Innovation BIS 2025: the Bank's new medium-term strategy

well I think 2018-2019 was a very successful year certainly we had a very interesting challenges from the point of view of analysis a from the point of view of economics research and cooperative activities but at the same time we launched PRS 2025 which is our medium-term strategy that will show us the way into the future well the main strategic project is underlined with a lot of emphasis that we need to excel at providing services and value-added to other central banks but this is organized in three lines one in cooperative activities in banking but also in us being more effective working much better giving more value added to our shareholders well basically this institution needed to embrace fully a technological change all the innovation that is going on around technology that has ramifications into finance in Turkana mix into banking into how corporations model corporations work that's what we are doing and this will bring the VIGS to the cutting edge in the different business areas we engage in well again is for us to be at the cutting edge for us to lead the way in different aspects for us to be able to contribute more to the central banking community because we know that challenges a that has to do with innovation and technology is the main chat some of the main challenges that they're facing so we need to be attuned to the problems that they're facing well there are many different facets that we are working on you can see in our publications that far far far more emphasis is being paid to technology associated topics like a cyber currencies like FinTech like big tech like practically like sub tech at the same time whereas looking more into different monetary regimes in monetary frameworks for advanced economies for a merging market economies a we are also having a very aggressive strategy to support central bank's in terms of cybersecurity which is another very important threat that is around and we're in the process of launching a BIS innovation hope that will put us as I said at the cutting edge of technology

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