Industrial Biotechnology and Biorefining at CPI

Industrial biotechnology… it’s everything from the drinks that we
might drink on a weekend, through to the drugs that we might take if we’re in hospital; it’s the fuel that goes in our cars and the clothes that we wear; it surrounds us in
everyday life. The purpose of CPI’s Industrial Biotechnology and Biorefining platform… …is to support both SMEs, medium and large style
companies and academics; …to take their technology, to take their ideas and to support them through the conception… …through to actual demonstration in a way that provides some scientific rigour… …or provides facilities that they wouldn’t
otherwise have. Within IB we have a wide range of analytical capability… that’s specific to industrial biotechnology. CPI is a key bridge between UK academia and UK industry; industry speaks different
languages to academics… …and companies like CPI sit in the middle as a translator… …and we can translate academic into a commercial, and we can translate the commercial into the academic. By sitting in that bridging role, we get the best of both worlds… and the ability to influence all of them. The IB team within CPI is a combination
of scientists, engineers, project managers… …and technologists who have the ability
to either take a process… …that’s already running at a commercial scale and take it down to a very small lab-scale process, or we can take a very small scale
process that’s come from academia… …or a small medium enterprises and SME, and actually take that company through… …scaling that process up in a rigorous and risk adverse way… …so that they get the information that they are require… …to enable them to go to the market and raise funds… …to enable them to move their business
forward. Fundamentally, as we move forward
industrial biotechnology will start to… …replace more and more of what the
chemical industry does for us. CPI’s sweet spot – or specifically industrial biotechnology’s sweet spot – is between… …TRL’s 3 and 7, where we take an idea
that is already proven at concept, someone can already do it somewhere in a test tube… …and they may have done it a few times, but not robustly or repeatedly… …and we can take that through to a pre-commercial demonstration… … with the facilities that we have here at CPI.

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