IMG Tag Implement With Notepad++ || HSC ICT Chapter 4 || পর্ব-৩৭ || তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি

toggle them solve a case general-purpose at scrambler a mistake me what a boo-boo ie mr. cameraman the previous board with accuracy so I'm raking it differently so card so I could work the previous public you have a curriculum a mistake Akasha Ramanna said that brought me to repeat coochie and we are cuneta image give xavier could them J I'm Renata image that collision already Dakota know that a new folder create could thumb you can add a new folder ban a book that a new folder the new full data given column it can occur at a HTML file America truth um first of all the direct HTML file this document emaze nom de la mama file in nam image the opera man file extension Amer file at extension dot HTML current our HTML protocol file Tonchi extension the OC dot is table either in nam G DME provide karena Cano topper ami je mr. I can add Corbeau a HTML file a JMS Tommy at Cobo shame is the active old animal today can eat them Jeremy previous power that has a me to the Hemet amazing a she the rama competed ad drive tree drive proceeded everything a is a picture picture thick I met Amy is near she wrote sure hey mister kami copy Corinne es Salaam topper ami dick stop him he can a mr. Kuryakin Elam pepper control be deepest gorilla he mr. duty or EPC at could – hi Talan rosetta code them ji kanika stable source code victim taken under my system victim HTML the Opera jst animal top of the casket on a body declare Gautham body Bo dy body top for be would DUI body here b3 my image tag declare cotton I am the image image etiquette SRC equal Tamar Jamison am chill oh sorry imagine am taken a provide suitable image to the Hokie nimesh hello aging image in October rename copy collinear sissy rename quick copy tampered accommodation aborted Ichi yeah our extension turkey chili Abu section of the database dot jpg thinner dot jpg chill another extension to be childlike and hitting at a cost Allah cast above a pub paragraph at a colleague here at a stable j.p taken with him in the room he can attain as like husband my image I am Jade on my image he can aim I wanted to me a Jenny's check Arrancar Oh ahora de hoje a mr. Shekinah Firefox Aaron Karim Lakhani mr. cho la shi Yan the u.s. titular Tamra Charlie addicted it take a hidin with it definitely my image a paragraph Ashley who put a backup team to me Charlie agent Stuckey front sights ball caught the father is stylin mob did EMI image got that I got a border quarter panel you can a font size style Madrid me for incised instable / cut the power sty style equal a kanay to me front size torture for anti front the radio phone size from size equal 20 50 pixel little borrow 50 pixel then run quorum then we can able reload core dick but my image super a long stroke agility Adubato hijabi you can mother a major border general shadiness top arch enemy into psychology make another imager AG major at my garage him hidin with daddy tomorrow the investigator taka tomorrow IMG the height AGI GST height equal mineralogy that hide the top 20% I want will to the to 20% with the church 20% equal 20% I can uncover the hide and with a common Java the Hydra data coming a second to the ammeter actually I'm a poor vision mole be sure to chill Oh je je mr. Murdock Oh eg mr. Nia Makhachkala a mystic Ashley Costa Rica Neelam Ambridge a folder a system in the a Kikuchi J folder a HTML file create create HTML file che folder mo dr mohamed remastered Hennessy I have a question Judy ETA a Canon Ithaca can take you to the American delayed Cooley icon do we do the piece they reload Caro Dalek India mr. de Havana he was taken to a Russian I so a cone I'm EJ drive a badge a folder name of the html5 file critical Russia Mikey way folder a multi investor actor Habib the potekhin Daschle a amana ethically Amla easy to lift investigate kotipalli eight Achara coridite mo k terracotta who the parrot associated me keep have a cool bar door hook ship how many mr. Kos isolated to the he computer the Coon location at you know the comedy mr. Schiller computer is indeed drive it as C Drive is you see la casa local disk c @a d drive in a II drive Tom are a maester chiloe eat read read read a bakusai is a picture folder a final AG picture folder picture folder number a tulips namche Aloha Murray mr. Jane emit acoustic another image and I'm Addison mature you can email sanam japonica that separate – I mean job Chico it a G location a say we location taking