IGCSE ICT May/June 2017 Paper 31 – Web Authoring | Ms Expression Web 4

alright guys are welcome to on the video I'm gonna implement by Meijin 2017 what bathroom all right so we're gonna delve into this immediately so that's one if it didn't stop him one open the file once I'm 1731 evidence top RT make sure you name candidate number and can tell it in sorry your name Center number candidate number will appear on every page of your evidence document by placing these details in the header again so save this as a word processor document in your work area with the file name 1731 evidence followed by your candidate number for example this okay so you need your you need your evidence document during the examination to enter the answers to questions and to place your screenshots in when require okay so I'm just going to get this done open this file under do the needful so I'm gonna good something let me look at my evidence yeah so this see here so what I'm gonna do open them you see make sure you mean okay so I opened that ah so I have to up in my name but the header just ensure that the appears on all the pages my name right there so and then have my Santa number I was at zunzi's r1 and then how my candidate number 0 and user 1 all right so I close this so under thing another thing that we need to take note of is that we are meant to see this as a word processor of mine because today the file is in RTF all right rich text format so we're going to save this in what process documents or gonna see what's something um time I have to save it in that same location right yeah so mom succeeds at the same location but this time around I'm gonna change it to what document and then how these paths 1731 0 followed my mother my candidate number so I think this is all the ones all right so what's the next thing so this done alright so I'll move attacks to webpage you offer to our web and are going to help some Chinese develop web pages to teach students about web site offering create a new folder called HC HTML on a specific intent one so I'm gonna open it because I'm gonna use it as my puddinin' located the following files and store them in your HTML on a specific one in 1731 food alright so I'm going to look at this also so I'll go up to my file so I'm gonna look kid okay first of all let me just create a pool so I don't lose the cop either so have food so the name I just have to paste in immediately and then go back to my software copy this these are the two ones that I needed then copy this and then paste in here all right so all the files needed are here okay so what's the next instruction so I think I've carried out all these this one's up I doubt this so done so open the file something takes one so did that one son one dot PNG in each suitable application which size image so that it is surround four by five hundred and twenty eight pixels okay so submit that one sons one okay someone sorry all right what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna go back to my food which is this one then open this image so I'm gonna open it with Microsoft Office 2008 and now for some of us who are using Windows it's eight 8.1 Windows 10 Amala you might finally got to use this right off install this or something in my not even on habit but if not historians have to be able to download a share was a core shape on Microsoft SharePoint and then the activate other programs and then just packed with only this one they able to install it I had difficulty doing that but I have found in with Luda I love this because it helps me to do manipulations on you know besides official alright oh so what's an ass the question is so resize image the image so that it is 7:04 by so which means with similar for and then hide 528 that's what it means okay so I'll go back to that image so same please Mitch it celebi's to the first one for servo so I would sue teammate and then their size so I'm gonna have a custom right custom width and height so I'm gonna resize it to 704 so no four by five to negate five Jeannie it's all right so I'm gonna hook a that so nice I passed some who for vice patent it just was beautiful I'm gonna poke a that all right the question is save the image with the filename with founding this all right so I'm gonna save it with this 70 that one son soon so I'm gonna copy just to fast so I'm gonna go back and then save us save us so I'm gonna save it with this name all right so the PNG so PNG release of injuries gestures also the great need so I'll see if that all right so that's for this all right so remove the right of the image to make it to 30 pixels wide and 520 pixels high like this so which means that we're going to remove this explosion all right so we're gonna make sure that remove the red of the image to make it our 2:30 so now if we can do a little bit of maths so this is already the code 7-7 reserved for width so but want to reduce it to 230 all right so we need to know how much you're gonna cut off all right just to be able to have exactly walkies need a knife real mascara from here from here to here will give us probable around 474 so we're gonna cut off from the rabbit for some four pixels width of the image so I'm gonna go back to here to my image so our have it as pop so 7-0 so I'm going to actually resize it all right so who built that need to see crop all right good crop so I'm pulling from the right I'm gonna just add four four four seven 94 all right and I wouldn't magic for me so creeped out from the right and then if you see that then you have yourself a perfect 235 528 pixels all right so that's it for that so see the image with the