Informatics PhD Program at Indiana University

for students as well as faculty this is kind of an exciting place to be the school is one of only a handful of places in the nation that is set up a whole school or college as opposed to a department in the computing and informatics space you will get a breadth of interaction with the other students they are the fact that they which will prepare you to your future career and not be too specialized being in a big really really strong research campus makes a huge difference I mean you have that opportunity to work with people in other schools are the departments internationally the best researchers in the world in some fields this is one of the things that drew me to Indiana University it's the amazing interdisciplinary opportunities the scale of the school really makes a difference it's I would say it's a perfect size of the school right now and so if you look at the combination of the quality the breadth and the size there's almost no other place like it so the student has a really outstanding array of faculty and opportunities before them I think in general the informatics program and especially the faculty in the environment that's been set up allows you to basically explore whatever you want to explore I'm really interested in in in design and how things are designed and why we decide things to be in the way they are my research for my entire career has been about how humans and organizations and technology in correct in terms of trust and lists we study these systems and we analyze these patterns and this way we hope to better understand how they work and also get inspiration about how to build better systems because you actually get a chance to define you know not just what you're doing but you also get a chance to potentially define what informatics is going to be or what these kinds of these areas of study are going to be in the future our ph.d program and masters programs across the campus are have a lot of international students as other places but Bloomington has one of the largest undergraduate international populations of any University in the u.s. it's an atmosphere of collegiality of friendship of helping and support that I think that you might not necessarily find in in every other place we're a small college town with the four symphonies so we active theater troupes off campus and Broadway a touring Broadway season every year and a ballet season and an opera season I love Bloomington and ended up meeting my wife there we had a you know a nice little condo we loved the food he loved the environment and you know we've even talked about going back in the future you know I've talked to people that have been in many programs and especially I think the level of support is is on par with anything else that you know I've heard of plus the cost of living in Bloomington is so low it ends up being almost a bonus we are lucky because all of our students who are admitted to our ph.d program are guaranteed support for a certain number of years which is sufficient for them to finish if they are working hard since you all students get support that whole time here and that's quite unusual and an important reason to come here essentially I developed a lot of the skills that are currently used which is you know involved in algorithm development as far as the computational side of things along with I was given a lot of opportunities to write grants write papers and all of those things are extremely important in the academic environment maybe even even more important thing for SPS tsp of it is that through those people you would get connections to everybody else in the world that are good in the field well some of our students go into academia and they can work in a in a computing type of environment like a computer science department this is a very hot job market and I find it hard to hire people to come and work with me as postdocs and correspondingly students is easier many of our students actually end up going to industry also and and that also is a draw IT is does not have a recession at the moment

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