Indiana University School of Informatics, Computing & Engineering: We See Tomorrow

the reason you look to the future is hopefully to help shape it the role of a university is to really Drive this curiosity and drive the future because the future is inevitable and changes inevitable we have to be looking at technology that's coming down the road both how to make that technology and build it but also how that technology is going to be applied in our society what we really want to do is improve the quality of life for everyone this is a place where we take on big problems that our society faces every day and we break them down and we solve them both from a technical perspective how do we actually implement something to a societal or humanities perspective how do we implement something that people will actually use in their everyday lives our students are trained to deal tomorrow to deal with the fluctuations to deal with uncertainty in addition to giving the students the death in their own field we want to provide them with a global knowledge of humanities and liberal arts so that they can be creative and innovative we have people everywhere from historians in the school all the way to engineers and it's really hard to find that kind of range of expertise in a single school we're one of the only ones in the country that has it the faculty are constantly working on brand new areas which didn't exist before we're studying the way children learn and we are incorporating these learning techniques into the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms what's so unique about a university a university is this utopia right it's this like completely unique environment where you have so much freedom but also so much support if you want it from my view its job is to create this environment where that discovery and that magic can happen Larry Hall is a collaborative building designed to foster interdisciplinary ideas you walk in and you just feel the energy people are always here always moving around always excited I just think this is a wonderful environment for nurturing great new ideas that could change humanity for the better [Applause]

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