Indoor Localization – This is how we solve your problem

Indoor localization helps you to keep an
overview of the whereabouts of your assets. May it be products, valuable
equipment – or completely different things: Indoor localization has many faces! And that’s the reason why there are countless real-time localization systems out there. But: Finding the right one for YOUR specific use case is like searching for the needle in a haystack: While the one requires a certain
combination of features, another needs something completely different. One size fits all? Quite the opposite! The key? Customization! And this is where the Linz
Center of Mechatronics can help: Our customized indoor localization systems are real game changers when it comes to saving time AND money. This is how we do it: First we investigate your use case: Let’s say that’s a warehouse, where forklifts pick up, scan and transport parts to the
production facility. Then, we identify your exact needs: Like reducing the risk of congestion; flexibly relieving heavy traffic areas and making last-minute-pickups as efficient as possible,… – And of course a lot more, but who would watch a two-hour video, really? Let’s move on: We now work out several possible
solutions – always keeping your current system landscape and environment in mind. Once we’ve discovered the optimal solution, we develop, implement and test
it, until your customized LCM indoor localization complies with our top priority goals: It increases your efficiency. It saves you money. It gives you new insights. It helps you offer added value for your customers. And: it helps you bring your business to the next level! Sounds good? Contact us today and learn how we can help you with your localization needs! [email protected]

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