ICT standards for smart grids: IEC 61850, CIM and their implementation in the ERIGrid project

mr. webinar again good morning everybody my name is Thomas class I'm from the Austin Institute of Technology and I'm Co organizing this webinar out of the horizon 2020 project you equate because koa supported by SMC and is sighted society's our presentation is given today about ICT standards for smart grids by Denis de Paula his research at the RAC in Italy and also part of the Iroquois project so now I will handle over to Daniella he will give as an overview about the work and about how to use IEC 650 cement the implementations in our Eirik with research infrastructure program at the end of the webinar europe we have some time to answer your questions so danila now you can have that with your presentation okay and good morning to this webinar as translated about some important ICT standards for my smart race in particular is the streamer and how we have used this span we are we are using actually this standards in the the great project Thomas already shortly told us the means to I am a researcher I see which is located in Italy and personally I am also import in is the standardization in particular Technical Committee ceremonies with personally I'm a member of the working group attend workbook 17 which should be low mid 60 50 bottom and so a short agenda of the presentation Ariba short introductory after on ICT intelligibility general McCree and then I will use this to depart in order to introduce the main standards the icy standards the workers market which other system on ethnicity and the seaman is a formal information model and the presentation will have some specific part related indirectly project and particle you straight apart formality theoretical information about this standard how we have applied them in this mist object what difficult is the founder and what the software we have used and possibly ladies also so to introduce the main topic of this presentation a very high-level panel is about ICD interval a B so in there he was what is the interoperability is in the ability of the true model system to exchange information and practically be able to use in a meaningful way is the information in order to implement the function so like you see in this simple station you have to systems is the main system be they have to exchange information the part was the final purpose of this information exchanges of course to implement a some specific function which is the goal of the treatment so to give a very simple example I would example which is the system a the picture you can have a charging point if different people from the point and we choose a second system and this resistance can can exchange our information regarding the charging process for example in order to carry out design which is r22 to charge the car of course this is quite simple when I have two system justice distance bike in this picture in general when we talk about smart race or even Smart TV to say the problem is that you have not not just two systems which needed to push each other but you have a lot of system which must be integrated together and somehow needed to be coordinated in order to implement a useful function in this case of course the intelligibility problem is much more difficult than in the case of just two systems because the scale of the problem is much different so as I already stated mind smart cities and countries in particular are typically very complex systems so they require the elation a lot of system which must work together and this is on the notion of standard solution area talking about standard ICT solution can Guardian deity even in this complex scenarios and but in order for the standard solution to work in this complex stating the day it is important not only to standardize the lower level of the communication of the code the data exchange between these systems but also to say have a standardised distinction at higher level at the system level in particular I analyzed the meaning of the data that is the exchange and between these systems in order to be able to reach higher level of in this way we can say that we can raise the value of the data that is exchanging because it's this thing can have a more meaningful understanding of because this is an agent leader or text information with useful okay what ICD standards actually available we are talking about now specifically dismantling the domain in order to fulfill this high-level idea of adding the semantics facility as we will talk a lot this presentation the main focus I see level is about this tristana's I see 61 850 and Sigma which have been developed specifically to address the mr. intelligibility problems for the integration of complex systems so in accordance with the various ninth the main focus of the standard is not simply on defining the low level communication portables but also they go to higher level and they define the at least the objective is definer also the knowledge associated to the information that is the exchange rate by devices are using other's presentations knowledge why this is thana precisely for the for allowing the understanding of the information exchange system in an automatic way so if all the system that need extreme information actually share the same model with the same distinction of information then they can use this information this is the of also the lower level which I was talking about the solar system if run of communication portable standard concrete means of exchange information is also mystified by this standard in particular since money 50 defines different communication audible information devices Seema defines the communication port of also located to the integration of systems that enterprise level but in any case they also define ways voice after in extremist information but they also are the mr. pilot level information what is the the field of the main field of application of this standard it is when the some eyes that is the deep trouble which are so true the main domains and the zona domain and you can see that we can consider 61 850 as a standard which is multi I say zone which are more closer to the process level so close to the automation functions and so on why the Seema is the standard which is more affiliated yes the eyes never actions so you can think about DNS systems the pianist and things like that and also the marketer to me you can see from this people that the customer domains are very separate domain so this standard related to the angling over the elliptical our system they are not concern either with communication water will use a low mount immeasurable temple instead because this is outside of the scope just a one slide on the earth a product is better because one of the purposes of this