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using because anything okay so which is no hitchhike hitchhike hitchhike hello ever although g5g for 85 7 cents if they say gee pipe over bigger because bigger greater greater than 22 come on come on yeah okay okay okay that we can see the value if I party tomorrow won't work drag it down we can actually say we shall over this okay can you see okay is our D 5 times F 2 which is correct the first one spread but if we track it down f3 can you see that future yeah and we go right on my work the reason for using it so we don't have to do I keep the reason why this company for example they have it in Exhibit one might wanna yeah you can trade with the dollar sign before all attend at all okay yes we do every components oh my god okay I need to be thrown aside I mean that's a great ways it's it's a hundred employees this is will be two marks if you don't want my one you could be spending the whole example to take too much so the reason for that is because the dollar signs it makes a lot easier okay I think you'll come to do that various this is some of the charts okay if you want the employee and yeah they worked as a chart most magic party that we use well she called it called almost throw echo patrol yeah so we have a lot employee make sure you take the employee and then we highlights but the caller was okay but its own what should we always have on the chance at the title and the title you need to describe the question the question is we need to chart showing this so you can't put a house that doesn't the title be employees 14 hours this boy is working as it's you exactly if you're explaining what the question was okay great design I think yes you put a picture they keep up how do I get the yeah don't mean to show you the person yeah yeah the sacrificing changes when you create a website make sure you save the images in the folder itself we can't create a file right hand will be released on them or you meet you mate what are we gonna put in this helmet or the features delete people a day if you can't see this you can change okay so we're going to create a very simple website because what internet that is a view right click you okay so we're composers when is a lot easier to build it one time first thing really creates a box table never quick change the table settings i also i do what the specification says but January's our work on we start at 1800 there might be 900 big decimal for cambridge well at Excel will just say create this okay we choose a hundred dish of the picture you can down in service one by two okay and they lived remember the DPS or that or anything now let's create something like this so we're gonna have a logo in the top left bank on the top and we're gonna do three pages of reading said so you mention about features so the picture we want here is the logo now can you see a way through my logo self help us with what's on the go I waited one three nights when I go to my image make sure you find your desktop or where your picture is images really exist my logo and tell you to turn it takes the matrix comes out in size the width is going to be so that this benign can you see the height change when I say it's okay this is your question the size of that one will drag it much bigger size yeah a little bit I'll show you that yeah okay so without the battery so again we go to image again I am going back fast because we only have about five minutes so prostitutes keep awake I gotta run BB one pana turkey two turkey tips okay now this is to dodge group we have a lot before we know it 640 more pixels so we go back to insert picture we can go to dimensions we have the custom size of it oh no we forgot the Haggadah or text the object okay what okay can you see that so fits exactly to time I mean you compare this because we got is mistreats in any language oh we live in Russia so you see you can't break it down when you say try to push down this one right you can't put it down oh you want to put at the bottom that's giving cascading style sheets for your exam is using the nested tables which is the table within a table through to Alex okay now the lips don't click in that make sure these you know spoke yeah go home very deep home home home is generally things the reason is they thought needs now which is your welcome page which is and the relationships no okay ready – okay we got there uh bikinis one of your great I've been good if you can't see the links you want to close it say say first reopening no see yeah okay so if we save it the prostitution okay okay and just to show you a nested table table its anymore VCS if I insert on by three this is where you can position the photos in the text so welcome baggage my websites okay it's in decomposition of image which one image underneath the text you can go to image this now you could also centralize it but don't forget you can use this this it's in a table to move it around does that make sense so then you've got the text here okay you can change formatting but one thing is if I say to you make the website blue with dark blue text we've got a sat-nav and you can actually use the body text we see buddy Nick started a very pretty star we need to select your background just a table he'll blue okay with your text stop when you're connecting you see to save time okay so that's enough for that now we're gonna have a look and I bought it relationships take the base relationships sure then we have our website and Photoshop and database and spreadsheets purchase there's 15 marks the presentation because it's a GCSE paper taken in Marcel yeah happily yeah I think that point possibly not you need to know your PowerPoint but how grateful and you're comfortable with so I'll check so if we want to check our relationships we go okay now to share relationships take up all three so a table it would tell you give you clues to which tables link to which if they say the animal and sponsor our link to the donation table facial everything's big Webster okay now what you got to understand is there will be one field that has the same information in the two tables yes does that make sense so this is a school database you'll have one with your student ID your name okay and your grades another one with your name student ID maybe your address if I mean on one of your food requirements mataji's another database now how do they know that those three are they happen to know you're the same name they can't link them by name connect when can I go meeting a rival because you might have the same name with somebody else who doesn't know where to begin to so that's why we got Bernie heat builders what would be the primary key yeah for students it would be a student like I did good now we gotta understand this the student ID allows us to meet all three tables so we know now for example this there are no leaks at the moment but if you want to take the first name of the sponsor know the animal that they donated and the name of species of the animal you need to leap from all three tables that make sense so if I wanted to create one for you a student with that energy and their last nicety results we got get the between tables now what table in the shooter one with people three tables what feel like what because it's the same so you see it's joining that that because it's yet we say it's the same information too late so imagine you imagine this is our student address details of the database and you've got student energies and you got student results now it needs now we need to pull some information from here for reports the computer doesn't know it's the same student unless guess what once you clicked it it can create a you can create a query based on all three of those tables and it will give you what you want so if I wanted to know the sponsor reference who's the sponsor I want the name and the initial and I want to know the amount they sponsored and the dates and I want to know the species in the region of the enemy in one reports talking do that with the relationship if there's no relationship it doesn't know look that link does that make sense so at home give you it tries to give you information if you don't it just gives you a hundred different results so you need to link them together okay example one they both know you didn't they find you might find quite a bit of it so I'm just going to save this we got the courage that I say if your first name and last name that we run that we can see the person in the roster yeah sure important yes okay so given the first name last name and then we bought the amount that I donated and run it we can see first agnostic and the amount this is from separately and then if we want to know the origin of the we are because we have the links it knows they can cross reference each other if the relationship was there it doesn't know it's me together okay okay so once you've done this let's say this is a query report okay so what are you going to report you understand – sure everything you go to access projects okay so great visit yeah okay now this is we got to follow you might say we just want the oh sorry we need everyone we just want the first press make your maps and the original so we want why you do you do it pretty well but because that's what we just create it yeah so if they said create a query from top cp2 you go to find it uh speaking to and next and then a little bit later you put everything that I only want it tells you it will tell you what to put inside okay and you won't sign grouping so if as a pomander group by species over to my station my name is next and then any soup so if you want them sorted in amounts descending you understand the highest value will be able to talk you said they were ascending will be going the other way okay and then you can create a title do you have to end up to the foot I can get pizza make sure you use this filter the news is you're using this holiday so I take on this track okay it is Monday your exam Joseph on Tuesday first and second city I'm sure they say number Turner got text blah blah blah maybe move alright Don Hossler yeah like at the puja you're just writing name okay any other questions

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