for the sake of innovation but just support my aim in question ladies and gentlemen I'm very proud to present today the European Commission's first-ever inducement price this two million euro prize will allow these researchers to continue their work to make vaccines usable in temperatures of up to 40 degrees everybody gets a flu shot or this kind of exits always from the fridge is no need anymore so if you can bring it to the market like that you can suss store it ya like it is under horizon 2020 the European fund for research and innovation is 18 billion euro masacre break that's thirty percent more than the previous Framework Programme clear evidence indeed of an even greater willingness to invest in science today you

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