presentation is also to properly show how this start of the have been a unity in agreed so the main focus of arrogated as you see on this picture is about the validation process for the disease migrates the application as Olli is very much a focuses on the laboratory validation of scenarios and in particular the target of regulator is also about developing an integrated research infrastructure osmotics distance so at the European level there are many excellent researcher center in the domain one and one of the aims of a degree is also about monetizing the the way in which this values the substantive can perform for example a validation of the experimentation from this focus you can already see that the topic of yoga because our position is the following of interest for this reason the crisis in 1950 insisted in taken into consideration within the project as now I will start with a general representation of I see similarities UNASUR is a format political point of view to a general presentation of the standards and then I will make a more specific illustration about how this standard this standard is definitive yet in implemented in an era great what kind of a software tools we used that what kind of portal imitation impoundments we found with this are not in order to receive most activatable when we work the standard antenna is a complete presentation of how it can be used so as a weak introduction which is the Nativity is an icy standard and is the original proposal mainly focused on start substation automation so in particular as inside that the main purpose of the standard can be highlighted by these two valid points of describing the devices inside of substation form a functional point of view and also allowing the exchange of this information in a standard we bought for what regards the design and configuration phase of the devices is basically operation right side a substation and this is not for the use of standard XML files and also during the runtime working of the automation system in this case who the use of community or communication so the main focus is a substation automation but since in that domain the standard and great success reality it is also being extended to many smart leader domain and this disposes of extension of the use of the standard outside of the substation is still ongoing unity but if the horses which is going on we are now and so there are ladies armored some concrete example of regarding the the data model provided by 61 850 sister received a semantic level which I was talking about that is 9 so the 6 monthly fee actually defines a non static data model describing all the devices in a substation you can feel so you can think about measuring measuring device protection device and so on which can be described in a standard way using the 650 model so if you think about a breaker for example you have a standard the naming and the standard set of properties is this object which then the Civic Centre for everything and this allows semantic interoperability for the substation of device this model can be actually expressive for the use of standard XML files and for example a world description of the substation automation system can be realized by using vilifying which is for the nest the different people from distinction and in this way it is possible to specify the movie all the information related to a substation a short quick overview of the intended process for the substation automation of course the first step when designing a substation or initial part of the process is to dr. Ito single line diagram of the power equipment imported a 61 850 R 20 defines in a very deeper detail all these engineering the processes starting from the dome of the simple line diagram going through the specification of the automation functions this is the first step of course so the idea is to just be able to draw the line diagram and also represent this starting point a single line diagram in a standard way for a standardized XML file as they say in the pipeline so the idea is that g9 tools which are compliant with the system on a 50 workflow actually allow to move a single line I have like one shown here and they are able to generate automatically and in a way that is the support for the end user they are able to generate the standard XML file automatically starting from No then after the hour given it has been specified the next step in the process would be to add created additional functions to this line diagram by using a model which I stated before actually here you see an example where the different blocks that you see here are alike which all have a name compostable former characters little pieces over the 61 850 a model describing different different devices inside the substation which can be a common devices like the whole breakers and transformers and so on or associated the control function type of protection or controlling of the breaker zone all of this information can be specified by using these little blocks that you see in this this picture you can then associate these little notes to the power equipment in the single line diagram and the producer in other words under the XML file which is for the SSD system a specification this data in this way you have now first the idea of the substation automation project which is already fast then next step is to take this block so that you hold in when you step and to actually locate them a real device which implements this this pocket for example here you can see a big drop taken from from ABB of those because you can see any device in the picture but the whole idea is to just take a device which implements these building blocks that you want to use and actually places this specific device in your pocket six monthly devices are called the is de which is standardized this is a picture summarizing the world process which is a very very detail and as you can see and it involves the use of many different types of XML files which can be exchanged between different configuration systems and engineering tools but without going into the details of this picture the idea is just to being able at every step of the entry line process of a substation automation order to describe the step through the use of an excel file and also finally to be able to configure each single ie will stand on the file generated from the quartet so this is the idea so it is a very complete complete specification of substation automation okay this is very detailed and very good automation but the idea at least the first order modification in general is also outside the substation and then we will see later slide how to end this now a quick additional slide on the actual communication portables which can be used for the communication devices here you see a picture illustrating