ICT in the classroom

I went through high school at a time when computers were just starting to become a big part of the way students were taught none of us had a computer at home and the internet was in the news but nobody really knew anything about it the students were using computers to type up assignments but that was about the extent of computer use in my subjects overhead slide projectors was still very common in the mid nineties whiteboards were starting to phase out blackboards and the schoolyard was occasionally filled with the familiar rattling sound of television AV equipment being hauled from classroom to classroom now is ICT important for the classroom and how has it changed the learning apartment the modern world has become a globalized community the knowledge society is run through the quick exchange of information more than ever before and it is growing exponentially along with the rise of the computer and its ability to process large amounts of data an incredibly high speed modern industry and commerce is underpinned by society's reliance and the flow of information because they too can increase the flow of information and increase educational possibilities the wisdom behind this seems to be about the capacity of digital media to enhance learning and to accommodate learner convenience and preferences ICT allows me to make mistakes use trial and error and rapidly make changes to their ideas the meanness is at the heart of what the digital revolution has brought into the classroom being able to instantly experiment without wasting much time ICTs bribe to facilitate the acquisition of an absorption of knowledge aspects of ICT such as social media can stimulate collaboration both inside and outside the classroom social media has effectively expanded the learning space and reduce the physical boundaries of the classroom the student designer proximal development can be breached through the ICC's ability to facilitate collaborative way which can turn into partial as a place as social constructivism it is easy to share knowledge about real-world situations students can use up-to-date content and information sources they can learn from students around them and are now able to depend more on their peers not just on teachers and experts the classroom is also becoming a place where students can access other's work and positively reinforce and potentially inspire each other there has also been an increase in speed of information and an increase in access to broadband internet connections in the last five years the rollout of the national broadband network will benefit the schools bravely in this country there are problems with the influx of new technology although computers internet connections and software are much more affordable than ever before there is still a digital divide between those who really have access to these tools and those who do not this creates a number of potential risks that the poor and my planet could suffer the widening of the knowledge gap easy access to so much technology can also be a problem I talked to the head of ICT and leading public high school in Melbourne when I asked me if ICT had changed the content that he teaches the answer yes there is less emphasis on content and more obscure concepts information is faster accessible and rapidly changing therefore students need to develop skills and how to find read analyze evaluate organize summarize and transform information rather than just memorize facts many students have been issued with their own laptops being surrounded by these assets and materials is great but on their own they fail to offer teachers effective structuring or a workable pedagogical framework for efficient and successful use the way to get around this is to train students at the university level to not only be familiar with the various ICT software but to also be trained in how to implement the technology in a lesson format ICT will bring with it a new set of problems and practicalities cannot be ignored as we move into the future strategies need to be employed so the integration of ICT can be beneficial for teachers and students teachers have a responsibility to help students use new technology as well as traditional ways of learning so they can differentiate between the use for information and that which will not be useful

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    Thak you very much for sharing this video! Have you got any version subtitulated to spanish? I would appreciate so much !

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