IGCSE ICT March 2017 Paper 2

okay I'm gonna run you through March 2017 s paper – which is document production data manipulation presentations all for you and me word access and PowerPoint okay so with setting up the evidence document as per usual so here I've got all of my files we need em 2017 evidence which is there I'm going to need to open with the old version of word that's not helpful both of them are all 2016 okay so in the header name Center number so that these appear on every page of the document it doesn't specify whether it's left centered all right so it doesn't really matter so we're gonna save this as evidence in this folder with you candidate number afterwards as a word file remember if you save these files as RTF sand you drop some screenshots into them they get really big really quickly okay so hit save and we're good okay so unusually this time the first task is preparing the presentation so we need PowerPoint and we're gonna import using slides from outline here mmm 2017 formed RTF go so we've got those three slides we're gonna need to delete this one and set this one as being a title slide so create a master slide with your name sends a number and candidate number displayed in the top left of you slide master we will insert text box this is the point at which you start shouting at the screen saying no you've got it wrong because it's meant to be on this slide instead so I will take it from first slide and put it on the parent slide for all of them the text the would store to appear in large letters for example thirty-six point right aligned with no text wrapped at the top of the master slide so here we're going to need to make a little bit of rule so if we take this down I'll put a new text box in thirty-six point right and then a three to four point wide horizontal line across the full width of the slide below the title about two centimeters from the top so I'll insert shapes drop in a horizontal line we'll make it a little thicker three to four points will make it black unless it tells us to do anything else it doesn't move this up a little up a little and then we can move up the title and make this just a bit taller now as per usual whenever you do this most of the other slides should be okay apart from these ones where we've got two sections so you just need to move them down a little bit and then they should be okay ease down a little bit you're probably not gonna need any of the other styles down here so we won't bother with them okay slide numbers hello so slide numbers in the center at the bottom of the slide so again back on the master we're going to delete these boxes because we don't need them and we will put in a text box dropping interest there we insert slide number and put it in the middle make the first slider title slide with the layout of title and subtitle Center aligned on the slide and we've already got that so I need to leave slide master here we go save this presentation to use later save it in that folder that loop I think as a name it save and we'll come back to that a bit okay so test3 document you're going to edit a newsletter about the wood store company's projects using the suitable software package load the file would stall dot RTF there we go okay set the page size to a four page layout size a4 and orientation portrait set the top margin to three point five centimeters and all other margins to two centimeters custom margins top I mean inches of a minute but what we can do is just 5 3.5 cm bottom 2cm left right in 2cm we don't need to send a gutter unless we're doing anything with columns and we can do that in the column menu later so we also need to take a screenshot and drop that into the evidence document so I'll use the snipping tool so you can see it and go oops it's like copy that okay open up the evidence document and paste it in there now you might want to trim it down strictly speaking the information that we need is all up here there's not really much need for the rest of the spoon shot but it's not going to do you any harm it's just gonna mean that your printer is a bit bigger so I'm going to leave mine the way it is okay so question 6 save the newsletter with a new file then make sure it's saved in the format of the software that you're using so save it as newsletter in all caps because they like to shout and there's a word document it says placing your evidence document a screenshot to show that this file has been saved make sure that there is evidence of the file type now we are absolutely fine if you're just going to drop a screenshot of this window in you can crop it right down and just show that it's a docx file that's okay I'm just gonna take a screenshot of that copy into my hand in this document and paste it up those evidence – ok so in the header of your newsletter place your name Center number and candidate number so I'm here should be left aligned and then the image em 2017 image JPEG okay that should be on the right so we're gonna go change the text wrapping so it's behind text we need to resize it so it's three centimeters high again if you type in centimeters it will resize it it's really horrible I'll never seem to do something quite so ugly before placing the foot of the automated file name and file path and align this to the right line to the right insert we need objects now we can't we need feel quick parts it's been a long day it feels go down to file name and tick at path to file name hit okay and then we've got the file name down in the bottom right make sure that all header and footer items aligned to the page margins and are displayed on each page now given that this has a margin of three centimeters what three point five centimeters up top I think the best bet that you have is just aligning it by eye I literally have never seen them do anything quite so I'm doing one of their documents but they do like to surprise us so okay so we're on question no.8 create the following paragraph styles so you'll need to leave the header go back onto the main page and we've got five styles to make so what we can do we'll just add a few lines up top I'll type