the the bottle holders which can be used in particular there are audibles like the grooves on the border which you can use the for faster example communication peer-to-peer communication between automation devices and the wild MMS portable which you can see on the left side of the picture is elated to client-server interaction between device is typically slower as you can see in this slide I have right after I mentioned in the client after the waterhole which is received as under the right now the only portable available to use for security also there is in development another portable which can be used which is specifically devoted to smartly application which is a centipede this mapping is not yet public field but probably the stand under with extended bit whatever we will be publish it I think later this year or the next year not too far away but however right now it's not yet published the idea is to use its entity because it's entity is a very good protocol for communicating over the Internet and if you have a lot of connected devices which for example act to communicate over smaller receives low networks in general normal internet connections like will apply in many smart things and so this is affordable which is very interesting from a static point of view right now it is not yet available but the standard is development points – it will be published I think it is here yes what is the main concept or difference then between the client-server protocol and the peer-to-peer protocols in general if you if we come back to the start station of initial scenario you can see what clearly from this picture that typically the goose otto hölder who also the SB portables used for horizontal communication between ieds ideas in this picture can be for travel protection devices and so on so if this device is needed to communicate peer-to-peer level because the moon's portable while typically the vertical traffic support the practical traffic can can be implemented by applying to serve pardon the other MMS this slider also straight two different kind of passes which define advice six one eight fifty the process us and the state for mass the process the Special Master is the one the main mass which connects the different it is the foot then put the stem cascada and so on while the process passes the one you see on the left hand side of the picture here and it is a mass which can be used to interconnect register with the process for digital every device is supported it on delay or twist so for example we because you can have 61 850 devices which actually send the measurement value may be digitalized after using the distance and this is another stable relative path which can be okay but this is mobilized all about substation automation as I would say the main interest in Smart Data environment its battery use this kind of portables understandeth and data models on not only inside a single substation but to be able to use it also outside of the substation for example in this picture through kind of the microgrid scenario in which you have many distributed generators that device the Sun which must be managing and okay this is clearly a difference the finale of the substation operation which we have seen previous night so how to apply 61 850 to this different scenario well as I already said the perspective is the after yet multiple level to use the identity for tourists and instead of a mess because executives were suitable for this kind of a developer intimate communication and of course also to define and to extend the data model of 61 850 know that we cope with all these new devices which you see for example instead this picture this this process of expansion of the 61 850 standard is ongoing it is not completed as of today there are some Authority available for example one usually least crediting for this Petros is 187 4 to 0 which is less uses after in general this kind of Sonata still under development so they are not yet fully available for using this kind of stuff in particular exactly so from coming back to the renegade project what are what is the applicability of the standard with expected to renegade what are the main advantages and disadvantages the ability to it well as you can see from the previous night that the main advantages of course if the defining defines the standard the semantics were principle every every object as Marc Lieb environment at least such different defines availability engineering process it was of station automation which actually allows very precise development systems and of course it is a globally accepted and implemented again almost all the devices the commercial devices which you find at the moment are not really related to direct markets application for example I think you cannot you can't find the 6150 vector so on they are mainly related to substation automation but as I said in the clave is like the perspective is to widen the application then coming to the main disadvantages of this standard the relation to relate in particular and market application in general it must be said the standard despite complex terzo as you tested a lot of different external files what sample which must be managed and also the data model is very different very complex and so on so it's not a straightforward to use a standard then as already see the DRH distribution automation extension a still under development the new exampie be portable of smart grid still under development so right now it is a bit difficult to use the sixth month with we would follow Google internet connections at least it's the sixth so on and also finally getting us the student the good stomach can be difficult or so because the standard is composed of also this can be difficulty so from this collection of advantages and disadvantages how we proceeded the article we need to support early standard and to cope with the publicity which are here when the idea in a regulator is that of course we are interested in using the stomach because in perspective it is a very very crucial smart a standard the in order to cope with the difficulties what's that we use of using it entities driest one Illustrated yet we the culture was about the first building a Viet one definition between the participating facilities and then one that this virtual connection which is analyzed over a simple internet connection is available the idea is that you have a kind of weird one law and passed between all the different research infrastructures and then at this point it is quite straightforward to apply 6152 this v to alized environment so this is the main idea to say why we are performing this interconnection putting one of the rest of activities of the regulate the project is specifically devoted to implementing remote interconnection of the