founding 7031 Sun three so I'm gonna just pop it up just to make it fast and then I'm gonna save us all so save us I'm gonna have it at us please I'm also a PNG and say that all right so the next question is display the contents of your HTML on the spot 17:21 photo showing the folder name image dimensions of file names extensions on file sizes okay so what I'm gonna do forget for evidence one take a screenshot of your 15 this blue studies done with the government all right take a screenshot of your HTML underscore something tell you one foot Pam folder and place this in your evidence document make sure that the food and name image dimensions or file names extensions and foul sizes are clearly visible all right so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go back to mine alright so what I'm gonna do now I'm gonna make it any detail form so I have my date I have my type so the type is pins of course distinction is shown so in a kiss real distinction is not shooting for you just go to view and then make sure you check the file name extension and that for sure for you I have the size showing what else is not shown how the dimension if your dimension is not showing just right click up here then take dimension if you can see dimension at this menu just click and then you see a couple of other you know in details all right so that's that's it for that so my dimension is your insight assume the founding is showing our extinction is showing part type everything dissolution everything change so I think we are good for this one too and then also the foul the puddin name is or sure is also shown someone who simply take a screenshot immediately I'll just take a screenshot why do we let me just make sure this one shoes to just basically sitting down in resolving so I'm gonna take a screenshot right here and then copy these and then go to my evidence evidence one amid food is showing full name of all the extensions of science so I wanna just stay right here I don't need any adjustment just move on boy good right so that's it does it for this guy here so I'm done with this so no forever within your own words or that changes that you could make to this image to make it more suitable for use in the web page type of evolution into you if it evidence document using no more than 100 or word now for this just to save time I already typed some things or some observations about you know the image or my evolution of body image alright so one of the things about about my diversion of our image is that at least a web an image should be as small as possible or or the size has to be as appropriate as possible just to enhance illusion of the webpage of you know a major download download of the image spray so let me just pick like this what I have here because I don't want wisdom on this evidence yeah so image could be stored in jet air so now the image is in PNG alright and it is probably the occupied reasonably my storage space so I'm a context because I don't need it anymore so what it would like to start if it ends yeah yeah Alec right here so so if you see the image you can just do the I can become a value by yourself on them you know saving the image in gif and then 718 JPEGs or jpg and then see difference if another is going to profile Alessa yes it's gonna be size gonna be lesser and then job is a painless up storage in your memory something like that so the loading time would be on download time will be shut up alright so when you refresh it doesn't take too much time and the thing is changing the quality depth okay so the color depth also can be changed from 16 bits to 8 bits you can see that you can experiment with this using Photoshop because for the shop shoes that um you know clearly some other image editing software could probably just you know you have to reduce it to web format or some different format but Photoshop could show you that you know you know the it's bit you know a channel size and then this system bit per channel little sheep in a very well so that's how you could change it clock that and which inequality you could reduce when changing from 16 bits to 8 bit or four bits even you can reduce the image size also and tau enhance your web page in aluminum for web page and people complain of are too much time load in an order so reducing the image quality to so finally will to reduce the image quality but one thing about image quality is mmm and definitely subscribe to a decent image quality but if you release the image quality is compulsory dues you know the science Devon you know you know making it faster making the looting of images faster some like that alright so this is my evolution so if you have no and if if you have any order or you have a comment or anything wanna say please just leave all your comments at the comment section below and yeah I'm very open to suggestions and all that alright so this my own evolution alright so let's move on so this done cycles out of the way so no five-click a lot pitch cold cold 17:31 links dot HTM so this is time is HTM not HTML okay so what I'm gonna do now I'm gonna copy this guy here because I don't with them so this webpage must Dom has fallen in lewd night especially well sometimes it takes a lot of time to load so let me just stop it now alright so this will with this web page most work in all browsers and we'll have a table a table structure its visible bodice and grid lines as shown below alright text shown in the bulb must be entered into your web page the texts in italics are instructions you must do the place text in sevens with answers image candidate details has no structure alright