in the name of these styles WS table so now I'm going to select each one of these in turn so I'll do title first sans-serif top four sans-serif will use Calibri just make life easy it needs to be thirty-six point in size right aligned no enhancement single line spacing single line spacing and space after it prints the zero so that's fine so I will now go save selection as new quick style and call it WS title hit OK and that's good we can delete it so subtitle is gonna be sans-serif' it's gonna be 18 points it's gonna be centered it's gonna be underlined single line spacing no space after so again save selection of you clicks WH subtitle ed okay and we can delete subheading serif so for that for some reason times new roman' is appearing up top for me I think for you Cambria is the one that appears up top so it really doesn't matter as long as it's a serif font that should be 16 it should be left aligned it should be bold and italic and it should have 12 point spacing afterwards create new style dress subheading okay WX body that one now should be 12-point serif so again I'm gonna be the same serif font that I did before it should be justified no no enhancement single line spacing and 12 fine lines spacing after each paragraph so if selection is new critics tip and then WS table should be serviced 12-point left aligned single line spacing notes basically afterwards much I think it all is so save selection as new quick style congrats table okay we're good to go so now we can delete those extra lines I put in so we've got the beginning the beginning placing your evidence document screenshots to show all of the settings for the WS body style only so we're going to right click on that choose modify and then we need the snipping tool back to take a screenshot that's it and it copy into the evidence talking they leave that window first and drop it in now whenever you've got a heading for evidence on one page and then your screenshots on the next page it's a good idea to put a page break in so just hit ctrl enter to move it down okay okay so question nine enter the title apply the title WS title style this works tool below the title at the subtitle and formatted as WS subtitle now just say in the exam paper there that should be in bold so we'll put it in bold question in 11 question 12 o apply the style to this subtitles question 13 after the subtitle text format the rest of the document in two columns of equal width with a one centimeter space between them now I'm just gonna have a really quick look and all of this text that appears I can't see any other fonts but I can see some of the stuff is centered so I'm gonna take this I'm gonna select everything apart from the table and hit the clear formatting button and select everything under the table then hit the clear formatting button I'm assuming that they're going to make has put the body formatting on there but for now this just makes life easier so we'll select all of that text we'll go to page layout go to columns and more columns do two column layout the gap in between should be one okay there we go apply the WS body style to this text go identify all nine subheadings in the document and apply the WS subheading style to each one so that's one two three four six seven eight nine okay place the contents of the file and 2017 exhibitions RTF has a table so open this up okay we'll take that it's copy it from here and we need to place it immediately after the paragraph which ends some currently planned exhibitions now spotted that earlier it's down here at the end we'll press ENTER there control V key so apply the WS table style to the text in the table to do that put your mouse over the top left hand corner so you can select the whole thing go down the rest table row merge the cells in the first row so we've got exhibitions going all the way across I'll just put a page break in from now so it's easier to handle so make the first row text only centered and bold make sure the words are not split where text is wrapped so auto fit to window it raised make sure that all borders of grid lines are displayed printed all borders this is kind of horrible really but we can't make it that much better because of the content or more all of the table so this is what it is five marks for that table format the would store catalog table so it matches the formatting of the exhibition's table so the exhibition's table is the one that up here so the first thing that we're going to do is merge these cells I'm going to select the whole thing and use the WS table now I'm gonna make that bold and centered and when it comes to making it fit it's probably not going to spell check and proofread the document make sure that spacing is consistent all items placed on the page or within the page margins yeah that's it I'm gonna go and check the mark scheme because this doesn't look right to me so I've checked the box scheme and you know when you find yourself thinking no it can't be like this this is horrible it's exactly like this the only thing that they've done differently is put the section that begins where to see made items there it is on the third page so if you ever find yourself with a section like this but it's obviously linked to the table don't just move the table down onto the next page move that whole section now I think I'm right in saying that this is just because this is a March paper for some reason they seem to do things very differently to how we do with our session so this is an example it's not particularly good one so I'm gonna pick a different paper maybe from a an April ji session to go through with you okay so I've started it so I might as well finish and save and print your document obviously I'm not going to print it but I'm definitely gonna save it make sure that your name sent a number and candidate number appear on every page no split tables widows or orphans no blank pages the document and paragraphs are complete horrible document but there we go okay so task four database so we can I'll minimize this for now probably get back to it later so I'm gonna open up access and make a new blank database