Indicator MACD – technical analysis indicator macd part one – 2017 – 3 iq profit

hi everybody today I'd like to tell you about the MACD indicator the first thing we need to do is select the candle bars and choose MACD from the available indicators it consists of two moving averages and a histogram these elements show the strength of the current trend and help accurately find proper moments to open successful trades please note that our lines do not only cross each other but also cross the histogram that illustrates the power of buyers and sellers on the market so the signal for a trade for a rise is a histogram bar crossing the zero boundary upwards the main thing is to wait when the bar is completely formed and here we place our 55 dollar bet and wait for the outcome this indicator can be used together with a martingale strategy if you don't know what that is you can go to the tips in the upper right corner and watch this strategy now we see that our bet has one and we got 44 dollars in the past video Lionel M asked to show how the MACD indicator works and so I decided to make this video it is very important to me to know what strategies are interesting to you so please leave your comments and I will answer inquiries in my new videos meanwhile we see how the first bar has formed under the zero point of the histogram and it's the right signal to bet for a fall and we bet fifty five dollars again your likes give me motivation to make more new videos for you by the way we got eight thousand subscribers already thank you for this we won $44 again and thus we see that the strategy is efficient you can test this strategy by registering a free demo account simply follow the link in the description below this video to stay aware of all new videos simply subscribe to the channel and you will be aware of all the new strategies after you click on the Bell

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