ICT Interview

I am here for the interview indeed hello how are you I am quite nervous I wouldn't have to be nervous if it was a survey sorry but our company prefers interviews did you have trouble finding this place we had people earlier having trouble finding this place no I understand French is your first language but as your English fluent enough for this interview do I have to call in a translator my English should be fine alright let us start was the product detail on our shopping site detailed enough yes it was did you like how the total cost of the shopping cart could include tax and shipping yes however it could be improved Oh how so users shopping from countries other than the States may appreciate being able to see what the total cost in different currency you could see the cost and different currency there was a button under the currency symbol I did not figure that out was it in the help page yes it was was the help page too difficult to use I believe that was the problem I had trouble navigating the help page I did not bother the help page being difficult to navigate interesting if I was making a survey I would not thought of asking if the help page was difficult to navigate is this it for this interview yes will another interview at this Wednesday 3 p.m. be all right for you I may be busy at 3 p.m. will 4 p.m. do that should be fine I will just have to rearrange my schedule arranging interviews can be difficult if 4 p.m. is not possible I will contact you alright have a nice day good bye good bye

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