Informatics Survival Guide

we had like parties together and really got to know each other so I think it's important finding a group you're comfortable with who studies the same as you and you can always help you I would probably give an advice to other antisocial wrecks like me that you should probably try to be more involved even if it doesn't feel like like it's your thing I mean I spent a whole lot of time not being part of well this and I slightly suffered for it but because of the accommodating nature of all the people working here and studying here I got back in pretty soon but you can avoid avoid such stuff if you just try to be present from the get go on and keep focused on actually using the resources that exist there if you don't if you don't go where you can't take advantage of all the stuff that's been given to you freely and the study hall from the beginning we didn't start going until like yeah after half year or maybe a year but it's really great being here because you can always get help from the others who we were like not older than you and who knows what you're doing so it that's really great so attend the study hall if you're interested in something and if you have project ideas or anything you what to do let's just talk to Professor for example I just got approved to having a project where I'm gonna try to break some of security protocols might be able to do it but that's not the point of the project I'm just gonna work on it but for example I know some who had a project where they made a video game I need to talk to another professor the thing is just as you go here you learn who does what and who to go to if to develop your own interests because as of programming what I'd like to think is the only the only thing that really limits you with programming and development of search is your imagination

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