okay so I'm gonna are actually accrued over page cold so to tell one link so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cookie then have myself a HTML okay a political one here so but I'm just I'm just gonna save us mmm hope is gonna save at the default no I just need to where's my 17 that's e we're here so I'm gonna save it with this name all right super HTM alright so that's the name on the file for him do you see my path so I see that already so so that's the name so this just got it done our service lipid must walk in Oh blah blah blah blah blah alright so a Chris something like this Sudan is what not creditable sulit in Belize and how many rows 1 2 3 4 4 rows and then three columns so I don't just click to go smoothly so I'm gonna cut suitable have myself a menus are four rows I remember on three columns right 1 2 3 4 4 1 2 3 homes alright so I'm gonna make this one the whole of the top so you that's it so I'm gonna match this from here to here I like click modify match so this top was the next one so from here to here from the second row to the last row and column not 11 so so from here to here right click modify match all right um the next one so down here gonna match them okay here here right click modify alright so I think he's looking do you want it so then the next thing is so I'm gonna follow the instruction inside even though the structures are relating a related text enter your answer to Question 6 ok leave them just full full of it the way it is here replace the the text enter your answer to question 6 here with a description in your own words of the function of a hyperlink said this as h2 so I'm gonna put this because I'm required the ones in bold I need to have them so one wouldn't do is in fact let me start from the first one so one would not do is take this guy here maybe let me just take this guy first have it here alright on them set it to what H 2h h 3 so set it to h3 selector select up and mh3 and then the next one is a copy this one too let me just have them all so it shouldn't say to each one so I'm gonna put a pistol right here select it and then set the head into each one okay then you just read it next instruction will just be taking them one by one so I have this so please that's enter your answers to question seven with Chris and Sarah all right okay so let me just follow what is here because I don't have time to start with in all the an appropriate alternative image so I'm gonna put image please the image seat instead swim here all right so what they make me have in step between step two we'll have this image so are some 1731 sons three so we're gonna sit we're gonna add it here immediately so one run – I'm gonna just go back then click right here and then include to insert picture I look for a picture nope this is not what I want so I'm sorry ray the alternative you meet huh let me just give it some like so do that done looks like this alright so I have it like this don't worry about his face just keep walking soon but about that so let's see how it goes alright so um so don't just stick them step by step so the first okay I've done this so the next one is here I'm gonna handle this now enter your your answers the answer to question six here well said set in star h2 so I don't it tap out the answer because I don't want to waste time on this so what I'm gonna do just go a hyperlink use to navigate from one page reverse or copy and just copy because I don't need it anymore so I've just get that out come back here here then have it just take him and then have this have this as each – now what I want to say is in case you're using junior or minor or any other you know editor now I'm using as Microsoft expression web so I can easily do all this copy paste here and order so it has a way of handling it for me if you want to copy from you know Microsoft Word and then paste right there and all that stuff and it maintains that cannot be formatting now if you're using a different editor please some of these things your if you if you have two restaurant not be from one place together make sure that when you copy when you copy these you go back to a new pad and then visit a new part now what new part does is that it drops every formatting that takes my half alright so when you piss on this body not bad now that will help help in case of some in the regulary varieties most result time so and indeed presently everything is just a Microsoft based alright so it's just it's eat though so if you I know most of you understand where and me because you can just be watching this video without and you know at least being able to imagine that read about in or design or a store before just you know watching this video all right let's move on please um the nesting is to have to copy this on them paste seeds right here all right set it to set it of h3 half surely h3 and then the next one is okay until your answers to question seven here set as the bullet list with the split bullet point all right so uh piston one question seven so question seven that's what I'm all about – right now alright so the bullet point so it's going to be square so need to take note of that's okay so early time of that so what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna paste even a big pocket here so I'm going this guy cut in here and then go back to my special moment and then paste it right there so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna select everything because it's just got to be in bullet point so I have to select everything all right and then good too but just set it to bullets right set everything to bullet Bob