I'm gonna save it in the same folder supposed to import the stop CSV file I'll call it would store and okay click create and the first thing I can do is get rid of this table because I don't need it so I'm going to go external data I took it before I do external data you're now gonna prepare some reports for the company measurements are in meters and volume in cubic meters prices up are per cubic meter make sure all currency values are displayed with two decimal places they don't specify a unit of currency so either dollars or pounds would be fine or euros if you're feeling fancy so using suitable package import the file and 2017 board stop CSV so external data text file go back into our folder we want to stop CSV open we want to import it into the current database and we can see straight away that we want to delimit it because it's a csv file first row contains field names and again we can see here we're gonna have a couple of fields that we need to set as boolean so if we go next we don't really need to do an awful lot here apart from these two boolean fields if you don't format these when you import it will save them as a number and converting them to yes/no or boolean later is really difficult so you want to do that now rather than later okay so board ID is text tree ID is text thickness is numeric double is fine with lengths drying is text to boolean fields and then a currency field at the end set the board ID field as the primary key done okay so that's all looking good from here we'll keep it the same name and finish will open up that table and have a look okay so you can see that my default currency is dollars that's fine you don't really have to go changing that I am gonna have to do some formatting of these fields so going to design view like I just did description or specification display is yes or no or checkbox for the two boolean field so these right here we don't want those two appearing as minus 1 or 0 we want them to appear as either yes or no or on or off those are your two options that's yes or no that's checkbox so I'm going to choose yes / no I'm going to do the same thing for this one go back in to have a look at my data and it's formatted fine currency of your choice so it looks like the board's table is pretty much done okay so close that table into external data txt file import the file trees stop csv into a new table hit ok d limited just like the last one first row contains field names appropriate data type so we need to have a look i mean there's nothing tricky in there we need to set tree ID as being the primary key all of them should be txt apart from the last year which should be long integer that's fine so choose my own primary key tree ID it is ok so we'll finish that one so we now have two tables and we've got a third which is a little bit unusual but they've started doing it more and more so locations not CSV so I'm okay next again first row contains field names it looks to me like an awful lot of this is just gonna be text fields including that one right at the end okay so I'm gonna go across right to the end and I'm gonna choose text for that field actually I want to have a look at the CSV file for that if I open that up okay so they don't start with zeros which is unusual for telephone numbers if you remember when we were talking about data types for phone numbers this is the exception to the rule when it comes to any kind of number with telephone number fields in the database you lose the leading 0 if you save it as a number field you also can't have brackets or dashes like we normally do in telephone numbers so you almost always save it as text I'm gonna do that even though they got rid of the 0 stick with what you know so I'll choose my own primary key location code is the primary key we go okay so finish and we've got our three tables now the next thing that we have to do is drop screenshots into the evidence document train the field names and data types for each of the three tables so I'll do this one obviously I don't need a screenshot of my whole page otherwise it's going to be enormous so I'll just do this so that's boards it is quite important by the way that when you are putting in the structure of the three tables that the table name is visible so I'll just move this down onto the next page again so it's nice and easy to see em 2017 boards is the first one back into access I will close that of b-trees data view nice and easy copy that on to back into evidence move I paste it in with stuff like this you can make it a little bit smaller so that it won't fits a bit nicer than otherwise would but don't go making it so small that it doesn't print well so again back in here step into new there we go okay so so that's my structure of the three tables I'm gonna guess that it's going to tell me to make a relationship now memorize that closed actually no leave that open for win it there we go create one-to-many relationships as links between the three tables I'm leaving this open for a reason I'm hoping you know what that reason is if you don't that's okay we'll become clear in a minute so let's just have a look and see where these things was linked so we can see tree ID appears in the trees table and the board's table so I'm going to go from tree ID to tree ID it tells us that it must be a one-to-many relationship so we'll take the box that says enforce referential integrity you know okay and we're good to go okay so location code again goes from the locations table to the trees table oh the database engine could not lock the locations table because it's already in use by another person or process I know I've said it before I will say it again many many times you cannot edit anything to do with the table when that table is open okay so if you see that error message first off read the error message a couple of you have the bad habit of just panicking as soon as an error message comes up all you got to do is close it and have another girl so location code two location code and force referential integrity hit create now we've got a different error message access can't create this relationship