ICTs or information and communication technologies are essential for the achievement of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development an ambitious action plan for people prosperity and the planet the 17 sustainable development goals in to eradicate poverty and strengthen universal peace through collective partnerships promoting economic growth social inclusion and environmental sustainability people everywhere can reap the benefits of connectivity let us empower individuals with these transformative technologies so that they can advocate and innovate for our common future digital financial services live people out of poverty not everyone has a bank account but many have mobile phones as mobile digital technologies spread to even the poorest and most remote regions of the world we have an opportunity to reach this underserved population and bring it into the global economy with expanded access to savings accounts lines of credit and other financial services banking the unbanked create economic growth that is sustainable it's now almost the in Spence bill you know it's using mobile phone or mobile facilities for financial services other thing we can go back a lot of people now for languages to drive sustainable economic growth efforts must have a wide global reach connectivity increases the productivity and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises our efforts should focus on enriching the smart use of broadband to empower our people in the ways that will significantly improve their lives ICTs can build a more inclusive society driving social and economic progress for all syndulla a soon lesson system under Rio Salado Vasilisa see it soon apple on cholesterol you're the trans event or all effective I'm always amazed when I see the world in general how many people are not connected to the digital record systems and it is our duty I think to bring the opportunities of more people to get engaged giving women and girls access to ICTs has the potential to empower them in all aspects of their lives the power of broadband and mobile technology must be harnessed to reach the unreached girls and women with quality learning opportunities technology must be available to female students enterpreneurs and policy makers ICTs can help transform the lives of women and their families and be catalytic for development new technologies have the power to open up endless opportunities for those living with disability my quality of life has changed dramatically since I started using technology and only the other day I told my mother that technology is the name I never had ICTs significantly improve quality healthcare for people in poor and remote areas in Kenya doctors in rural hospitals use telemedicine technology to get advice from specialists on how best to treat their patients obtain accident you have a fracture and they don't know what what type of fracture over to do an approach so after they excellent they scan it through the scanner they said it to us we cannot give them an answer on what they should ICT is a part of the solution in ensuring the sustainable future of our planet in a world where natural resources are scarce and always in demand new technologies can help preserve ecosystems oceanographic radar monitors the health of oceans GPS technology tracks deforestation and biodiversity loss mobile networks give farmers information about sustainable agricultural practices and how to reach new markets if you want an export fruits or vegetables our resources our country's unique connectivity the constant flow of people from the countryside to the city is putting pressure on the planets already scarce resources the transition to smart cities with their integrated ICT infrastructure will create better systems for delivering energy water waste and transport services smart cities will be safer for their citizens a more resilient to a changing climate as the world faces more extreme weather events ICTs can save lives mobile systems and Technology are the instrument that we have to develop further now to save even more lives we get good evidence that it works but we also have evidence that a lot of the disasters cost more and more in terms of Lights loss and economic losses ICTs and broadband can't solve all the world's problems but they can accelerate solutions broadband alone is not going to solve those problems but it can be a really really substantial ticket to improving access to the information needed to solve those problems ICT partnerships and platform offer innovative models of collaboration for post-2015 sustainable development I believe that the Challenger now is for the international community to come together and harness is a huge potential that does this technology the hope for economic growth and development ICTs are the essential levers to transform the digital revolution into a development revolution and move the sustainable development goals from the vision to action you

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