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imagine you are a pediatric cardiologist seeing a new patient with an incidental diagnosis of atrial septal aneurysm you wonder about the need for anticoagulation for such a patient and read the literature to find that there's limited evidence on how to manage such a case how do you proceed with care of this patient physicians often face such uncertain situations for many reasons such as a study answering the question has not been done yet the available evidence is unreliable or the evidence does not apply to their patient in such situations wouldn't it be amazing if physicians could leverage the experience of millions of past patient encounters instead of relying on anecdotal experiences or input from colleagues the clinical informatics consult makes it possible to aggregate data from over 150 million patient charts and obtain a summary of what happened in practice these insights derived from the accumulated experiences of other patients just like yours enabled precision in the practice of medicine to provide our service we first clean up the data present in the electronic health record then using a novel search engine developed at Stanford we generate patient cohorts in seconds and perform statistical analyses to provide an answer for your clinical question within days to submit your request all you need to do is email a question to green button at with the following information patient population of interest intervention or exposure to study description of the cohort you want to compare with outcome of interest and timeframe over which the analysis should occur once we receive the consult question one of our clinicians will work with you to refine the question our team will then perform the analysis and generate a report with an interpretation of what the results mean for your patient our clinicians will discuss the report with you and clarify any follow-up questions our service has already been used to answer diverse questions across multiple sub specialties realizing the vision of the green button the power of aggregate patient data can now be brought to the bedside the next time you are in an uncertain clinical situation and wonder what happened to other patients like mine we'd love to help to request a consult and see some example consults and reports visit us at green button

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