and then force referential integrity data in trees violates referential integrity rules now this has started happening quite a lot and it's happening for one of a couple of different reasons the first one is that the exam board might have decided to test you a bit and see whether you can take a look at this data set and fix a problem inside it so if that's the case then you need to go and have a look inside your dataset and fix a problem my problem with that is they don't tell you that that is what they're hoping for that is what they want so the alternative reason which i think is probably more likely is they made a mistake when they were putting their data set together now either way this has happened maybe three or four different times and I don't want it to cause you problem in the exam so I'm going to show you how to fix this okay so I'm gonna make a relationship between locations and trees but not enforce referential integrity the reason I'm going to do that is because if I open up either locations or trees I'm gonna save those relationships and I will open up locations and then hit the little plus next to each of those location codes I'm going to assume that something here doesn't fit I don't want to find the thing that doesn't fit RCF doesn't have any tree IDs in it okay well Sol doesn't have any tree IDs in it either so we want to have a look at our CF + solo2 table we have or would you look at that we have our CP in there that does not yeah we've got our CF in this table and in the trees table that appears as our CP now that to me just looks like a mistake so let's make our lives a little bit easier we'll sort the location code from a to Zed every time our CP appears here we'll change it to our C F or actually no our CF seems to be the issue so we'll keep all of those as being our CP and their mistake was not calling this our CP the really really bizarre way of doing things I genuinely don't understand why they choose to do this but they've done it multiple times now we do have Solihull here we've got Sol the fact that none of these have Sol in them shouldn't be a problem now that we fixed that problem the problem there was these were all tanked as RCP they were looking for an RCP in the locations table and couldn't find it now I hate that the example does this genuinely I think it's really really bad exam design but they've done it before they will almost definitely do it again so if you come across that problem I know it's irritating I know it's not the kind of thing that you should be spending your time doing in an actual IGCSE exam but that right there is how to fix it you take a look in the table that has the primary key that you're looking for you go on have a look in the table that has the foreign key so the location code if there are any records that has a foreign key that does not appear in the primary key you should update that primary key value so instead of that being a CF it should be our CP okay now before we fix that problem with referential integrity we're going to need to close these two tables otherwise it will shout at us yes we want to save the changes and yes world save the changes I know the layout has changed perhaps okay yes back into database tools this is the point at which I start shouting and throwing things if this doesn't work how would you look at that it worked nice okay so tree ID in the trees table – the tree ID in the boards table that's done location field in the locations table to the location code field in the trees table so that's done – we don't need any kind of link between boards and locations that's fine okay place in your evidence document screenshots showing the relationship between the three tables well for that all we need to do is this if by the way my explanation of solving that problem was tricky or was not clear you always do have a plan B and that's just to leave off referential integrity here I think it would be really mean of them to lose to doc amok from you if you were to do that seeing as they made a mistake but they've been mean before and they will be mean again just remember it's much much better to lose one mark here than it is spend three-quarters of an hour on it and end up costing yourself time later on in the exam okay so we've done question 23 I've just dropped in my evidence linking the three table so we move on to page six create a data entry form to include all fields from the trees table so if I close this yes I want to save layout select the trees table go create and form well I was nice and easy identify three feature now hang on have skipped a bit at the following record to the table using your form now I cannot tell you how many times people just start clicking here and start typing if you do that it will break your form okay at the moment we're in layout view we need to be informed view this is where you can start typing but obviously you don't want to type on top of this first record all you need to do is add a new blank record right at the end of our table and you click this button to do that okay so create IDC l1 tree type cedar of Lebanon location code Sol 2014 now that's the first time Solihull that location code has appeared so if we did change that when I was fixing the table earlier and causes some problems now so good job we did okay so they've saved to save that record we can save the form and probably a good idea to save it as frm increase so we can tell the difference it okay check your data entry for Eris I think we're okay place into your evidence document screenshots showing this data in your form so again new screenshot take a screenshot of the whole form we don't need the stuff down the bottom that's not necessary but we do need this little tab that shows the form name done together okay so we'll change that in there identify three features that could be added to the form to make it easier to use enter your answers onto the slide with the feature sorry with the title features our form design in the presentation you created in task 2 when we knew that that was gonna reappear so we're gonna take these and we need to add three