ict in everyday life

ICT in everyday life first we are going to talk about ICT at home there are many health and safety issues when it comes to working with technology at home food and drink is a big issue and can damage devices if spill at home we don't really think well we where we eat and most of us probably eat and drink in front of a computer or laptop if it does built then your computer or laptop can be seriously damaged and you may not be able to use it again in result of this your important files could be lost if damaged people will have to spend a lot of money to repair their devices but to ensure that this doesn't happen keep your food and drink away from computer at home and put them in a safe place instead ice rain is a big issue and company because by working in bad lighting in glare or with a flickering screen however this can be avoided by working as a proper screen and by using a screen filter also you should be situated in the well-lit area RSI is repetitive strain injury and completely caused by spending long periods of time in front of a computer screen it affects your hands wrists and other parts of your body can be closed by repeated movements in a long period of time to prevent RSI make sure you use a wrist rest and the correct posture and half price nowadays people have much electrical devices which means that there are many more folks going into one socket this is very dangerous as it can cause a power cut and in some serious cases it could explode also why is lying around can the invitation to hazard and people can trip and injure themselves this can be prevented by talking wires under or behind objects that people will not follow into themselves now we are going to cover our second topic ICT at work most hazards are the scene when using devices but there are a few extra ones that work for example in workplaces that are many computers which are connected to the server and if the server may be heat they could stop the whole system from working properly to prevent this from happening make sure the read in which the server is well-conditioned many jobs require sitting in front of a computer it is estimated that 49% of people who work with computer some experience back pain this can be solved by using the adjustable chair using a footrest or adjustable screen in the workplace there will often be many computers on a bench this bench must be strong enough to hold all these computers without breaking now some interesting facts on ninety number one in 2009 the operation above Internet transactions per second was 2000 number two the computing power in today cellphones is much higher than all of the computers in their color 11 lunar lander number 3 there are over 20 billion web pages on the internet number 4 that are currently 6.8 billion mobile cellular subscriptions globally number 5 over the last 50 years technology has progressed alone we have gone from brick ferns to smartphones and from giant computers to Apple Mac was number 6 currently Korea fast internet speeds and the UK is 6 and finally number 7 clean the walls are open to believe into my uses under the invasion through some access to Amazon's thank you

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