our image Tamara we pay the back of it I me mister helada Koriyama we fold the remote they G new folder for j48 Attila is a merciful data chilly new folder for the egg honey a me rock Bona tar podium in tennis racket cotija cheese tofu nama approached a common habiba me keep a vertical bow to a Merida kilometer a can I do glum look at for a HTML file token cooing correctly so change our HTML file top and column top or even Ambridge attic or boom EGS our serum of day is a source Shilla that was sourced the account from pune location Buhari table a folder path bush heidi table a condor ether genetic or table a slash khun driver chillum esta g de Vecchi low dollar d drive support a : he can a approach adora slash it a folder tab j folder a mr. chill oh it did never cool for the Rachel oh they have showed to me childish a stepper thought should G driver Ambra a hunting ito he can take algebra Jayamma did compete at AG g drive AG drive the Hamid Rahimi such low picture folder it so picture Gazeta to me I can take a tree named Cory copy coordinator Perot is a picture tomorrow picture I can adjust my picture AJ that you folder name a picture a picture folder a veto to the Auto folder that is last a again folder time when I thought for a the Rama reactor for the rich Allah the parameter Cobra burrow / / now poor Amer image and am kitchen about picture folder mode the hammer ma sternum chilo deco I mean a jammer a picture folder our image tandem kitchen – Leafs dot jpg so I can either II ethically name curry to me and again I'm takapa coordinate ever too late dot jpg control the shampoo no degree called the control see Ione eco pakodi can a paste for the power you can oppressed coral akan control as they safe quorum safe coach instigator encoded Akash the bottom of the region attack on our country so I'm ready GG I'm on the image starts looking actually Jay I'm ready to the kiswa Nigeria kiss your mother paid Josh and I come to develop a staggered reload curry aho last chain that comedy a honk into we invest am Raja can HTML folder create collision shaken HTML of Canada who – paliku hi Jay meet the new folder for it can be turned into our economist Americans who do HTML file taken exist gotcha you can economy mail exists core China you can email sorry you can even email exists for China the emails a Connecticut our alumni mystic at Kota Barbara mother a four-way move the Perdita chiloe taboos honno-ji to me Jamie stamina caps culture shaken eg masturbation it hobby Yamanashi libertà a Canadian Islamic issue with any temporary I'm a cocoon dry be a second folder a hace a vapor Ghul Allah declared a katana Ito to Shuba de are Judi to me because the court a interested not have automatic to cost Roberto be the cone dry bacon folder de una massive chorus a put shampoo no path the hadith hobby now high boost the patina H a shampoo lobotomy shalida high DC z /d dr : top regular folder now attach a picture unum America possible cjj casa dos a Nanak whatever confused Jeremy to the Hadid Judy tomorrow Hanuman hoto ad picture trifold arbiters a picture folder it we told you they are full attacked the refrigerator folder create coarser there is that a folder create course on new folder Nami a Twitter a mystery hedgehog a concave of a cap scuba I couldn't get to me cut square kanji to me reload coral a genus tacky to me today reload Caro domani mr. hodda a second Oh Karen deco a canto are folded pop kinetic Bobby Bush has a partner commercially keep Keshawn Moshe hallo I think on a key boost a bunch of paper towel or two media cause a bullet hole they who Shaco terschelling je d dr a picture folder a picture folder a list deposition it a casually akane Casa de shoot those not definitely not picture folder a beat or a data folder a second new folder Nami the arbiter attune to lives dot jpg ph @ exists called a Boucherie Tamaki icon Jetta cost Okura kurta b ej if holder Takata Makeda hide habit AJ picture folder a bit a new folder in new folder and Nnamdi a new / stage in stock a display kurata be an economic cost apologetic or table you can about new folder cutter a league table a table borrow / icon tool is not jpg like a community icon control as they do dear Ankara I think it actually sure cause I wanna problem hard cause hannah CU SE echan the virtual a shape so he may say amber chale image a alter the barcode temporary altar at attribute buffer could separate title buffer could the body – imran export way image ne'er okay so dr. 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