features okay so when it comes to form design good form design might include things like adding navigation buttons make it easier for the user to navigate between records I definitely didn't treat and just look at masking and creatures like drop-down menus radio buttons or checklists and help prevent errors input and also things like appropriate styling and sizing of bumps to inch or legibility speaking of legibility this is horrible we can do with some gaps between those but unless it tells us to should probably compete format to the same way it is okay so we've added that make three appropriate design improvements to your form okay well I'm gonna go into my form well the first thing the most obvious thing and actually something that I altered mentioned in my answers is a self-explanatory title so please table I'm gonna select that and make it a little bigger something that stands out a little more we could here at a graphic of a tree I don't really know how much benefit that would give us but we could do that if we wanted to when it comes to our navigation we can make our lives quite easy by just dropping in the label we'll make that a little bit bigger – and then we'll go add some buttons so the first one another navigation bar is always go to first so you can just click go to first record and hit finish done now we'll do go to previous there we go finish doesn't really matter where we're placing them at the moment we can make them fit better in a minute go to next how about go to last and go so if we just align those so they're all in their row I do I'm going to put a couple more in I'm going under record operations add new record that's always a useful mob drop it just there and just because I'm having fun record operations save and print although I'll put a bit of a gap between the first five and those two also do we really need these to be this wide I don't think we do just have a look in yeah really so I'll go back into design view I'll take those I'll make them a little less look at that that's a bit better so if we navigate those let's make sure that everything fits and it seems to that's a bit better than it was now it doesn't specify whether three features that you identify in question 26 have to be the same as the features that you actually update in question 27 it does not tell you whether that has to be the case it's probably a reasonably good idea for them to match but I'm not going to bother because if you have a look a question 28 oh no sorry I skipped a bit we need to put a screenshot showing the improved design of our form into the evidence document so we'll go don't forget the navigation bar there we go edit copy into the evidence document and drop this in do we can make it a bit smaller because that really is a bit too big make it bit smaller still okay that's okay probably afford to make that a bit smaller yep okay now question 28 evaluates the improvements you have made place your evaluation slide with the title evaluation of my form created in task – back here again evaluation of my form continue evaluation on new slides if you wish okay so improvement one I have a user-friendly title to form navigation bar for record and the last one what did I do sighs Wow now it's made all of my Tech's smaller do I think that's a problem not really strictly speaking I would quite like to add some paragraph spacing here but they haven't told us – let's hope that they do a bit later otherwise we're making a really crappy PowerPoint okay save the presentation with the slide you've created and print the presentation two slides to a page so save and print print preview how do you do two slides per page well print what and outs two slides per page easy I'll do make sure that your name Center number and candidate number are on your slides they should be right up top anyway and hit print okay so number 30 we're back in the database now now this looks to me save that and close it analyze this minimize this don't need my form anymore now this question 30 is where we've got a fair shonky report question it's one of those with how many bullet points one two or three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen whole bullet points so this is going to be one of those where you can tell straight away that it's going to be some of it to be done in the query some of it will need doing in the report so the first thing I'm gonna do is run through this list I'm not gonna use an orange pen because that won't scan very well I'll use a purple felt-tip why not okay so shows the fields when the tree was milked the name of the location okay so we've got field names in that order all of those are going to be done in the query contains a new field calculated at runtime called volume again that'll be in the query shows only the records we're ready is no one sold as yes query has all data enables fully visible that's report landscape report fits on a single page yeah report sorts the data into year milled location and board ID well because we're sorting on more than one field we're gonna do that in the report calculates the total volume yeah more report display the value as cone say actually this is a fairly straightforward one really if I just show you or try to show you I can't see my webcam at the minute that's not desperately helpful I will put a scan of this up so you can see it you can see that basically the first three bullet points are about the query and then the rest of the bullet points all about the report you cannot guarantee that they will do that in that order for you that right there is making it easier than usual we should be used to the mixing it up a little bit I think putting the q4 query and putting an after report is useful I think it's a smart move so I would really strongly can you do that okay so we're gonna start out by making the query so no query wizard simple query wizard yep so shows the fields when the tree was milled so that irritatingly is not in italics or we can see that it's year milled name of the location so we're gonna go into the locations table there we go board ID so for that would it need the board's