the bullet is supposed to be square police in second so I can right click here and then and then choose list property and then take my square all right and then okay that so you have square right here okay good so unless that for 15 and the most okay so we'll have wait created just like little by so okay that means a number candidate number so I have to put that the last point tastes right hey Eddy Eddy Street all right so my name is alright so my hectare number has to be ng 0 1 and then I have my collective number 1 ok and have to set this to h3 good so what's the next thing ok so I think what could be this so he does another thing that I'm missing here please leave your comment below alright I'll leave your comments alright to attach this stuff sheet tab something third one dot CSS 3 web page all right so I'm gonna touch this go back to my alright so Sigma my focus and they're not tied to just a sheet so Brasserie and then this is it here they are touching I have the looking all right so that's for that so about Bridget touch this it you need has tired it to create a second style sheet to be added to the web page estar is not finished and contains in number of hours open the style sheet st 1731 dot CSS in a stable on software package the web page the web page and starship must work in any browser and use the most efficient metal all color codes in hexadecimal make sure your starship contains no HTML these specifications for this towel shade below so i cannot create we're gonna adjust this guy here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back to Buddha open that yeah that's my photo right here I like to have it in this view best tea soup this is a here so I'm gonna just open it in word press pressure special world right so that's why I'm going to address ooh this is what we have here and then we are giving this specification here to work with all right so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna leave off everything all right so and start afresh okay that's what I'm gonna do all right so I'm gonna take them step by step now um in table they're going to look at the table right now we'll talk about table size this are the table the symbols the tribute the Buddha and Anton a grid line shows who won't talk about the tank will answer the number of TD does it say about the data alright so and I know the most effective way to do this is whatever wherever you have different elements of selectors the have similar properties you combine them together when you're writing your CSS code alright so for this the internal grid line and the our symbol also that's the TD they share some properties so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start with them alright so so I'm gonna stop in this Township and I'm going to hold it see table and TV right so I'm gonna call this one so I'm gonna come back to them to come TD all right you can tap all these things but I just want to use this g1 very lovely um I wanted effect how to use it though yeah yeah so I can tag but this is why I use this is because of sometimes way it's happening you can make a mistake so I just – you know – you just use this so I'm gonna have TD so the first thing that I'm gonna look at is the Buddha correct so the Buddha are that green colored butter you know that green and I have one also this Buddha must that green and then what else and put a mass solid but a mass solid so I'm gonna look at that and then any other or tranquilised it's one collapsed anything I don't think I have inheritance we just have a solid and what else and then that green right on that green okay as the color is dark green so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna move back right here and then have butta butta so I already set this to table and T aunt Edie so I have butter so the bodice tab has to be solid okay but Astor has to be solid solid here but as there has to be solid and then the butter color has to be dead cream the coal has to be dead green alright so Bo I've chosen a father that this is also that green 0-5 okay this also gives you dad okay this situation whereby you're confused about a rock we just click on one of these one of these places something just choose it that green : dang it does it but I just want to use you know this for being for that game alright so I take that and then does what I have okay um if you want we can choose something different actually is this time isn't it so um that's does it for this so once you are once you write a code you'll be able to see your cool down here so I think everything's so bonus tiles solid and then a half but a cola this so I think that takes care of or the table and the TV okay so what about internet will land but we're referring to DTD alright so I apply that and that's that for that okay so the next thing I'm gonna look at right now is the table itself okay so the table itself so we're going to look at a table the table is about 650 px pixels alright why and then we have that table is also fact exhaustive so that means the table the table is fact because thick and on orthos I think that's about that so we'll just go back there and then the Buddha collapse also the balance has to be also collapsed all right so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go back to table the including news style on their happy past table you can have a bunch of it that bunch of selectors here but I always like a tired actual so the first thing is the with okay should with position the wit has to be six fifty pixels six fifty pixels and then bother with shall go to Buddha also bother with butter which has to be five