different research infrastructure for the purpose of performing for support want by exchanging girl is a tapa i so this is the either application and the idea is to use this money fifty in this verizon environment protecting facilities over twenty diseases their eye level idea also the software uses the treatment research has been body of course implemented in a later and also made available us it's quality so the idea is or should one out the reviews of two other artists some of details about this the connection of this platform article the connection of historical status for the Thunder and sorry it is a start to it on the three levels the level CEO is actually disappeared while the after Eliza the pass which I was talking about in the pan-fried Dan other is the level one which is the 61 850 interface which is the applied on top of the Soviet 20 station solution today and also there is a hosted the stream part which will be the skylight in the data's nice artfully and this human level it is also applied on the same we have provided the solution implemented by level 0 is the fundamental level use it interconnect facilities then you have standardized the solution of on top of this fifth one next robust how do we actually implemented this bus this is film of a lower level details but it is important to show how we actually implemented Vista and the idea is to use time depository for the one for which Esther Geva starter which must be collected which you see on the left hand side of this picture which collects all the over the needed measurements and controller which should be sharing of the master from the existing system of general control software which is available at the research first after and diner the raelia is to develop to implement a simple same time broken which is shown at the end part of this picture posted on our cloud platform which will just act as a central broker for the exchange of measurement and control and each facility can connect to this central communication platform with a standard internet connection based on HTTPS of course with the big election authentication store the use of static security's activities the reporter the client side and the server style for security reasons of course but as you can see in this way it is possible to implement the vehicle mask which I was talking about those lines in a very simple way and in particular by just using a standard internet connection without any other five-hole problems or remote connection publisher so on all that is required which infrastructure is a normal internet connection and also who the point is that all the this infrastructure does intend to expose any or to open any TCP port the external world so this is also an important security feature of the software used to implement this is watching it then the idea as the Iraqi state is to apply statement over this beautiful past how does this work you can see a quick sketch in this picture in particular on the left hand side you can see that each research infrastructure assets that they are technical deeply nested before related to pasta and on top of this repository it can actually execute 61 850 interface which actually connects to the repository and exposes the content of the depository which are typically measurements and controls from the system with the 61 850 audible in this way it is possible to have 61 850 interface between different facilities by using MMS communication without security problem of course because they act on MMS communication is the balkan to only one research infrastructure then the remote the internet transmission of this data is entering by the vehicle us so this is a way the couple the promontories 154 the problem of having a wide area information exchange between research and practice also this interface is available and opens Russa after the 6150 interface by itself is based on an occasional saliva which is already available and developed by the front of eyes which is for the open ic50 in a Nevada it was developed to interfacing of this line while the untimely force into it and and also this software is available as the linker so it can be tried out and this is less about how we implemented the 6150 in a way that allowed us to overcome the main problems nature at least of course another good character is because this architecture is that if you need a different portable phone 61 850 you can of course develop another interfaces model and apply it with the same place support as well as a six-month visit and this is actually what we have done also in Nevada because if you remember we also use the mission exchanger and this is also based on the basic appeals process this is the topic of this second part of the presentation now we divide overview of general and then I will agree this part so what is the common information model also seem much like a 650 defines these data model is the common information as anything the main resources for the management system so the Shiva is a human data model and its purpose is to represent the principle all the resources related to the electric system and the relationships between them so for example this is a big example of a UML diagram taken from Sigma this is the typical Destructo switcher you see if you look at the stream data model the spectrum of a switch cluster which is of specialization of more abstract the class which is the gain a specific class and so on so the idea is to use a UML as a modeling language in order to define knowledge related to the customer in this very same instructor way very awesome powerful way then using again UML it's also possible to for example define association between different concepts like in this case the relations between effective switch like a tail or enclosure as you see here with the associated protection equipment and the DISA can be also expressed in the using the Sigma and the using at the UN Network another thing which is possible to experimentation a sequence example you can say that geographical region is composed this symbol represent the composition is composed by many sum over many years of geographical weight loss and the subtropical region contains in principle many some stations main substation and each substation contains in principle many voltage level salt this is another current in which can be expressed in in a similar and so basically the Sigma in the world definition is a big ummm told in a way like with the definition of the concept association concept and so here you see our messy presentative picture on the world filter you see that you have specialization of concept associations compositional relations and all the all these kinds of obstructed representing an abstract way Destructo of all the objects related this is an abstract model how it can be used