table the type of tree do we have type no we need trees really irritating how they makes all of these things up the thickness so that's gonna be back in boards thickness width length ready sold and price in this order okay so having chosen those we're also going to want to have a good look and make sure that the fields that were actually running the query on are going to be included here as well we can add them later but I like to do it now so shows only the records we're ready is no and sold is yes so we've got ready there we got sold there so we should be good to go so next next we'll call this qry and then we've got a title for the report maker and it's sold timber in store so we call this qry sold timber okay we'll go modify the query design and hit finish now the first thing that we want to do is show only the records we're ready is no and sold is yes now you're gonna have to fight the temptation to put quotation marks around it because this is a boolean field you only put quotations around your text when you're in a text field so literally just write know for ready I'm sold yes let's go and have a look make sure we've got a decent number of results that number of results we've got 52 that's pretty much what I would expect for this kind of question you generally get enough results to split over two pages okay now we're gonna need to do the calculated field and we're gonna put that last volume so the first thing you do is put the name of the calculated field so just follow you and a comb on and move across to the rice a little bit and make a bit more rules so you can see it so volume that's thickness multiplied by width multiplied by length okay so if we hit enter before I do any formatting on that I'm just gonna run it and see whether it works it looks like it does those are the sorts of numbers that you would expect so here the content of this field must be displayed to three decimal places okay so now we're going to need the property sheet which is over here so we'll choose format and we want standard standard is gonna let us put decimal places we'll choose three we will run it and it's fixed for us so that right there is exactly what we need so at this point I've now done all three things that I can do in the query so I've got as far as I can get in the query so I'm gonna save it and we'll close it and create report wizard I'm going to take everything across from available fields to select the fields obviously on all of them and now this we generally ignore but you can see here that this adds some grouping based on how we want to view our data this only happens with relational databases so this is basically saying do you want to view your data from the perspective of the trees table well if we do that it's gonna put those three fields from the trees table into a box up top and it will group them and it won't look right so if ever you get this window if ever you get this view it's always a good idea to have a look between the three options for this where all of your fields get put in one box there's no grouping there's no kind of formatting that's gonna throw off your report this right here is exactly what you want to show your locations which will make it look even worse those added stepped boxes and not helpful so we'll go back into boards we'll use this next next next landscape keep it as office it next come we'll call this our PT of soul be timber now we have a look at preview well it's not a million miles off what we want obviously we need to do a bit of resizing so a close print preview we'll have a look in layout view that tends to be the most useful EML can be a little bit thinner location can be a little bit wider generally you're gonna want to have a look all the way down your column make absolutely certain that the widest value on it fits and at first it's gonna feel like you're not gonna have enough room to do your whole table I guarantee you that you will just keep on resizing virtually all of these number based fields can all be made smaller so you should always have plenty of room these boolean fields take apart Lee any room at all price and then volume maybe a little wide okay now that looks alright to me but we still have a couple of things that we need to do the first is here access by default creates all of this blank space over here so if ever printed out a report and wondered why you end up getting some blank white pages this is the reason why you need to drag that across they won't let you move it any further than that so we need to take the number of pages over to the left a little and when we have our margin just there then that should be the whole report now if we have a look in print preview again it says page 1 of 2 or gone to page 2 problem solved all good okay so we'll close print preview we still have some bits and pieces we need to do so we need a title you need salt timber in store as the Thai cloves we'll delete that there has your name sent a number and candidate number set to appear on each page of the report it doesn't specify where so you're probably just as well putting it in the page footer the page footer is a useful place to put it because it will appear on every single page remember if you put it in report footer that will only appear right on the final page and you do not want to do that that's why you use marks so I think it's a good idea in general to separate your name and candidate number and sends a number just using a few spaces you're not gonna get docked any marks if you do in a different way but I generally think that's a decent way to do it okay so at this point we have another slightly unusual thing I think the the March series papers ask for things that we don't normally see with ours it's not particularly difficult but it is quite unusual so it tells us that we have to calculate the total value of the selected boards by multiplying the price field by the volume so what we're gonna want is to choose the price field go total and that are some down at the bottom and now here's something that we've never done before is editing this so we're gonna put some price multiplied