pixels I suppose let me just be sure yeah five pixels alright so that's a butter with that's a thickness job that number right there so the body with has to be five pixels so five pixels all right and then the product laps so a product love say Barack who loves us to collapse right so and I think that's task for Tebow okay all right so that's okay for that so the next thing is it TD because the TD has some properties to the TD use a about six pixels top and bottom and then for pics so four boxes at each side x left and right right and then also the butter with is two pixels okay the butter has a thickness is 2 pixels alright so you can go back there and then have managed to have it asked TD all right table data doesn't rank we learn about Rocky and this apart so um so this sub party here this is a surprising please sub part in a kind of a saying that so this is separate six pixels top and bottom and four pixels at each side so that's what I'm about to do right now so TV but at sofas what I'm gonna take care of the butter with the butter will dispute pixels red to pixels yeah that's it two pictures and then the party so the padding padding padding padding padding I think is a box padding but it has to be so now I have to be careful here so top and bottom six pixels all right so I'm gonna just have a top six picks off here so I'm gonna check this please so I'm gonna have top but don't sit pixels on them look down wrap let them read four pixels okay so how right Publix is here then left four pixels here I think that's about that for that you sure you know nothing here I don't think so I think I think we're cool for this for the table and all that on the TV all right so I'm gonna put here that apply that and then okay all right so the next thing is see this thing the h1 all right so the hitch one it has a RGB so our red zero g50 and then B so it has two full the hexadecimal you know of convention all right our GP so I think the twister here so you guys will carefully twist enter here so our the red comes first zero and then the g50 and then dp0 all right so the next thing so I'm gonna create a star for each one so h1 so the hitch one the color has to be let me see each one colossal fascicles good dry techsoup we're gonna just pull that soon the color has to be just have it back here zero zero five zero alright so I guess that's it for that one and then what so okay the font-family something on how to find family when you see a Latino if not a gullible times new roman' you cannot do the good times and then okay so we're gonna have patina here come on and then how about the next one is Times New Roman women and then this one's time times and then the nice one is safe safe point all right so that's for that and then the next thing was the next thing for and then what to dig notes of how the thickness of the height to go talk about high to talk about the size of font size all right so I'll go back and end but font size is 36 am I sure so WRC all right not 70 mi all right 36 all right so that's Buddha what other thing for that mmm I think we're good right before that all right so I apply that if I miss anything please have your comment down in the comment section and then take note of this so if you have Times New Roman and times please just gonna see yeah you know it but especially what market puts ours called position mark in between times new roman' so always remember that in case you're typing the code all right me I love doing this actually so it goes up that code before just one comma one will go cool it's an e colon or something can just you know make your couldn't work so Muslims I rely on this just for accuracy purposes though it depends on what you used to do all right so the next the next one is the h2 so what I'm gonna do right now is gonna I'm gonna combine because if you check h2 h3 and the least they have all of them have 16 pixels high alright so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna combine them is down around okay we're gonna combine them so how pretty nice table hold HT a ch3 and then li does that exclude the least I would've saw on the font size the font size is 16 16 pixels alright so hobby 16 pixels and then apply that and that takes care of all that okay so the next one so I have a ch2 here so which is left-aligned so on good do is simply say it so this is most effective reactor to do this so now you can't feel it but by time you start handling more web pages or something like that if I disrespected wait to do this all right so wrong NuStar each swing so I'm gonna have h 2 h 2 X the line is left okay so left so I'm gonna go to the blog and then text the line have it left right so lighter okay the next one is h CH 3 alignment also Center all right Lamont is center here so a little block so I have to sing next how do you say back to h3h3 so block la man to have it huh what I see my god the boys hundred years old alright Oh history is a central line yep so daddy okay so um the next one that's the list right here must display us implicitly list with square bullet points all right so I'm gonna go back right there then create my list and life force okay and then just use this for once so I go down here then like were you in line okay so let me just pay this guy off first so well where are you oh thank you all right so mmm hell I it has to be list so list out type just have to have it that's quick am i right yeah so blood sweat bullet points yeah have it not swear all right oh that's it for that Okita all right I think we're good with all everything all right so what everything secure it and complete these top