IGCSE ICT – What is Software?

what is software and this video will cover the following what is meant by software types of software examination style questions first what is software software refer to all programs that controlled and run in computer system software is made up of the instructions that can be stood and run by hardware software is mainly divided into two categories system software and application software where system software consists of related problems that interact with the computer at a very basic level system software includes the operating system utilities compiler makers and device drivers first operating system it is a set of programs that control how the hardware and applications of a computer works it is the way of communicating between a computer and the user task of operating system cludes handles input and outputs recognizes and stoles peripherals devices allows applications software to communicate with systems hardware moves and run software applications handle system problems and alert music managers system security managers file and folders moves data to and from artists shares out system memory next utility software it is system software designed to help analyze configure optimize or maintain a computer it focuses on how the computer system operates it is supplied along with an operating system utility software is used to carry out routine tasks that are often needed by users such as compressing a file to save space on backing storage defragmenting in this drive recovering data from damaged file checking a disk fulfills and repairing them film adding disk checking the files on a disk for computer viruses next a compiler it is a computer program that translates a program written in high-level language to perform a required task into machine tool the code that is understood by the country next linker it is a computer program that takes one or more object files produced by compiler and combines them into a single program that can be run on a computer this is used in some programming languages where a task is broken up into small sub tasks or modules where each module is compiled separately then compiled modules are linked together to form the final program next vice driver it is the software that enables one or more hardware devices to communicate with the computer's operating system exams of drivers include printers mouse CD drivers and memory sticks the second type of software is application software application software comprises general purpose software and custom-made software first general purpose software exams include word processors spreadsheets database management systems presentations desktop publishing DDP graphics communications software computer-aided design packages web page editors and audio production and editing software the second type of application software is custom-made software or tailor-made software this is software that is specially developed for some specific organizations or customer to suit their particular needs and requirements exams include applications for payroll accounts for control route planning and weather forecasting examination style questions and answers first question explain what is meant by computer hardware and computer software giving an example of each and the answer is computer hardware refers to all the physical parts that make up a computer system where hardware is physical parts of the computer that can be seen and touched exams of hardware are the monitor mouse key rule computer data storage hard disk drive graphic cards sound cards memory motherboard and CPU on the other hand computer software refers to all the problems that control and run a computer system software is made up of the instruction that can be stood and run by hardware example software our spreadsheet software data handling software the processing software ETP software presentation software control software measuring software operating system and antivirus software question number two name the type of software that lets you manage the hardware and software give an example and the answer is system software exams of system software our operating system device drivers and with Koshi Inaba the name the type of software that lets you carry out tasks such as creating a document or an image and give an example the answer is application software exams or processor spreadsheet and database question number four describe what a virus is and explain how viruses cause problems for computer users the answer is computer virus is a piece of programming code software which replicates itself transmitted through email attachment or portable media it corrupts or delete files or data computer virus can corrupt arrays the contents of the hard disk it can completely fill the hard disk old memory making it unusable it slows down operations and makes software or rating system and usable question number five an anti-virus program is said to fully scan a computer for viruses once a day the sky pothi antivirus software works during the scan and the answer is an anti-virus detects a potential virus compose the virus coding with its database then allows the user of the potential virus it ask the user if the file can be deleted or not next an antivirus release the file and virus or isolate the infected files on the hard disk so they cannot infect the computer and antivirus this infects all means the file question number six complete each sentence using a word from the rest velu batch sensor spreadsheet online direct random syria DTP a the type of processing useful updating bank accounts at ATMs in school the answer is on line B the type of access used on a magnetic tip is cool the answer is C R C the type of software used to create printed magazines is cool the answer is d TP question number seven financial models and scientific experiments are examples of different types of modeling applications give three other examples of types of modeling the answer is modeling applications example flight or pilot simulation of training weather forecast models traffic control civil engineering models question number eight copyright law applies whenever you buy software gives reactions that would bake copyright – and the answer is giving software copies to our goals without the owner's permission making a copy of software this without the owner's permission selling copies of the software with all the owner's permission question number nine complete each sentence using the most appropriate words from following list or processor the control program in spreadsheet and inference engine research angel Web authoring package a measuring program a DTP package a the software used to find information on the internet is and the answer is the search engine be the software which is a component of an expert system is and the answer is an inference engine see the type of software used to create financial models is and the answer is a spreadsheet question number 10 the security of software and data is very important complete each sentence using the most appropriate words from the following list and he spy well chip reader pudding the dongle encryption a token quantum cryptography IRIScan a password a pin a an electronic device that plugs into a computer and contains the key for a piece of software is cooled the answer is a dongle be the scrambling of data is known as the answer is encryption see a security process that use photons to enable secure communication is cold the answer is quantum cryptography D a numeric code that is entered to enable payment to be made for a meal in a restaurant with a debit card in school and the answer is a pin

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