by volume in square brackets that right there is gonna give us exactly the value that we need we can go and have a look at it so down here at the moment it isn't formatted and obviously we want it to be so we'll go back into design view we will choose format currency decimal places – Auto should be fine – where are we there go that's it and we need to label to the left of it so back in design view label value of this stock now again that's very unusual I would understand the temptation to add in another calculated field over to the right here but that's that's not what they need all they want is for you to take the total value of the price field and multiplied by the total value of the volume field which is exactly what that little formula does okay so we have a title we have this displayed as currency we have the calculated field we have our name sent a number and candidate number save and print your report so we'll go and check it we'll make sure everything fits it does page – yeah pan ups fine so that's ready to print there okay so close print preview hit save and close that report so up next 31 produce a report from all the data now again we need to decide what of this is going to be a query and what if this is going to be report so we'll do Q for the first one shows the or died III type thickness ready and sold displays these fields only with data shown in fallen portraits report fitted to one page only includes boards where the tree type includes the text plane or beach well wherever it says includes the text we know that's going to be a wild card so that's gonna be in the query which are at least 0.05 meters thick again query which are ready now query and which I'm not yet sold so we've got four criteria to put in our query are sorted in ascending order of tree type well that we can do in the report counts the number of boards available in places this value at the bottom of the report that's in the report – and includes this title so I'll just show you there we go a minute so we've got about half of them in query view and then we've got the other half in report view okay so first thing I'm gonna do create query wizard simple query wizard and okay now you want to make absolutely certain that you're not working based off your sold timber query so we're gonna have to have a look what fields we need we need board IDs and that's gonna be in boards we'll take that tree type that's gonna be in trees thickness that's back in boards ready and sold okay now we also have our four criteria so the first one is tree types and that's okay we've got that thickness is the next one ready and sold so fine we don't need any extra fields we're okay we'll call this qry plain Beach because that's what we're looking for and modify the query design so in here what we want is three type includes the text so fastest claim asterisk or beach asterisk so if I just make that a little wider so you can see it we've got like plain or like beach such we run that and have a look that's how many we have at the moment we can expect that number to drop as we put more criteria so at least 0.05 meters thick so that's going to be greater than or equal to 0.05 ready it says here which already now so that's gonna be in our boolean field yes and which are not yet sold so that's gonna be no okay so we have a look at the results of that you can expect it for your second report especially when he tells you it has to fit on just one page that it's not going to be any bigger than that if you have many more records than that you're going to struggle to fit them on just one page so you know you're onto a winner when you've got just that okay so now I'm done with all of the query based stuff so I can close this save it go create report wizard based on qry plain beach we'll put all of those in next how do we want to look at it well remember what I said last time if we're looking at it from the perspective of the trees table it will try and group them by tree type that's not what you want we want all of them in the one box all the field side-by-side next no grouping sorting it needs to be sorted in ascending order of tree type there we go next it should be portrait I think yeah make sure so portrait next again don't bother messing with thee format we'll call this our PT play beach we're going to modify the report's design it finish there we go now we can see straight away that sold is going to need to be widened board idea I would imagine should not be that wide and tree I type should be a little wider so layout view is what we want so widen this until everything fits or narrow that narrow thickness a little take ready and make it a bit wider because we've got plenty of space to play with we'll do the same is true now that right there looks okay to me let's check that we're in ascending order of tree type well we got to so much okay to me yeah counts the number of boards available and places this value at the bottom of the report so what we can do is we can do a count basically based upon any of these records but it says the number of boards available so we can maybe base it on the ready field count records or count values just count records should be fine and we will put a label to the left of that actually it doesn't tell us that we should put a label so maybe but we will put the title beach balls available it does not tell us anywhere that we should put our name candidate number and sent a number but we know by now that we really should so we will put a label your name Sanka number candidate number we have a look yep 24 or available that looks okay to me you just have a very quick look see whether they've put in the same case I have named details I mean we've got the right count I don't think it particularly matters we're up here so I think that's okay yeah okay so place in your Anakin's document the screenshot showing how you calculated the number of forms available so for that we need this count so we'll take a screenshot with a snipping tool copy and drop it in to our reference go is that evidence aches it is okay so we are nearly there we have just one page and a little