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when you think of a university you think of buildings piles of books racks words numbers long hallways and tests but for us it's actually a place where we connect with people with whom we learn and grow together and informatics Institute of Technology we don't always know where we are headed but we are here to find our parts with us more than 3,000 undergraduates across the globe have shared the roofs of IIT our degrees are offered from world-renowned universities University of Westminster and Robert Gordon University informatics Institute of Technology has been delivering British decrease for over two and a half decades our goal has been to produce graduates for highly-skilled innovative employable and who can compete in an international arena a curriculum and a lecture panel and the extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities that we provided iit facilitate improving such graduates today our graduate significant positions in the business and in the IT arena when I first joined IIT I was a little persistent whether I could handle the workload but with the immense support from IIT and the guidance for my lecturers it was very easy in the computer science degree you are given the choice of multimedia mobile and web development and games development I wish to choose game development because it has high promise in the future IIT supports not only to excel our studies it helps to improve our talents and skills and also we are positive cutting-edge business and IT exhibition and stage crafts the annual talent show which we can showcase a McCallum so I'm really glad to join it IIT because it mold myself to be a better corporate personality the best part of this degree program is the one me industrialism so it's basically we are all the students who studies at IIT gets the opportunity to work at a certain company but it can be a business or IT organization and the most important aspect of this internship program is that he gets the chance to work in new cutting-edge technology so when we come back to IIT for finally it's like we are fully equipped with knowledge to do our finally a physical at IIT we revolutionize education we believe in a wholesome education which moves a student into a responsible and active citizen modern lecture halls computer labs library and pool facilities are provided to enrich our curriculum the life of a student and IIT is filled with a long list of extracurricular activities the master's program is able to cater to the rapidly advancing demands in the software industry today I'm sure the master's program at IIT will help me develop in my career I'm a person who constantly want to improve my skills and knowledge and differentiate myself from others so while I was looking for such opportunities I came across with this program by IIT M machine business analytics affiliated Robert corniness is Kotlin big data the latest technology the biggest wave in the coming Nike where do you get that in sri lanka how can you learn it IIT that is where I found them retying up with Robert Gordon University in UK to offer the best of the courses that you can find in big data and I'm very proud to say that I made the right choice to do it the sports teams of IIT have been playing international arenas and making the iit name proud with numerous achievements we believe these achievements add value to a balanced education that we promote at iit the four-year degree program i went through at iit enable me to be a successful corporate leader then an entrepreneur not only as the product of iit but giving back to IIT has a visiting lecturer I see the support given to the student by the Institute and the lecturers to call them as better personalities who will fit the corporate arena and also to become successful entrepreneurs I'm very proud to say that IIT helped me immensely during the past few years to build my business in terms of giving me all the knowledge and the support and I'm also very thankful to IIT for making me a successful entrepreneur today today I'm a proud graduate the past four years earning at IIT has indeed been a memorable and a wonderful one IIT has helped myself to achieve extensive heights in both academics and extracurricular activities the experience and exposure I have gained through all these activities has made myself to achieve a high demand from industry by the time of my graduation life at IIT is changing every second you are not the same person you were a moment ago you are one step ahead in knowledge experience and life every second at IIT join IIT to find shape and lead your future

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