If Something Is Making You Uncomfortable, Do It! | Engineering Management Institute

Anthony Fasano here from the Engineering
Management Institute. In this Engineering Manager 8020 shorts video I want to
remind you of something that’s very important to think about what you’re
doing Career Planning especially at the beginning of a new year whatever is the
most uncomfortable thing for you to do in your career is probably exactly the
thing that you should be doing or the action you should be taking this happens
all the time to engineers I’m coaching an engineer and they’re telling me these
are some things that I’m focusing on right now and I might ask them well what
about public speaking wouldn’t that help you in your career well I’m not good at
that I’m not comfortable doing that in that
case you should focus on that something like public speaking is an easy one
because in really any case in any situation developing your public
speaking skills is gonna help you to be a better person a better engineer
because it helps your confidence it helps your conversational skills so just
one thing to think about if you’re looking at your career over the course
of this next year and you’re saying where can I make an impact it’s probably
doing something that you’re uncomfortable doing please subscribe to
our YouTube channel here we put out weekly videos and we will continue to
help you engineer your own success

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