on how it is used when the main application contest first of all the standard as I said the representation of electrical networks then there is a after specific part of the stream for the management of the electrical market and then there is another part of the managing a system integration so the relation of different software systems at the utility level regarding the first application context you can also use the different classes and concept and Association defined in the silly UML in order to represent for example an electrical circuit and in this way you obtain a standardized representation of this as for example folding mister simple example whether different Seema objects like Blake minerals and so on and you can associate instances of these objects in order to rebuild the electrical network which we then be expressed in a standardized way also similarly to 6150 typically people will just make a window operator and water solar system will actually generate automatically the sim data model from the DOE week so it is not expected that people really see the signal model we'll just in case of electrical map of megiddo win and the as you can see of this screenshot the solar system can automatically generate the kind of information that you see on the left-hand side so if you go over a girl it will create a simulator with the properties for sin by sin and so on and this way we will have a standardized representation of this whole week also supports the geological presentation similar concept the producer you can also to lighting GIS system a network and they be represented using the shimmer the just a different kind of a shimmer object what what are the current usage is the steam data model when the main user of Sigma yes the cinema is sweet to eat differently so since the fact that he shows have to exchange operational data planning data the regular basis and so still miss party with this kind of the text changes and for this reason many many software system moving please all the software system used by TS also for operational planning actually support the Sigma and under and suicide you can find a list of tools which deceiveth basically all told the typical Tuesday for a plant extreme and other specific tool of course the same model as the / – e also the signal model is required to implement a series of European Network calls particular the one capacity calculation and congestion management the one on system pressure and she is also element with respect codes and the perspective is also to apply this kind of standard for her future information exchanges between thos MDS or support and this is quite the network because research shows another interesting initiative performance live is the building of this dog ability platform of connecting all the resource in the you honor of Costa and this is a kind of restate service-oriented architect or which is being implemented at the entry level and it is fully based on also and so this is a very interesting problem which is now being connected at the European level which shows the great power of simulator a port on the interoperability in this kind of applications then the quicker you go the extension of steam to the energy market this is not generally this of interest or very late but just for completeness there are parts of the seam of which they're not for motility system integration the idea is to use a steamer over it connecting for example the kind of system that you see listed here how to interconnect well by music and architecture like the one shown here if you implement a kind of us at this path which connects all the different system which is he here which can be part of in SS particles then if the whole the system user interface there it can be integrated is the this is the idea this year was after your interest is a career interest in irrigator because the particle of the scale interface is of the usage by area as you can see in the registers line about the charge transport and then the idea was the words to also implement a kind of a scene based interface for the SCADA system in a similar way as one for sixty money how does this work well in principle the idea is that if you have a scalar system then this SCADA system can implement a sintered base towards the driver level status is shown in the previous slide and while towards the the field early implementer any kind of field portable light focus that precedes the money to build in this case as the next a pullback duration for any other kind of so the SCADA system is how represents the connection between sixty can be applied and the Civil War the weather more alien level services can be applied on a great point of view this is interesting because it means that if you implement this interface you can you can allow the integration of also alien level services into the jungle plateau neither the service is shown in the slide and this can be interesting for research infrastructure integration point of view going specifically into a great we have actually implemented Escalus interface tremendous mind of course this is beside that this same mascara interface as Astana is not yet fully available so the one which the ventilator is based on which is available but of course it's not a really final solution because simply because the semester databases are available but it was an interesting preliminary test with this interface and then in order to actually show how digital this can be used also our demonstration graphical user interface has been used and integrated with this scanner service so artfully it is possible by using distr which is also very fond of the link you can see here you can in principle define human networks in a graphical way as you can see here and also connected to the cyma scale data will open in an elevator of course to do this you have you need whether the cybersecurity permission so what you can test the individual is just the going of the sim network of course you cannot the skin above natural because in open connection for obvious silence after the graphical tool is available this is the idea this is almost ematic view of how implemented the world of being over an example of a possible application the graphical user interface problem which is at the bottom of the picture actually connects to the scale interface which is based on the same mafia I met was equally of the object and in principle the same interface can also use other similar services like for example especilly the state estimator service which can take assumed representation in input make a state estimation and give the resolution output order in a way that is conformed to this is the idea for the Chandan level to implementation and that's all for this presentation the main point is that at least the delegation of many