Innovation and technology

Sabina Stillwater is investing in the creation of the mind of the future and the digitalization of the savanna Stillwater operations all the research in the laboratory is to make the mind of the future safer safety is our primary concern so the work that's being done in the Digimon would enable us to support the creative industry to serve Anya Stillwater innovation and digitalization is extremely important we have mechanized operations but in South Africa and in the u.s. the technological advances that we have helps us run more efficiently we get a consistent product coming out of the lab and our customers are very very pleased with our analysis of the product we make a product that goes to clean the air and the platinum and palladium we sell goes into automotive catalysts savonia Stillwater is a world-class operation so they are at the peak of of what other folks look to for practices I think the thing that sets us apart is our focus on the environment on safe production and being incredibly innovative in how we operate

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