sheets using the information of information above all right done add your name Center number and candidate number comment at this task of the style sheet very important okay very very important so let me just get that done immediately so I'm gonna add a comment of my details all right so how do you do that this time I won't have it so sorry guys I have to tack this time around so just and then ng does my cell number as soon as the dough alright um do not have my candidate number right here and then I closed up with this gives me that's why Pat a comment right on the CSS so I have to say that okay so what's next thing so save this stash it in your html4 some theater one food that use this phone name this okay let's do something third one followed by your candidate number so what I'm gonna do here is how to save us look for okay HTML underscore something third one and then sing it as the show from seam 70s see something that one flowed by my candidate number alright st something third one is something that would know so houses one here of course has to be taught CSS the CSS my sure food Nazi say something like this I thought you started to your webpage so that it has a higher priority than the style sheet attached in step 8 alright so I'll save this guy and then I'll go back to my kitchen HTML so what I'm gonna do is typed up the starship so that you can have higher priority this this okay okay that good I think he's got a / – right now now if you want to know if it's got high / – because your country so yeah yeah cool see you make sure that your link is the second one because what what what his teammate does or what yeah HTML what it does is if you follow the second link is the fastening sorry it fruits a completely fresh link now any other link you are at the second one that's the last one is gonna take so if you make sure that this is the second one alright that's yeah so this it will give this a high priority now if you switch this if you take this and switch it at the second now the page web page will be seeing if your brother's passing the fact this discipline so the second one is always takes the higher priority all right so that's the best thing I can do right now so in case you're you understand you can just do some little research all right so thank you very much for paying attention yeah alright so um what's the next thing I thought you started okay property that I've done so the a screenshot showing the content of you of your style sheets place this in your evidence document make sure that in found name is clearly visible all right so I'm gonna just do the found in here so defining sodium you have two dishes meet me give me some soup not the puppy nice alright so I'm just picked all these guys right here if Parliament is auditioning here so I don't have to you know go all the way to all this look cool whatever directory or something so I'm have to just copy this like this and then go back to my evidence of man's play screenshot of your staff sheet here so I have to have it here so the question here and then we're good to go thank you alright so the next thing so I've done this this done like yeah so evidence for this split web page in your browser take screenshots evidence and place this in your evidence if it ends document so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just go go back here zero and then three beauties on browser thank you hope you didn't take too much time thank you thank you thank you one two three my stomach's look Thanks I don't know why it does like that Bo mmm somehow salute oh okay so you know what I'm gonna do I don't know how long it's gonna take to load so I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna pause the video and let it load okay pour me one let me just check out the next question so take a copy of the HTML source and then place this in your soup I think we're almost done we have very close to fifty four marks alright so I'm going to now I'm gonna pause this video and then let this guy do it alright so see you guys alright guys absolutely you need that much time I mean I'm just in pasta video and everything loaded so the next thing is to just copy this alright I mean to take a screenshot of this one to just take a screenshot of this with which I define a mission I just make the little small just to contain it to my page into I don't have to just do much so copy this guy are go back to your if it doesn't mean and then please screenshots here the browser right here that's it right there um the next thing is your code please your HTML code right here so I go back copy everything so I snap from could be so and that cool if you just copy everything here now your your code might be different from mine so this is okay so there's no there's no one way to do this your cool in your CSS code multi different all right might be slightly different but they all do the same thing alright so so don't don't feel somehow if you're not getting exactly what I have here good can't come differ but what it does would be the same so I missed everything here and that's it for this so you get yourself some cool 54 months all right yeah okay so uh so that's it for this so this guy done everything don't know if you have any comment please leave a comment below ok so I am open to suggestions anything you want to say please I want to see what you got what you have in mind and any suggestion how to improve this and all that all right thank you so much don't forget to subscribe and share the videos thank you so much I'll see you guys in the next video bye

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