iLabX – The Internet Masterclass (final short trailer)

Television, Communication, Information
Email, playing online, World Wide Web, Tinder, Wikipedia, YouTube, Whatsapp,
Google, Stack Overflow, Pokemon go Friends The Internet has become one of our most important
infrastructures. It connects everything from people to machines
in all areas from the art world to the stock exchange
everywhere on this planet and beyond. But how does this Internet that enables so
many things in our daily lives actually work? Technical University of Munich presents:
iLabX – The Internet Masterclass How does this Internet actually work? This is exactly what we look at in the course! Six-parts: Signals and Cables – this is how
you can directly connect two computers The Internet Protocol – how can two computers
call each other. Routing – how can data packets find their
path through this complicated Internet? TCP/UDP – when you have multiple applications
on your computer, how is it possible that the data packets reach the right application? Domain Name System – how is it possible that
you can enter something like in your browser? DNS647NAT64 – how can we connect the new IPv6
Internet with the old legacy IPv4 Internet? Plus we look at something very important namely
a major security mechanism in today’s Internet: firewalls. We have texts, videos, lots of interactive
quizzes, plus a hands-on environment where you will
actually build your own Internet using the tools. You can also connect it to the real Internet
in the end. As you can see in the virtual environment
you can do exactly the same experiments! In the end you have the Internet -you build
it even- on your own computer. How cool is that! See you in the course very soon! [Music]
That’s the Internet. Nooooooooooo……… [Music]

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