system so we need the standards like Steve in particular water got this market domain degree the actually implemented both of these standards and using beautiful master concepts in order to make it easier to connect many different research infrastructure connected by simple internet connection the infrastructure is based on a linear approach which allows both to integrate the standards under way and also to be open to other event one future standard assortment and finally most of the software implemented for this for this if instructor actually available is obviously small business the idea is also to allow the use and modification and testing of this kind of solution everybody may be interested and this is all for my presentation I don't know if there are any comments of Westar so first of all hurt Anita thank you very much for the very interesting webinar we have before we finalize the webinar today time for some questions and also we want to give you at the end of the webinar some information about some possible exchange possibilities that we can offer in the iroquois project but that cancer after there on answering our questions be you got one question from mr. Frane so he asked what problems did you experience when using MMS to connect 650 servers and clients over the Internet that was the first question please yes the where is the on the fact that the usage to be implemented required the connection of the different research infrastructure after the use of MMS required at least the that each research infrastructure is told an MMS cell and the then needed to open on all the five world corporate firewall ports and so on in order to allow the reminisce traffic to flow in then of course the MMS multiple by Stanford year doesn't offer any cyber security then typically you need the who the organizer students alike Els spawn required by the standard or kind of Ruby n for example different facilities but all that this kind of solution actually required some difficult fibers or dealing with security policies in each research infrastructure which are very difficult to to change and while the solution implemented in alligator actually requires only a normal internet connection so you don't need any fiber setup you don't need any static IP address for example and so it's a great simplification for implementation oh and we have another question for mr. Franzen regarding how will time is the kind of repository which time lags and variances are allowed and when do you expect seem to become a staple standard first how will come is the conduit positive with time lags and variances are allowed okay yes the job solution being based on any internet connection is clearly not very fast the use case is less a very positive exchanging so typically you can think of use cases like centralized the voltage control dynamical data Empire momentum in fact that which occupy the past the money to linger over very fast the response on the control system give us a monogamist it is indeed possible to transfer some thousands of between facilities you know 500 500 milliseconds the three so this is the kind of performance which you can expect of course if you have two tasks much less measurements that you can have a much better performance but this finally depends on the quality of the internet connection that is available between the facility and this is not really very predictable it was a 10 degree so you will not miss a discount and then the other question was about the substandard when it will be Metro if I thought I well it depends on the application regarding the application required for and so if for example the steam is very very very and it is already use it if you affect the SCADA standard which I mention it for under this is actually now at a very preliminary stage and I think it will be quite some I asked before will be released before because it is really at the starting point of the standardization process and you know that I systematization is very very fast and so I think it will be so there's a question for mr. some questions from mr. Hollywood the first one will the PowerPoint be available yes we will upload all the material from this webinar the recordings from this webinar together with the presentation to our project website we provide you the links to both simples documents the recordings ends the presentation afterwards when it's available on the website it might take some some days but we will try to do it as fast as possible another question for mr. Allen is can we have access to our TDS from in any requite partner for your project result validation the answer is yes because like the system as you know we you can connect our TDS of course the thing that why I light of course is that as I already said in relation to the producer John there is not is not supposed to be a real-time platform in the sense of straight long time promises because it uses the communication and so on so it is more targeted to see slower use cases and so therefore yes you can use you can interface at CES to the background but Chandler is not very impactful in addition we have as I mentioned it a couple of minutes ago we have a new acquit project and activity that it's called transnational excess so that is an activity where we share our laboratories that are well nineteen laboratories so you can see T on the on this Queen that's from our corresponding website where we have also this kind of real-time simulation systems available and in the Iroquois project we can offer you free access to our laboratories cover all the traveling and the accommodation fees you don't need to be any they access to the to the labs also what we are requesting for that and that's the general rules of the European Commission is that you have to apply for a specific project that is typically from one to four weeks long so never actually I would say we have currently and call open so we open every six months calls where the next one will close by 15th of May if you are interested in our lab capabilities and you have something some work that you want you to test that you want to show in the in a lab environment from we can offer you here access you need to write the kind of mini proposals so the application process is shown here on the website so please I have a look at her at the details if you are interested in your kind invited to submit proposals they will be afterwards evaluated and in case they have sufficient quality you will be invited to come to our laboratories all the details can be found here on the website currently we have gained access to about 33 external user projects the main way one of the main requirements is that you are coming from a country that is outside of the hosting infrastructure so that means for example if you wanted to go to Yeti in