Informatics Resume 101 – It's Not About You, It's About the Hiring Organization

so what's the employers problem and you know so what typically what I see with it with with these resumes is that the person that's written the resume they have a problem they're trying to get a paycheck it's great to get an education but that doesn't put food on your table you need a paycheck but the person looking at the resume has some sort of problem that's rule number one basically the the issue is the employer doesn't have the people with the right skill set javascript HTML json we were talking about that earlier python visualization sequel something some sort of skill set or they don't have enough people but what what there's a lot of times that disconnect between this document the resume and the employers needs because the person writing the resume is always focusing about what they want and what they do I'll read a purpose statement to improve my skills so that I can learn so that I can do this uh-huh you should be done talking about how you can contribute to advancing that company or advancing patient care it's not about you it's about the company or the organization that you're applying to

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