ICT- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

icd a spur from emails historical bar area encompassing technological innovation and conversions and information and communication leading to the development of knowledge societies positively affecting social interaction to a very great extent completely changing the way we relate to one another first making communication easier cheaper and faster I CD has transcended all boundaries and economic and business practices political engagements education health leisure and entertainment our world has been shaped by technology and gadgets the benefits of ICT to our everyday living cannot be emphasized however we need to take caution in the use of our TV let's start from the whole your baby girl goes on the internet we are you home pc or smartphone communicator with these lies died of fortunately some e will impose though so she disposed to the internet market with tons of dangerous people there is absolutely no way a young girl can tell intentions of friends she meets online mostly conversations taps off innocently thanks accusingly to enticing kids into the real act Fishkin ready to me and sometimes older kids are also a supposed to internet porn a very tender ages when to spend long or guarded hours online so there are a whole lot of serious ethical and social implications in the use of ICT what about the environmental impact that's another serious one we buy fantastic gadgets every day not necessarily out of their innate we go for latest gadgets without considering the environmental impact when the gets owned or bad it ought not to be tons of e-waste we don't do with the garbage collector who don't there in ag average in perhaps if these gadgets are safely encased the dangers are minimal however problem cannot hold once these devices are broken causing dangerous and toxic elements ranging from heavy metals like lead mercury barium cadmium which could leak into the ground contaminated water these elements are highly hazardous to develop an environment also the e-waste end up in the hands of challengers who burned them to extract useful elements like copper but in the process release dangerous fumes into the atmosphere and injuring their own lives and putting their families communities on their environment in danger yes is that serious back to the good soft there is a risk that ICT may increase gender inequality as we still have less women in the field instead of relegating are young mums to full-time hours wives they can actually make money working at home and supporting the family much more women entrepreneurs in rural communities could be encouraged to use ICT to promote their businesses leaves amongst others are our focus areas in 2013 we are highly motivated people or driven by passion to monthly improve the lives of women youths and children in Nigeria with intelligent efficient effective and smart to use of technology come join us

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