Austria then you need to come from outside of Austria we also have the possibility to host non European her user groups so that is also possible I hope that explains this question let's have a look to the following question there are a couple of questions there's one from mr. cutter he n suggest me from your side for potential research area in the communication protocols I think he means what what is a research activity inherited tables but good communication protocols maybe Tony Lee you can elaborate yep it on this question what I got the communications the main issues related to communication portables mainly the one that I listed are listed in relation to 61 850 so when you consider a smartphone you typically have to take into account that you are communicating over the Internet and typically you have you will have problems with I also you will not be able to allow incoming connection for example for security reasons and so on so the main topics I think the use of Poosh Poosh communication protocols like FTP for example communicating globally and in general the possibility I think whatever that works who works when internet they are the topics the example which are which can be interested in the context of the mighty finding the ways of compensating the delay associated to the internet connection this is a topic which is they agreed or not is related for their portal scalability of the opposite solution what objective epithelia not communicated he's not and is like so let's come to our next question and Danella we need to keep in mind that webinars should be ended in about five minutes a couple of questions to answer let's try to answer a couple of them entity West by email there's one for mr. Ansari how would we approach the problem of communication using 650 outside the substation you mentioned that the XMPP protocol is under development but for now should we just use the Gateway firewall using a protocol converter to convert data for example from 6870 504 what would be the best approach here if you have a full control over the network ' so for example if you have the possibility of which typically is the face the possibility of configuring the firewalls really and so on you can actually use 60 180 per side of the substation of course the finger which really were to take account is to use all their cyber security measures but that's the thing about world audibles of course and otherwise for scenarios I think that you will have to use a VA attractive XMPP mapping will be available soon for mr. Franzen 650 requests MMS / TT p kt / CQ IP tunnels there should be another be a problem this correct not so high wonders the question is 650 requests mms over t TP KP over secure IP tunnels is there any problem that can be expected or are kind of bien technology right so I think this kind of zone for this white pointed good for securing MMS communication away it is applicable for sure the idea is that with accepted Demartini you will have a more direct way of of using a 61 850 over inter oh another question for mr. Leung so in the architecture between research centers for 650 the device connected to the will tend to was the 650 server and not the client why is this the case to give you back to presenter White's okay so the question was why in this picture you see the same yeah right yeah the question was the device connected to the real-time tool was the 6-1 850 server do not decline why yes yes the facility's is implemented by the real I'm approachable so in this level you have remote communication between facilities while the 61 850 communication client concern is always at this level nor color to one single researcher castrato so at Reposado true here you have both the center and the time of course this area shows the measurements and the contours of the remoter impastato but the same is locally then let's try to answer two additional questions before we finalize the webinar there's still some others we try to answer them by mail the next question for me to answer from a user point of view do we need to configure the CD files or will these be configured by the manufacturer or some databases each month equipment manufacturer will provide standardized the file which are their eyes TV describe it here so you will get the standardized description for each device by each in turn one last question for mr. Ashe what are the typical day Tech's kinky ascator or what it seemed interface okay see the the CMAs interface by itself just the past we have measurements that contour so it's a very that interface to this data the the main point is what kind of higher level services they you used and in energy for example I have shown the idea to use the stage estimate or factual my demonstration of viscosity interface which will take similar presentation with real-time measurements the ship's data and with performer is a distributed us it is this is an idea of course in place upon any streamer conformant system like for example at one I'm showing the general picture can be applied to this ok Daniella thank you for answering the questions so the time is now over for the webinar there's still some additional questions which we have reported I think we can we can get in contact with you by males but by mail undoing those questions sorry for that that we have not much more time but the webinar was scheduled for 90 minutes and I think pretty much kept this time schedule first of all I want to thank you very much Danny Lee for your presentation and very interesting insights in the 650 and sim standardization and also what we are how we are using those standards especially for for connecting different laboratories in the horizon 2020 requite project and as I said if you're interested in our activities please have a look at our website also we provide the information right after the webinar together with the recordings and the presentation and also if you are if you have some interesting Smart Grid activities and you need laboratory infrastructure please feel free to look at our website descriptions of all the available laboratories are available and please feel free to submit project project proposals and in case the positively related here hey welcome to is it our laboratories and perform your experiments in our labs I want to thank all of you also for your interest in our webinar in our project now activities and hope to see us somewhere else I think we are planning some additional Leopard webinars out of the project and also of some of the high typically working groups that technical committees which are mentioned in the beginning so please feel free to join us at another event many thanks and be sure nice afternoon and nice weekend thank you for joining and goodbye thank you

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