bit to get through one hour and eight minutes in so if you're working at this kind of speed you would have plenty of time left at the end of the example there being two and a half hours so save them print out your reports okay well obviously I'm not gonna print mine I'm gonna save it so we'll close that now final thing we have to do is the mail merge so I'm going to close my database go back into my folder we need mailed or RTF so I'll open with word house the master letter using orders CSV as the source status or go into the mailings tab select recipients use existing list and we'll go and find it there ductless IGCSE ICT here and we want oldest cs1 okay okay in the master letter replaced date with a field so we are here insert date and time and then it tells us that it should be D D mmm mmm why why why why now strictly speaking you don't need to know which of these corresponds to that because what we can do is use the date formatting as we have in the past the only important thing that you need to remember is you need to tick this little box that says update automatically otherwise it won't be a field that you can edit okay so hit OK we'll put that in we're gonna right-click that date and choose toggle field coves now you can see straight away that this is a little different to what we want so instead of it being lowercase DS we're gonna change that to uppercase these we're gonna space delete that slash we want for uppercase MS and for uppercase wise okay so we'll toggle the field codes and we will update that field and that right there is the right formatting okay so if ever you're in any doubt as to what those date codes mean when it gives you DD mmm mmm why why why why all you need to remember is tamil field codes and then just type it in here exactly the way that it's being given to you okay so toggle field codes back now in the master letter insert relevant merge fields to a place that it's in chevron so those these bits now remember how important it is to make sure that you keep those spaces if you get rid of those spaces you lose marks and it's so incredibly easy so do not go throwing marks away for having got rid of a space okay title first name surname address one tell and postcard a couple of people have pointed out that very often you would put commas at the end of those lines have they well no so you should know correcting that leaving exactly the way that they've given it okay so description with the product code part of code is now reading oh well we can assume that we're going to be asked to spellcheck it later and oh yes we are once more fix that now and collect yong-ok your description with the product code product code is now ready in our workshop for collection or delivery yep insert your name space sake there okay so yeah spell check and proofread the letter well I think we're okay even though this Bloodworth is not in the dictionary I wouldn't go correcting anything that appears inside an address okay so spell check and proofread save the master letter display the field codes and drop a screenshot into your eminence document so your screenshot go blue copy there drop it into our evidence document oh I missed one on date field live yeah okay so I'll go back trouble field codes it's the one that we want and I will take actually I can drop that in because I think this is the next one oh no no it isn't sorry getting more confused this is the only screenshot that we need to take we show the merge fields when we actually print this master document there we go copy this into the evidence document that right there is absolutely fine for showing how it's formatted to make it fit I can just crop this from the bottom a little bit that's fine okay back in here so it says print your master letter with the merge fields displayed so all you do to do that is literally file print hit OK I'm not gonna bother I am however gonna save this and I'm gonna keep it with the same name let's save it as a doc X I'll hit save yes okay now merge and print only the letters for customers whose products are ready but not yet delivered so to do that we're going to choose edit recipient list we are gonna go filter we're gonna choose ready equal to yes traditionally you don't put farm in ready okay or in yes so ready is yes but delivered equal to no it okay you should in general have roughly three or four records so we'll have three or four finished merged letters to merge them click finish and merge go edit individual documents it ok and you can see that we've got one two three so we know file same house merge letters same folder print those and then the only other task that we have to do is to make sure that in our evidence document our name candidate number and Sentinel appears on every page which does visits in the header and then we print it and then you can go and have a line down okay now I've said it a few times through that go run through this is a very unusual paper for us this does not fit the usual mold we have very different question types we have slight tweaks made to what they're asking you for both in the report section of databases also in the presentation section and actually the word document was very different too but my opinion when it comes to preparing yourself for the IGCSE exams is the greater a variety of practical papers you've had a look at the more prepared you will be for whatever you end up yeah every single year there is something new that I haven't seen before that mr. Mowbray hasn't seen before that they just like to throw in there to keep you on your toes and it could well be something that has come from a different session as opposed to something totally new so there's always a good idea to practice with many different paper types as you can fundamentally you're gonna learn more by doing so okay so that is March 2007 teens paper – I'm gonna do maybe one or two more paper twos and then I'm gonna do you probably three or four paper threes and then you should be set for the end of course exams okay hope that was helpful thank you almost an evening class okay

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